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Easy Sudoku for 10/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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10/Nov/15 12:28 AM
Half an hour in?
10/Nov/15 12:29 AM
from a beautiful OK
10/Nov/15 12:53 AM
Keith, you must get up very early, at least by my standards. I am not an early riser, got up at 7 early for me but Harry has an appointment this morning.
10/Nov/15 12:56 AM
Got to go and make myself presentable for going out in public.
10/Nov/15 12:58 AM
10/Nov/15 1:27 AM
Good morning.
10/Nov/15 2:26 AM
Seems to be less and less posts when I check in lately.
10/Nov/15 2:27 AM
We must be going through a lean patch again.
10/Nov/15 2:27 AM
Meanwhile, I continue to have my middle of the night sojourns.
10/Nov/15 2:29 AM
But it's good to potentially catch up with some of you topsiders,
10/Nov/15 2:29 AM
To answer Sue, now that DST is over, changeover happens here at 5 AM. Still dark here till around 7 AM. Lately, I seem to be up for the bathroom around 5, check in to make an early post, and go back to bed till a more civilized hour ... like now.
10/Nov/15 2:52 AM
And I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
10/Nov/15 2:59 AM
Good morning to all! This photo reminds me that one of my neighbours is leaving at the end of this week for a two week fellowship mission in Tanzania.
10/Nov/15 3:04 AM
It was a big and successful sports weekend here in Ottawa. Our Canadian Football League team won their last game and have a bye into the East Conference final. A win of that game gets them into the Grey Cup.
10/Nov/15 3:06 AM
Additionally, our North American Soccer League team won their last game and are now in the finals for the championship.
10/Nov/15 3:08 AM
Go Ottawa Red Blacks! (football)
Go Ottawa Fury! (soccer)
10/Nov/15 3:10 AM
A CP so time for a joke:
A man is doing yard work and his wife is about to take a shower. The man realizes that he can't find the rake. He yells up to his wife, 'Where is the rake?'
She can't hear him and shouts back, 'What?'
The man first points to his eye, then points to his knee and More...
10/Nov/15 3:12 AM

I'm glad your sports teams are doing well, CG. I haven't checked to see how your Ottawa Senators Ice Hockey team is doing to start their season. I hope they do well so you can enjoy your winter.
10/Nov/15 3:15 AM
A happy group.
10/Nov/15 3:29 AM

Find the sum of all prime numbers between 1 and 100 that are simultaneously 1 greater than a multiple of 4 and 1 less than a multiple of 5.

Answers to my ‘’prime’’ inbox please.
10/Nov/15 3:36 AM
10/Nov/15 3:37 AM
That was suppose to be
10/Nov/15 3:38 AM
Dali's favorite number.
10/Nov/15 3:41 AM
Serena: Winter or Summer, I do not believe your clock will ever give the right time.
10/Nov/15 3:46 AM
It seems to have melted.
Is the weather very hot in Vermont right now?
10/Nov/15 3:47 AM
We are getting the unseasonably warm weather Greg was talking about last week. It's 52F right now and should be around 50 for the rest of the week.
10/Nov/15 3:52 AM
Back for a few minutes, now I have to go into Tulsa. Harry get's the stitches out of his foot today.
10/Nov/15 5:29 AM
(at least for 37 more minutes!)
Been running errands before heading off to work.
10/Nov/15 6:23 AM
Morning all,a happy photo today.
Hello Rayray, great seeing comments from you again.
10/Nov/15 6:29 AM
Lovely happy photo!
10/Nov/15 7:15 AM
A nice sunny day so off to bowls. Actually I would like to stay home as I have lots of jobs to do. Including more work on varnishing my new front door ! We had the pest man come yesterday and a lot of things got moved around and they are not all put back yet.
10/Nov/15 7:55 AM
Good afternoon everyone- we've had a marvelous week of Indian Summer, but it's all gone now!
10/Nov/15 8:22 AM
It was so hot... all the Oak leaves dropped overnight; never saw such a thing happen before.
10/Nov/15 8:23 AM
We used to have 2 black walnut trees which would release all their leaves upon the first frost, but never saw such an occurrence with the advent of unusual heat!
10/Nov/15 8:24 AM
It surely made for easy leaf-gathering!
10/Nov/15 8:25 AM
Too bad the rest of our trees didn't get the memo....!
10/Nov/15 8:27 AM
Good morning again.
10/Nov/15 8:29 AM
At a much more sivilised hour.
10/Nov/15 8:29 AM
civilised even.
10/Nov/15 8:30 AM
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