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Easy Sudoku for 12/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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12/Aug/16 12:00 AM
Woohoo, I did it!!!
12/Aug/16 12:00 AM
Hmmm, wonder how far can I go alone?
12/Aug/16 12:01 AM
Made it to three . . .
12/Aug/16 12:01 AM
Anyone awake???
12/Aug/16 12:02 AM
Getting close to my fav post!
12/Aug/16 12:02 AM
so close . . .
12/Aug/16 12:02 AM
12/Aug/16 12:02 AM
Now that's a record!!! A first post, a fav number post, and a CP!!!
12/Aug/16 12:03 AM
Now another CP!!!
Then I'll bid you adieu!
12/Aug/16 12:04 AM
It's going up to 104F=45C today - that should burn the cold out of me!
12/Aug/16 12:08 AM
good morning.
12/Aug/16 12:20 AM
Wow! It's like Shosho started her morning by gassing up on rocket fuel!
12/Aug/16 12:20 AM
Yeah, she's on something alright.
12/Aug/16 12:22 AM
My cold is getting slowly better.
12/Aug/16 12:23 AM
That wa=sn;t good grammar, was it?
12/Aug/16 12:24 AM
Or spelling!
12/Aug/16 12:24 AM
My cold is slowly getting better.
12/Aug/16 12:25 AM
Do I leave it that?
12/Aug/16 12:26 AM
12/Aug/16 12:26 AM
The end is in sight.
12/Aug/16 12:27 AM
12/Aug/16 12:27 AM
🌞 I can see my flowers blooming in the backyard - I was late in my planting, this will be my goal - to walk out on the lawn to look at them. I can see this giant weed waving at me - even if I can walk out there I don't think I will have the balance to uproot that monster 🌱
12/Aug/16 12:28 AM
I've raised shosho's double cp with a 22!
12/Aug/16 12:28 AM
I got ya CP!! A first post on medium, too!
12/Aug/16 12:46 AM
Garden is watered, chipmunks are fed, now I've got the rest of the day to work ... and melt. Yikes, it's hot! Could end up being a two-bra day. (No, not at the same time).
12/Aug/16 12:59 AM
12/Aug/16 1:11 AM
Happy little musicians.
12/Aug/16 1:20 AM
The plan was to be here Monday but my Internet was having technical difficulties. We are mostly up and running now.
12/Aug/16 1:28 AM
I owe you guys answers and prizes to a really old puzzle. Here's a refresher.

These word pairs are not in relation to each other, but if you find their synonyms, the two words will rhyme.

Example : Over-sized Feline = Fat Cat

Kiss Dog
Funny Cat
Movie Monster
Unusual Rabbit
Copper Teapot
Wedding Limo
12/Aug/16 1:29 AM

Smooch Pooch
Witty Kitty
Feature Creature
Rare Hare, Funny Bunny
Metal Kettle
Marriage Carriage
Wild Child

In the today we have Kathy, Judy, Joyce, Wombat, and More...
12/Aug/16 1:30 AM
There are 14 steps between the names of two fish. Drop a letter, rearrange the remaining letters to get the next answer. Do this down to one letter, then make steps up again.

1. Large fish of the northern hemisphere (8 letters)
2. Doctor (7 letters)
3. Game bird (6 letters)
4. More...
12/Aug/16 1:42 AM
Happy Thursday!
12/Aug/16 4:22 AM
What a cute photo! There's even one who sings!
12/Aug/16 5:00 AM
well I'm back!!!
12/Aug/16 5:04 AM
Just in time to saunter us to the bottom of the page!
12/Aug/16 5:04 AM
I just came back from grocery shopping and put everything away.
12/Aug/16 5:05 AM
And got a phone call that my new wicker sofa came and I have to do a pick up . . .
12/Aug/16 5:06 AM
I guess I better hurry us . . .
12/Aug/16 5:06 AM
12/Aug/16 5:06 AM
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