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Tough Sudoku for 9/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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SE 8.9!

cenoman, I posted a reply to your question on 7 July 2017 tough.
09/Jul/17 12:13 AM
lcls to 27
1. Kraken column (3)a468 =>-3e3; basics to 29
2. (5)b6=a6-(56=4)a39-(4135=2)df8.ef9-d7=c7-(2=9)c5 =>-9b6
3. (3)i1=(38-9)i46=i78-g7=(9-3)g3=(3)f3 =>-3ef1; basics to 81
09/Jul/17 2:29 AM
sorry first line should read 'basics to 27' since Les voted for basics..
09/Jul/17 2:33 AM
On July 7 page, added a comment related to Jim's path (OK for me)
Also added a comment same page on naming strategies.
On July 8 page, posted a question to Alfred.
09/Jul/17 6:32 AM
Hi Cenoman
I posted a reply to your post on 7 July 2017 tough. I vote now for 'singles' but will continue with VHBC. I hope you don't feel 'Trumped'.
Cheers Les.
09/Jul/17 7:42 AM
Hi cenoman, you were right yesterday. That step 3 was invalid.

Best Regards, Alfred.
09/Jul/17 7:56 AM
Wish I was as able as you 4 to solve these. I manage to finish, but it's a struggle.
09/Jul/17 11:21 AM
#28 2@e456=>e3<>2
6?@b3=>a3=5=>e3=3=>d6=3=>d8=2=>a4=2=>a8=3=>f1.. .9<>3=>b3<>6
5?@b3=>a3=6=>e3=3=>d6=3=>d8=2=>a4=2=>a8=3=> ;f1...9<>3=>b3<>5
#30 2@e456=>e7<>2 More...
09/Jul/17 2:04 PM
7:55 without possibilities but a couple of guesses
09/Jul/17 7:32 PM
similar to cenoman w/o kraken.
#1 X-chain (3)gi1=g3-g5=turbot(3)be5.bde7[e5=b5-b7=de7]-f8=f13 -> -3de1
#2 (3)e467=d6'-(3=2)d8-a8=a8-(3)a46'=a8-f8=f13 -> -3e3; singles to 29.
#3 (5)b6=HP(56)a36-(56=4)a9-e9=HQ(1459)eghi7-(159=2)c7-(2=9)c5 -> -9b6.
#4 (3=2)f3=-(2=9)h3-h6=(HP(89)-3)i46=i1 -> -3f1; singles to 81.
10/Jul/17 2:45 AM
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