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Easy Sudoku for 13/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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13/Apr/16 12:00 AM
At work for two hours already - it's time for a break.
13/Apr/16 12:00 AM
I must not be doing this retirement thing right if I get to my office before 7am!
13/Apr/16 12:01 AM
Where is everybody? Good
13/Apr/16 12:05 AM
Now that I found out that Mandurah is in WA South of Perth, welcome Margo.
13/Apr/16 12:14 AM
a beautiful day in OK
13/Apr/16 12:17 AM
Is everyone still asleep or already gone for the day.
13/Apr/16 12:19 AM
I think I recognise that dog on the right in Margo's avatar.
Hello Margo - long time, no see on the site.

Evening Hal and Wolf.
13/Apr/16 12:19 AM
Speaking of being gone I need to go. Doctors appointment this morning. General appointment but I need something for my sinus infection.
13/Apr/16 12:22 AM
I love spring and all the allergies it brings
13/Apr/16 12:23 AM
Woohoo! 1:48!
13/Apr/16 12:42 AM
Darn have an appointment with the tax gal! Have to get an extension due to dad's trust. Argh! Trying to extricate my income from this because I'm not getting a penny of this!
13/Apr/16 12:43 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
13/Apr/16 12:44 AM
My question is, how can you speak of retirement ... from your office?
13/Apr/16 1:30 AM
Hello folks! Quick 1->9 puzzle this morn; have fun being a quick solver .....
13/Apr/16 1:34 AM
I had a great time with my family. My house, not so much. It is amazing how much energy two toddlers have.
13/Apr/16 1:36 AM
Wolf, your hunch is correct--you're not doing it right! But I'll give you a standing ovation for your work ethic.
13/Apr/16 1:36 AM
The poozle I posted before I left evidently was a bamboozler. JUDY, bless her, gave it a try. For her sake, I'll post it again with the answers I had.

Insert the consonants to create words whose only vowel is ā€˜ā€™ iā€™ā€™
B C C C C C D D G H K K L L L L M M M M N N N N N N N P P R S More...
13/Apr/16 1:41 AM
Thx, Kathy, for getting me close enough
13/Apr/16 1:48 AM
to go for it.
13/Apr/16 1:49 AM
13/Apr/16 1:49 AM
13/Apr/16 1:49 AM
Thank you, Kathy ... and if you post another puzzle like that one, please put the straight jacket on me so I don't waste hours of my waning existence trying to solve it!
13/Apr/16 1:50 AM
Can I come back now? Keith has gallumped! Yes!

Poozle time!

Fill in the answers to the clues by selecting the correct syllables from the list below. Each syllable can only be used once and the number of syllables to be used is shown in brackets. When the correct words are filled More...
13/Apr/16 1:53 AM
By the way, our new member, Rusty (from LA,)sent me answers for the puzzle before the one that did Judy in. He branched out with different answers, but they all worked!
13/Apr/16 2:01 AM
Arrgh - I was on track to have the fastest personal solve for a 1 - 9 - Then I stuffed it.
13/Apr/16 2:31 AM
Good morning.
13/Apr/16 3:10 AM
I've been awake for an hour or so, but decided to just read in bed until I fell asleep again.
13/Apr/16 3:11 AM
It didn't work. I'm still wide awake and I was disturbing Mr P so I got up to play here instead.
13/Apr/16 3:12 AM
Busy day planned today. I am taking my quilt group (only 8 of us maximum) out to lunch.
13/Apr/16 3:14 AM
I do that instead of hosting them here because my house is usually messy and while I was working I didn't have time to do a big tidy up - and I don't have to cook lunch and morning tea. Much easier and far less stressful.
13/Apr/16 3:17 AM
Morning...thank God it bought a bit of sunshine...but doesn't last very long....comes and goes...have a great day all of you!
13/Apr/16 3:56 AM
Good idea CP this way you will enjoy it better!
13/Apr/16 3:58 AM
Happy Tueday!
Last 2 days of vacation will be spent on housework, once I get off the computer, of course
13/Apr/16 4:03 AM
Wonderful building. It was built so long ago, and has held up so well.
13/Apr/16 4:08 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world, and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
13/Apr/16 4:20 AM
I think CP & I must have the same sign 'My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy'
13/Apr/16 4:24 AM

Enjoy your day out with your friends CP, I would never of picked you as a quilter
13/Apr/16 4:27 AM

One day I will learn to say no to offers of overtime...... but tonight wasnt one of them!!
13/Apr/16 4:29 AM

Why not.........
13/Apr/16 4:37 AM
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