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Easy Sudoku for 13/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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13/Jan/17 12:00 AM
1:38 Good evening Hal and others.
13/Jan/17 12:15 AM
Both sides of the world represented this morning! Good Maen HalT and Anne.
13/Jan/17 12:25 AM
Wow, those are nice shells - icy snow on the walk this morning- may have to re think my morning activities
13/Jan/17 12:27 AM
Crazy Texas weather. Two or three weeks ago we were looking at record highs in the 80's, a week ago record lows below 20, now back to possibly 80 today. No wonder we have so many sick kids at school.
13/Jan/17 12:28 AM
My son lives in Oregon- they are in the midst of a winter storm. - we are getting rain - I told Scott - you are getting our weather and I am getting yours !
13/Jan/17 12:38 AM
What is nice I always have something to do - either in the house or out in the world - just need to take that first step !
I am preset flexible in my schedule but I am finding I do need to get on a schedule with this semi retirement
13/Jan/17 12:41 AM
But I do like to start my day here !
13/Jan/17 12:42 AM
Good morning to all! Those are nice looking shells.
13/Jan/17 1:02 AM
Still mild here and raining. That will change later today as more snow is in the forecast.
13/Jan/17 1:03 AM
A video for you. Check out how young this lady looks at 76. And watch her perform. Just goes to show she is one of those people who is simply the best!

13/Jan/17 1:05 AM
She is certainly remarkable, Greg.
Our weather is on the crazy side, too, Jamie. We went from the low teens at the end of last week to the mid 60's today. I just opened a few windows!
13/Jan/17 2:32 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:

The ''I Went With The Prunes'' Crown goes to winners, Hal, Shiela, lonewoof, Judy, Joyce, Jamie, Peter, Wombat, and Sarah.
13/Jan/17 2:38 AM
Slow, slow, slow today! Just could not get into the flow! Oh well, there is always tomorrow.
13/Jan/17 3:16 AM
Happy Thursday!
Currently 55 degF @8:30am PST and 93% humidity. Expecting more much needed rain, although I don't like driving in it...
13/Jan/17 3:31 AM
Life is like a Hot Bath

The longer you stay in it

The more wrinkled you get...
13/Jan/17 3:49 AM
13/Jan/17 3:53 AM
Another breakthrough the two minute barrier!!! 1:52!!
13/Jan/17 3:54 AM
The rain here heavy during the night, woke me up a couple of times when the downpour was loud! But like Camelot, it's lightened up for the kids to get to school and parents to work!
13/Jan/17 3:56 AM
Right now I'm having a Hawaiian breakfast! Lilikoi (passion fruit) pancakes with fresh strawberries syrup like after going through the blender! Okay I'm not drinking Hawaiian coffee, it's Brazilian. But hey it does brighten up my day!!!
13/Jan/17 3:58 AM
A CP then I'm outa here! Oh Keith, wakey wakey!!!
13/Jan/17 3:59 AM
Hi, Keith!!! Striking while the iron is hot!
13/Jan/17 5:12 AM
Anyone know why when I click on 'tough' puzzles only easy ones come up?
13/Jan/17 6:42 AM
Morning all, my kids loved collecting shells would have had a car full until I told them that they were taking the crabs homes and they would have nowhere to live.
13/Jan/17 6:46 AM
Evergreen , tough has been down for a few days.
13/Jan/17 6:48 AM
Good morning.
13/Jan/17 6:49 AM
Heading for a hot day. 37'C,
13/Jan/17 6:50 AM
Just as well we have good cooling,
13/Jan/17 6:51 AM
I have to go out for coffee later( someone has to do it),
13/Jan/17 6:53 AM
It'll be nice to come home to a cool house.
13/Jan/17 6:54 AM
Where is Keith!?
13/Jan/17 7:45 AM
Hope Keith isnt caught up in the mad flooding he mentioned yesterday (or was it the day before)
13/Jan/17 7:54 AM
1:12. Good morning everyone. Thank goodness that was faster than my run this morning, it felt like I had concrete shoes on. All that training I've been doing is taking its toll! Never mind, tomorrow's practically a rest day, only 5km.
13/Jan/17 7:54 AM

No matter how many times I read a post before I hit enter, its only after I post it do I see the mistake. Not too sure if it was meant to be mad or bad flooding but either way its not good (and it was yesterday that Keith made mention of flooding in his area)
13/Jan/17 7:58 AM

Have a good day all, Im going out walking shortly before it gets too hot yet again 33C/91F
13/Jan/17 8:01 AM
I kinda like 'mad' flooding, Lizzy!
(Much more descriptive, don't you think?)
13/Jan/17 8:27 AM
Hubby just left for his walk - before it gets colder! It's 33 F (0.5 C), here!
I've noticed that we've been exactly the same numbers on the thermometer the last few days - IF you ignore the difference of F & C!!!
13/Jan/17 8:33 AM
Oooh, what timing!!!
13/Jan/17 8:44 AM
Getting there!
13/Jan/17 8:44 AM
13/Jan/17 8:44 AM
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