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Easy Sudoku for 12/December/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning all.
12/Dec/07 12:00 AM
I just had the site trying to send an unsolicited message through Outlook - has anyone else had this problem?
12/Dec/07 12:01 AM
We are covered in ice here - and they just closed the schools - not fun.
Good Maen to you all - have a great day.
12/Dec/07 12:03 AM
2:14 - great photo.
12/Dec/07 12:04 AM
Good Morning Everyone! It's a beautiful, albeit cool 7 AM here. Temp is around 20F with a nasty storm just to the south of us.

Posted some new pics (let me know what you think, I took them myself) and have a new youtube for anyone who likes Jeff Foxworthy and his version of the 12 days of Christmas. Enjoy!
12/Dec/07 12:07 AM
Chris, I haven't had that problem yet, but will keep on the lookout. Thanks!
12/Dec/07 12:07 AM
Good morning everyone,

Have a great day!
12/Dec/07 12:08 AM
Good Maen
12/Dec/07 12:10 AM
Chris, I have had that problem. One message showed in my inbox on sudoku but when I went in there was no new message. Then when I went to outlook express it was there. So maybe Gath deleted it from inbox but it still went to outlook express.
12/Dec/07 12:12 AM
Good Morning all. Great picture! I havn't got any strange mail from this site yet, but I sure I will.
12/Dec/07 12:13 AM
KB, sorry abou the ice. that's the worst stuff.
12/Dec/07 12:14 AM

Yesterday I had problems with some kind of hacker who stole the contents of a file I was about to post. It was a sheep poem, and its permanent disappearance coincided with the moment I tried to post it here. I completely re-wrote the poem and did finally manage to post it - but More...
12/Dec/07 12:21 AM

Noise last night kept me awake:
as returning sheep disturbed my sleep.
They BAAed a lot, for heaven’s sake,
as o’er my bed they dared to leap.

So they frolicked through the night,
while telling of their holiday.
The tales spun out ’til morning More...
12/Dec/07 12:23 AM
Annie - I like foxworthy. Do you watch 'Are you smarter than a fifth grader'. Here it is on thursday nite, so my daughter and I watch it together.
12/Dec/07 12:25 AM
Angie repeat 100 times Angie Angie angie angie......
12/Dec/07 12:26 AM
Rayray - That's a good one. Baaack to yu.
12/Dec/07 12:28 AM
2:25 Good evening everyone!
A lovely photo to start the day with.
12/Dec/07 12:30 AM
Thanks Dorthea. At least because your acknowledgement tells me it is appearing as a post
12/Dec/07 12:30 AM
Happy Birthday to Cheshcat 2003. Wow yu ausies have strang names. I'm sending you an remote controled airplane. All my children love them.
12/Dec/07 12:31 AM
Rayray - Finally - the sheepoems are baaaaaaaaaaaaack!! Hooray!
12/Dec/07 12:43 AM
Happy Birthday, Cheshire Cat (at least that's what I'm guessing cheshcat means)!!! Hope your day is purrrrrrrfectly lovely.
12/Dec/07 12:45 AM
Jane: With GREAT difficulty (see above and end of previous day)
12/Dec/07 12:49 AM
When you have to visit a public bathroom, you usually find a line of women, so you smile politely and take your place. Once it's your turn, you check for feet under the stall doors. Every stall is occupied.
Finally, a door opens and you dash in, nearly knocking down More...
12/Dec/07 12:51 AM
fear of being dragged in too.

At this point, you give up. You're soaked by the
spewing water and the wet toilet seat. You're
exhausted. You try to wipe with a gum wrapper you
found in your pocket and then slink out
inconspicuously to the sinks.
You can't figure out how to More...
12/Dec/07 12:56 AM
Funny (ha-ha and peculiar) Anne:
Yes! It had to be written by a woman, simply because as a man I would find it very strange to be joining a row of women to enter the loo. !!
12/Dec/07 1:01 AM
sorry the above story is so long but I received it in an e'mail and thought it quite accurate as I'm sure most of you ladies will.

12/Dec/07 1:06 AM
Goodnight Anne. Thanks
12/Dec/07 1:09 AM
Anne - If I had a penny for every time I gave the woman behind me a tissue before leting her enter a stall, I'd be very very rich.
12/Dec/07 1:13 AM
1.27 all, Chesscat 2003 . Time for bed now Nite all.
12/Dec/07 1:14 AM
S true Anne.
Last night my computer decided that the holiday season had started for it. It packed up completely and responds to no amount of cajoling, persuading and TLC, I even cleaned the keyboard and screen! But no it wants to languish silently in the corner whilst Hubby and I tend the bald More...
12/Dec/07 1:18 AM
Good Mean everyone!

Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh Anne
12/Dec/07 1:22 AM
Anne, that's why I always make sure I have tissues in my bag before I go out. Got caught once in a public toilet and no toilet paper. Rayray loved your poem, baaye baaye. Now I'm really going to bed, Nite again.
12/Dec/07 1:31 AM
Nice sunrise picture.


Nice time to all of you.
12/Dec/07 1:35 AM
2:45 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.
12/Dec/07 1:45 AM
Happy birthday cheshcat2003 hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy birthday yesterday to Amelia and to Chloe sorry I missed them.
12/Dec/07 1:47 AM
I purchased a teddy bear for ten dollars today

I called it Mohammed . . . . . .

I sold it for twenty dollars

My question is...

Have I made a prophet?
12/Dec/07 1:50 AM
Anne - very funny joke - and unfortunately, very accurate portrayal of what appears to be an international phenomenon!
12/Dec/07 1:55 AM
GrannieMo - My condolences on the demise of your computer. As you may know, my nearly 9-year-old compaq bit the dust a few weeks ago. I'm not yet used to its replacement (don't like Windows Vista), but I must say it is much faster than the old one. Good luck whether you decide to repair or replace!
12/Dec/07 1:57 AM
GMo would tossing it out of the window help? I will lower my flag accordingly how long will you be in mourning?
12/Dec/07 2:13 AM
A serious computer crash is SO wearing.
I much sympathise, but you might eventually appreciate a new and faster computer if you decide to replace it.
Maybe you will need a holiday after the crash.
My sheep will gladly send you brochures about global locations of lush green More...
12/Dec/07 2:16 AM
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