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Easy Sudoku for 12/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Welcome everyone!
12/Apr/16 12:00 AM
12/Apr/16 12:00 AM
Good morning Wolf & Hal... Good day to all arriving later!
12/Apr/16 12:17 AM
...and hi, there, Tony!
12/Apr/16 12:27 AM
a beautiful day in OK
12/Apr/16 1:13 AM
Had some storms come through last night. We missed or the hail missed us, thank goodness.
12/Apr/16 1:14 AM
My allergies are still acting up, that is nothing new.
12/Apr/16 1:15 AM
Time to eat and use the ultra sound on my foot.
12/Apr/16 1:15 AM
12/Apr/16 1:16 AM
Good morning.
12/Apr/16 1:34 AM
Your 5 has feinted, Sue.
12/Apr/16 1:35 AM
Had trouble seeing it.
12/Apr/16 1:35 AM
Even with this week's new glasses.
12/Apr/16 1:36 AM
Quiet day planned today. Only got hydrotherapy this afternoon. Must go, the microwave is calling me to come and get my hot milk.
12/Apr/16 1:39 AM
Our microwave gets a lot of use reheating what's left of yesterday's coffee ... a little creamer and it tastes great.
12/Apr/16 1:50 AM
12/Apr/16 2:24 AM
Cloudy out here but no rain. We had a little over the weekend. As in Camelot, it rained while we slept! At least the kids will get to play on the playground! Last Friday they were higher than a kite being stuck indoors all day.
12/Apr/16 2:27 AM
Hopefully I'll be able to teach molecular movement on the playground to little second graders!
12/Apr/16 2:27 AM
Oh my! Got an email stating that another installment of coffee of the month will arrive tomorrow. Ack I haven't even opened last month's offer! I can freeze coffee beans, right?
12/Apr/16 2:30 AM
Look how close.
12/Apr/16 2:36 AM
12/Apr/16 2:36 AM
12/Apr/16 2:36 AM
Hi Tony, you look very happy in Paris.
12/Apr/16 3:10 AM
Well done on your run the other day Chris.
12/Apr/16 4:29 AM
Good afternoon to all! Hi Tony!
12/Apr/16 5:48 AM
Chris, I also meant to pass on judos for your great performance on your run. Thanks Jim for reminding me.
12/Apr/16 5:49 AM
Morning all,Tony's smile lights up all of Paris.
12/Apr/16 5:55 AM
Thanks Jim and Greg - if all goes well with training I'll double the distance and run a full marathon in September in Sydney (I haven't done one of those for a few years now.)
12/Apr/16 5:56 AM
1:34 this morning.
12/Apr/16 5:56 AM
We will be leaving to travel to WA at the end of the month, and will be calling in at Albany to hopefully meet Anne before heading up the coast.
12/Apr/16 6:00 AM
Good morning all! Woke up early so I have some time to myself to play puzzles. We have guests for a couple of days so I don't get much 'time to myself' at the moment!
12/Apr/16 6:26 AM
Just came back from teaching first and second graders about molecules! The first graders got to bump one another in an effort to show a sound wave.
12/Apr/16 7:55 AM
The second graders got to interlock their arms with each other to show a solid. I was able to move them about without changing the shape of their formation and showed their volume staying the same. Then I had them drop their arms and just hold hands with two other students and I poured them into More...
12/Apr/16 7:58 AM
The fun came in when I had them run nilly willy on the playground and yelled out STOP! I had 'sprayed' them out of a small circle and now they were evenly spread across the playground. Pretty amazing considering they were running all over the place! Teacher was grateful they came back exhausted and quiet!
12/Apr/16 8:00 AM
You are quite a clever teacher, Shosho - bet they will remember that lesson many years from now! Wish all classroom teachers had the energy, initiative, and enthusiasm as you to stimulate those students' curiosity! It takes dedication to the craft, as well as an enormous reserve of energy, which many teachers run out of all too soon in their careers!
12/Apr/16 8:44 AM
12/Apr/16 10:41 AM
Finally got the right time in Australia...have a wonderful day all of you out there! Wishing to see the sun shine ...but too late for today ....getting closer to my bedtime...in 2 hrs.
See you tomorrow!
12/Apr/16 11:13 AM
It is nice to be home from Japan but I do not need this awful dry cough. To get relief I sit upright and leave forward. Not easy to sleep like that. I would just like to curl up somewhere and sleep for about 4 hours!
12/Apr/16 11:13 AM
Four more minutes, Joyce.
12/Apr/16 11:30 AM
There it is again, the ghost post.
12/Apr/16 12:13 PM
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