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Easy Sudoku for 9/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Really chilly here today!
09/Nov/15 12:01 AM
Looks like Dundullimal ... a National Trust property near Dubbo.
09/Nov/15 12:10 AM
09/Nov/15 12:10 AM
09/Nov/15 12:57 AM
Good morning topsiders..
Too much excitement for me today.. not sleeping well..
Time for bed.. take 2
09/Nov/15 1:27 AM
Happy Sunday!
09/Nov/15 1:36 AM
09/Nov/15 1:46 AM
When we were in Australia, we visited a ''typical old homestead''. I don't recall where it was (we weren't near Dubbo), but it certainly wasn't that green. Perhaps this one isn't either, at certain times of the year?
09/Nov/15 1:55 AM
After a little research....that is exactly what it is, Kate! There was a photo with the article.

''Built in the early 1840s as the head station of a 6,500 hectare squatting run, the homestead is Dubbo’s oldest building open to the public. Its interior is remarkably sophisticated for its More...
09/Nov/15 2:05 AM

How nice to see Kate here so early today (late night for her) to tell us about this photo. Thanks, Kate! And then thanks to Kathy for the background info she found!
09/Nov/15 3:35 AM

the site isnt the only thing slow today! going home time is never going to get here!!
09/Nov/15 3:52 AM
Good morning to all! That would be a nice place to live.
09/Nov/15 3:57 AM
Was the site down yesterday? Not much activity for a number of hours.
09/Nov/15 3:58 AM
09/Nov/15 4:06 AM
A Sunday (or Monday) joke for you:

Three women are about to be executed. One's a brunette, one's a redhead, and one's a blonde.
Two guards brings the brunette forward, and the executioner asks if she has any last requests. She says no, and the executioner shouts, 'Ready . . . Aim . . More...
09/Nov/15 4:37 AM
Good morning.
09/Nov/15 4:49 AM
Groan, Greg.
09/Nov/15 4:50 AM
Not that I have any better jokes.
09/Nov/15 4:50 AM
Only one appointment toeay, although r P wants to go out to Caotco to get petrol. Could be a mistake as the new IKEA on the opposite side of the road opens today, They are expecting 20-30,000 people to visit for the opening day,
09/Nov/15 4:53 AM
I sould like to go to the opening- for the freebies and opening gizmos I'm sure there will be,
09/Nov/15 4:55 AM
I grew up in a home almost identical to that and built about the same time. Unfortunately for our home it was burnt in a bushfire on Christmas Day 2001. We had sold the property 6 months before. There are some photos somewhere on my page.
09/Nov/15 4:55 AM
But that sort of crowd - no thanks. I think I'll leave it a month or so before I go there.

OH K_E_I_T_H!!??**
09/Nov/15 4:57 AM
What an interesting childood home, June.
09/Nov/15 4:58 AM
Beautiful homestead. Lovely old tree in the foreground,too.
09/Nov/15 5:40 AM
Lovely homestead photo! Beautiful and peaceful green surroundings! for sharing!
09/Nov/15 6:16 AM
Morning all, lovely place Dubbo ,it's our stop over place when we go south with the caravan. We avoid Sydney when towing the van. lol
09/Nov/15 6:36 AM
This is what happens in Italy when you illegally park in a Disabled Parking space.


Don't you just Love Italians!!!
09/Nov/15 6:59 AM
Morning All.
Assembled, with a friend, a pc using separate bits. A fun but longish learning experience. Still need a cable to finish but the pc does work.
09/Nov/15 7:28 AM
It is one of my photos. It was indeed Dundullimal, near Dubbo in NSW. It is open to the public. Kathy's description is accurate. It is one of many photos I took of this wonderful place.
09/Nov/15 7:58 AM
My goodness. It doesn't matter what joke I post as someone always thinks it's a groaner.
09/Nov/15 9:41 AM
Might be because they are, CG.
09/Nov/15 10:04 AM
Greg I'm with Peter here.. is it because they are groaners? But I'm partial to the odd groaner..
09/Nov/15 10:55 AM
But don't be discouraged, CG. They're still good for a laugh........mostly!
09/Nov/15 11:40 AM
Ah well, time to get back to the Red Gum table project........nearly finished.
09/Nov/15 11:41 AM
You've chosen a tough wood to work with Peter. I can remember when quite a few of Melbourne's streets were paved with red gum blocks. Probably laid by convicts. The basalt blocks used for kerning certainly were. I'll look forward to seeing a photo of the finished product.
09/Nov/15 11:53 AM
I can remember being told that red gum was so dense it would not float in water. Can you check that out with an off cut and put my mind at rest.
09/Nov/15 11:55 AM
I can't see any 'work in progress' photos on your home page Peter.
09/Nov/15 12:00 PM
Well, lookee here. my timing is good!
09/Nov/15 12:02 PM
Here I go!
09/Nov/15 12:03 PM
Now a push!
09/Nov/15 12:03 PM
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