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Easy Sudoku for 1/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning. An unusual, very brief period of warmth--just a few hours-- will greet trick-or-treaters this evening, who will not have to wear heavy coats over their costumes.
01/Nov/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
01/Nov/09 12:00 AM
They will in Michigan
01/Nov/09 12:01 AM
01/Nov/09 12:03 AM
We survived trick-or-treating in the humidity. We always take bottles of water with us!
01/Nov/09 12:03 AM
(Greeting is perfectly balanced today!...must be because today is Halloween here!)
01/Nov/09 12:04 AM
All Hallow's e'en has moved on to All Hallow's Day here in Sydney.
01/Nov/09 12:06 AM
ahh yes a new game has sprung up on my screen!!
01/Nov/09 12:07 AM
another national candy corn day has come and gone.
01/Nov/09 12:10 AM
2:19 - depending on the hemisphere you're in. Perfection, Shiela. I just posted on "yesterday" that my Little Wonder Woman is going to have to wear thermal underwear, knitted tights and knee socks under her costume today--and ear muffs! We may not go to the More...
01/Nov/09 12:13 AM
Little Plum woke up this morning and announced she had commercials in her dreams. Is nothing sacred?
01/Nov/09 12:14 AM
Oh dear Plum! That is tragic ...
01/Nov/09 12:19 AM
All quiet? Trick or treaters at the door?
01/Nov/09 12:40 AM
Oooh! I got 13 while it is still Halloween in some parts of the world Maybe that's why it went so quiet ...
01/Nov/09 12:41 AM
Good morning All, and to the topsiders.
I did actually get a couple of knocks on the door from 5 little girls. I think they passed the word that I had some lollies ready.
01/Nov/09 12:44 AM
Was going to post exactly the same remark, Kate, that our eve has ended, and All Hallows/All Saints Day has begun.
01/Nov/09 12:47 AM
Just home from work - only 2 and a half hours late. Busy, busy, busy ......
01/Nov/09 12:48 AM
Weary of foot, and back, and neck, .......
01/Nov/09 12:49 AM
Kate. I agree. Um, were you refering to the thermal underwear or the commercials?
01/Nov/09 12:49 AM
Winding down now, and off to bed soonish.....
01/Nov/09 12:50 AM
01/Nov/09 12:50 AM
01/Nov/09 12:50 AM
Hello everyone in sudokuland. Had a great evening at Beans, thank you very much and it was great to meet you Vici.

Ok off to bed now as I am very, very tired
01/Nov/09 12:50 AM
01/Nov/09 12:50 AM
I'm in costume. I wonder what would happen if I knocked on Sudokuland's door? Trick or treat ...
01/Nov/09 12:51 AM
'Night Mickey, goodnight world!!
01/Nov/09 12:51 AM
Happy Halloween Everyone. It is windy here in Michigan, should be great weather for riding my broom later tonight.
01/Nov/09 12:54 AM
I meant the commercials - but it could apply to the padding as well! I have to hitch my witch dress up a bit for some extra air flow to avoid sweating profusely! Just a bit
01/Nov/09 12:59 AM
No sweetie gifs unless I get my act in gear and become a sipporting member ... so I;ll have to offer you some Halloween cake (pumpkin?)
01/Nov/09 1:00 AM
01/Nov/09 1:01 AM
I am obviously too tired to type properly any more. It's been a big day! and Good night all!
01/Nov/09 1:02 AM
What do you get when you cross a vampire with a snowman?

... Frostbite!
01/Nov/09 1:02 AM

here and still is .
01/Nov/09 1:39 AM
Oh Plum you must get Little Plum to the doctors! Getting commercials in your dreams must be an insidious disease! I hear people going howling mad over it! The jingles alone have driven them mad during the day!
01/Nov/09 1:40 AM
Actually it's kind of cute hearing my students sing those ditties but very annoying when they should be writing their science observations or doing their math activities!
01/Nov/09 1:42 AM
Hope you have a spooktacular day!

To all you late night party people downunder, party on! Hope the Sudoku Halloween party was a great success!((I'm sure it was!)
01/Nov/09 2:15 AM
It was lovely to chat with Bean, Vici, Gail, Mickey and vdeV at the party in Melbourne. There were some eerie sounds and witch-like cackles going on in the background and it was obvious that a good time was being had by one and all.
I look forward to seeing the photos.
01/Nov/09 2:22 AM
01/Nov/09 2:23 AM
01/Nov/09 2:28 AM
01/Nov/09 2:29 AM
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