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Easy Sudoku for 11/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
11/Aug/16 12:00 AM
Hi Hal. I've been sick and that's why I haven't been posting. The medicine seems to be working so maybe I'll be all better soon. I hope nobody caught it from me out there in Sudokuland.
11/Aug/16 12:10 AM
Morning. Far as I know, it didn't drift over to California, Wolf.
11/Aug/16 12:15 AM
By the way, Maen.
11/Aug/16 12:15 AM
Very serious long haired Dachshund.
11/Aug/16 12:23 AM
🎂🎉Happy Birthday Debby - I tried to post on your face book page but seemed to only send you a sticker! Have a good day
11/Aug/16 12:27 AM
No eventing today - and only half hour for dressage tomorrow - so study time today-
11/Aug/16 12:28 AM
Nice to see Linda post yesterday. Old friends that drop by should be sure to make there presence known.
11/Aug/16 12:31 AM
Somehow I completely missed Wombat's poozle and the comments. I am so mad at myself! I love challenges like that. Thank you for taking the time, Wombat. Seems you got a lot of participation, so, not everyone is as boneheaded as I am.
11/Aug/16 12:49 AM
Feel better soon, Wolf. Whatever ails you hasn't drifted across the border yet--lines at the bridge must be too long.
11/Aug/16 12:58 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:
1. Slovenly 2. Contaminate 3. Adhesive 4.Recreation 5. Yarmulke 6. Deliberate
7.Altercate 8. Yokohama 9. Travesty 10. Occupy 11.Clandestine 12. Olympus 13. Meticulous
14. Establish

Winners Judy, (sleepless)CynB, Sarah, and Wombat receive the More...
11/Aug/16 1:03 AM
And, for today.....

Below are thirteen words, each of which has had two letters removed. The remaining letters are in the correct order. Between them, the thirteen words have had the letters A-Z removed, each once only. Can you find the original words?
11/Aug/16 1:10 AM
Still feeling well in Maryland, Wolf. Your germs haven't made it this far.....so far.
11/Aug/16 1:13 AM
Happy Wednesday!
11/Aug/16 2:00 AM
Good morning.
11/Aug/16 2:28 AM
Your bugs may have missed the USA, Wold. but they landed here in Canberra.
11/Aug/16 2:31 AM
Thanks, really appreciated the gift.
11/Aug/16 2:31 AM
Had a good day yesterday, but I am back to coughing today.
11/Aug/16 2:33 AM
11/Aug/16 2:36 AM
Just as well I had a good day yesterday, as I hosted my quilt group for the first time in years. (There's a long story behind that but I won't bore you).
11/Aug/16 2:36 AM
Hi sho sho
11/Aug/16 2:37 AM
11/Aug/16 2:37 AM
Any way it was a very successful day.
11/Aug/16 2:38 AM
Mr O was an absolute fem - cooked and waited on us' couldn't have done it without him.
11/Aug/16 2:39 AM
Oops - Mr P - still married to the same guy, he's a gem, as I said before.
11/Aug/16 2:40 AM
from beautiful OK
11/Aug/16 2:56 AM
Wolf, don't know what germ you have but keep it in Texas.
11/Aug/16 2:57 AM
I know my problem isn't from Wolf since sinus infections are not contagious.
11/Aug/16 2:59 AM
Cute dog, with his stuffed toy.
11/Aug/16 3:55 AM
Get well wishes going out to CP now ... germs must have been rerouted.
11/Aug/16 4:50 AM
Morning all, they love their stuffed toys no matter what size dog they are.
11/Aug/16 6:12 AM
I think Wolf's ailment might just have reached Oz. If it was gastro then I caught it from him. Thanks Wolf, now I have someone to blame. I also now know the full meaning of the expression 'Sick as a Dog'.
11/Aug/16 6:34 AM
I reckon I aged 5 years in 24 hours - and at my age that's a pretty scary thought.
11/Aug/16 6:37 AM
It's made it Canberra as well Ian!

1:35 for the Sudoku today.
11/Aug/16 6:37 AM
No ailments here (well, not in this household).
11/Aug/16 7:45 AM
Kathy, it is truly a shame Michael Phelps did not get your cap instead of the inside-out one he used. :-)
11/Aug/16 7:48 AM
Almost 2 hours and no posts.
11/Aug/16 9:30 AM
It's around dinner time in the eastern US, but western half has no excuse.
11/Aug/16 9:34 AM
And it's brekkie tine in central and western Oz, but not in the east.
11/Aug/16 9:37 AM
I guess it's up to me.
11/Aug/16 9:38 AM
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