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Easy Sudoku for 19/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:04 Off to bed. one and all!
19/Oct/15 12:20 AM
19/Oct/15 12:22 AM
Good morning to all! That's an old photo, but the food still looks fantastic!
19/Oct/15 12:49 AM
Wombat, saw your question yesterday. Home field has a great advantage for the home team, but at this stage of the playoffs, both teams are great and anything can happen. I still say though, Go Jays Go!
19/Oct/15 12:52 AM

Ditto Gregs comments about the photo and good luck to the Jays
19/Oct/15 12:56 AM
19/Oct/15 1:04 AM
Darn of the two mornings that I get to sleep without the alarm going off at 5:30AM and after going to bed at midnight, hubby wakes me up!!! Now I'm awake and cannot go back to sleep! Humph!!
19/Oct/15 1:06 AM
19/Oct/15 1:06 AM
Well at least I got my fav post! But I am going to be a grumpy kid today. Wonder if I can manage a nap without popping my eyes open every few seconds? I find it really difficult to nap when it's bright and shiny outside! No matter how little sleep I got the night before, I've never managed to nap!
19/Oct/15 1:08 AM
19/Oct/15 1:09 AM
Brings back fond memories.
19/Oct/15 1:28 AM
Wallabies about to take on Scotland for the last spot in the semi finals against Argentina.

Goooooooooo those Wallabies!

19/Oct/15 1:31 AM

Gosh, that looks good! I may have to change tonight's dinner menu.
19/Oct/15 1:33 AM
Hi Peter.
19/Oct/15 1:33 AM
Since I'm awake, The TV is on aand tuned to the Wallabies match.
19/Oct/15 1:35 AM
Do wish they'd stop talking and just get on with it!
19/Oct/15 1:36 AM
Guess there is at least 9 more minutes of talking.
19/Oct/15 1:37 AM
Oh well fingers and toes crossed. Go Wallabies!!!
19/Oct/15 1:38 AM
Yum... and not a shrimp in sight! *LOL*
19/Oct/15 1:52 AM
Right time.
19/Oct/15 2:01 AM
Right place.
19/Oct/15 2:01 AM
19/Oct/15 2:01 AM
Just a heads up folks. I hope to have one of my puzzles ready for posting next Saturday (Sunday site time).
19/Oct/15 2:20 AM
19/Oct/15 2:34 AM
YAY!!! Wallabies win *by one poine>
19/Oct/15 3:46 AM
one point even!
19/Oct/15 3:47 AM
Whew, that was close.

Wallabies 35 Scotland 34.

Scotland hit the front with about three minutes to go but then were penalised and Aus kicked the penalty to win.
19/Oct/15 3:54 AM

Well done Wallabies!!! nothing like leaving it to the last minute! ( or was that 3?!?!?!)
19/Oct/15 3:57 AM
YUM! Looks delicious!
19/Oct/15 3:58 AM
19/Oct/15 5:15 AM
Morning all, oh yum,we can celebrate the Wallabies win.
19/Oct/15 5:54 AM
We'd call that a 'cook-out' & Lucy in So. Africa would call it a Braai...although a Braai has much meat & less veggies; but no matter what it's called, I'd 'tuck-in' - no problem!
19/Oct/15 6:43 AM
Oh, and good afternoon to all! We had a small accumulation of white stuff this morn - yuck, too soon!
19/Oct/15 6:44 AM
Looks goooood. At least tonight's meal will be as good as this. Lamb chops, rice pilaf and steamed baby broccoli. With strawberry mango pie for dessert.
19/Oct/15 9:05 AM
Morning all..
This looks and would be good.. YUM
Wish I could join you Heidi.. sounds good..
19/Oct/15 11:41 AM
Well, came just in time for a race to the bottom and to the top!!!
19/Oct/15 11:49 AM
I should start my jog . . .
19/Oct/15 11:50 AM
I'll race myself a bit faster . . .
19/Oct/15 11:50 AM
Hmmmm . . . I should hurry up just in case . . .
19/Oct/15 11:51 AM
19/Oct/15 11:51 AM
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