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Easy Sudoku for 10/March/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Very nice picture!
10/Mar/14 12:03 AM
from chilly Asheville, North Carolina!
10/Mar/14 12:03 AM
Where is everyone?
10/Mar/14 12:04 AM
Will I start the day with a CP?
10/Mar/14 12:04 AM
10/Mar/14 12:04 AM
I guess so!!
10/Mar/14 12:05 AM
10/Mar/14 12:05 AM
Nice detail.
10/Mar/14 12:07 AM
Hi shosho.
10/Mar/14 12:07 AM
Good morning too all! What a super moment for that photographer to capture!
10/Mar/14 12:08 AM
Answers to the ‘Clocks spring forward’ puzzle, and yes, it happened here in Ottawa too.

1. squid and Quid
2. dairy and airy
3. (Pinball) Clemons and lemons
4. scarf and Scar
5. globe and lobe
6. Steam (Whistle) and team
7. (Greg) Flynn and Lynn
8. chill and (Dan) More...
10/Mar/14 12:10 AM
Well, as some of you may be tired if you lost an hour's sleep, I'll just post a short one today for your pleasure.
1. A feeling of guilt or regret over something –> a thing that is bogus or false
2. Stylishness, panache or poise –> known as a devil’s cave in Western Australia
3. An More...
10/Mar/14 12:13 AM
I'll grab 13 for Anne.
10/Mar/14 12:13 AM
And a CP for fun!
10/Mar/14 12:14 AM
10/Mar/14 12:49 AM
Lovely moment captured.
10/Mar/14 1:10 AM
Don't forget the jigsaw today, perfect fit vertically.
10/Mar/14 1:34 AM

Love that photo!
10/Mar/14 2:10 AM
Morning Kathy.
10/Mar/14 2:21 AM
Just the little nudge I needed.
10/Mar/14 2:21 AM
10/Mar/14 2:22 AM
10/Mar/14 2:22 AM
10/Mar/14 2:41 AM
Hi, Keith!!!
Thanks, Serena! Here's some flying your way!!!
10/Mar/14 2:42 AM
Pretty photo today. Butterfly and flowers . That's what we need!
10/Mar/14 2:43 AM
Nothing much today but going over the 5th grade math team test. Got my 5 finalists to work with this month and then the competition in the county! I want to see how many tried to solve the problems different ways!
10/Mar/14 2:44 AM
I'd be curious to see how our Sudoku ''math whizzes'' would do on your team test, Shosho.

This ''spring forward'' thing has my morning all upset. It's almost lunch time and the bed isn't even made. I am such a creature of habit. Take away an hour and all goes to pot. Too bad. I still have to finish Greg's puzzle.
10/Mar/14 2:53 AM
Ah, they're easy fifth grade problems, like
a venn diagram with 'prime factors of 30' on one side and 'prime factors of 40' on the other. Which numbers belong in the intersection of the venn diagram? You'll get it quickly!
10/Mar/14 3:59 AM
A WHAT? diagram, shosho?????
10/Mar/14 4:41 AM
Breathtaking picture today. Just what we need to get us prepped for Spring.
10/Mar/14 4:42 AM
Venn diagrams consists of two or more circles representing the relationship between two or more sets of 'things'.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venn_Diagram for a better explanation.
10/Mar/14 5:20 AM
Hal - I looked, I saw, I read and now I'm really confused.
10/Mar/14 5:34 AM
I thought I was on the English Wiki site, but it was all Greek to me.
10/Mar/14 5:35 AM
10/Mar/14 5:47 AM
A little early but hey, why miss the opportunity???
10/Mar/14 6:34 AM
Having finished up my chores, I can now relax and start having fun!
10/Mar/14 6:35 AM
Getting very close . . .
10/Mar/14 6:36 AM
so close now . . .
10/Mar/14 6:36 AM
okay getting ready to pounce!
10/Mar/14 6:37 AM
10/Mar/14 6:37 AM
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