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Easy Sudoku for 14/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Just lost an hour! Where did it go?
14/Mar/16 12:03 AM
1:47 Good night one and all! Same photo as yesterday.
14/Mar/16 12:10 AM
I saw that picture yesterday, didn't I?
14/Mar/16 12:14 AM
nothing wrong with your eyesight Wolf!!
14/Mar/16 12:34 AM

I bit of a time warp but we shall get your hour over here in another 13 days!! Promise we shall put it to good use
14/Mar/16 12:35 AM
something fishy is going on.......Todays birthdays are the same as yesterdays too......
14/Mar/16 12:38 AM
14/Mar/16 1:11 AM
Must be a database malfunction!
14/Mar/16 2:06 AM
Loved you photos, Hal!
14/Mar/16 2:52 AM
14/Mar/16 2:53 AM
folks! Nice morning here; admiring my nicely raked lawn & garden from yesterday ...it won't last long with the spring winds yet to roar
14/Mar/16 3:19 AM
Same reward photo, but a different puzzle!
14/Mar/16 3:21 AM
good morning.
14/Mar/16 3:49 AM
Phew. That was an effort to post.
14/Mar/16 3:50 AM
For some reason, the cursor turns into a magnifying glass, and the text box runs away when you try to click the submit button.
14/Mar/16 3:52 AM
Aargh, ten+ attempts to submit the last comment. And that;s with a ;;normal'' cursor.
14/Mar/16 3:54 AM
And a mix of semicolons and apostrophes. Maybe too little sleep. Went to bed at midnigh, it's not fun any more chasing the text box.t, only to be awake now! I give up, it's not fun any more, chasing the text box all over the place, unable to highlight bits I want to delete, etc.
See you later.
14/Mar/16 4:02 AM
Here's some reassuring news for all who take 2 sleeps to complete a night: Segmented sleep, also known as divided sleep, bimodal sleep pattern, bifurcated sleep, or interrupted sleep, is the natural pattern of human sleep... more later from Wikipedia...
14/Mar/16 4:21 AM
I bifurcate.
14/Mar/16 5:03 AM
Right time.
14/Mar/16 5:03 AM
Right place.
14/Mar/16 5:03 AM
14/Mar/16 5:04 AM
Morning all, so we have a glitch in the works today.
CP, I hope you managed to get back to sleep after all that hard work.
14/Mar/16 5:13 AM
You are excused, Keith ...
14/Mar/16 5:35 AM
..more from wiki on segmented sleeps....
Along with a nap (siesta) in the day, it has been argued that this is the natural pattern of human sleep. A case has been made that maintaining such a sleep pattern may be important in regulating stress.
14/Mar/16 5:46 AM
So - guess this sleep pattern is supposed to RELIEVE stress, not cause it! Works for me....
14/Mar/16 5:49 AM
Same photo as yesterday, but it's still beautiful.
14/Mar/16 5:51 AM
Yes, same photo
14/Mar/16 6:29 AM
I added another picture to my gallery. I forgot to include an adult male frigatebird.
14/Mar/16 7:53 AM
Morning all
Wonder if we are all seeing the same picture.. don't remember this from yesterday
14/Mar/16 9:20 AM
I believe I misidentified one of my pictures. I think what I called a juvenile frigate bird is actually a young red-footed booby. Sorry 'bout that.
14/Mar/16 9:44 AM
night all.
14/Mar/16 1:11 PM
14/Mar/16 1:23 PM
For goodness sake, Hal. Lift your game mate!
14/Mar/16 1:23 PM
Mamacita has been taken to hospital. This is a post by her grand daughter.

'My grandmother is in the hospital. It's looks like her copd is taking it's toll. She wants everyone to have, 'joy in remembering me' and that, 'I'm cute!''
14/Mar/16 1:39 PM
Thinking of you, Mamacita.
14/Mar/16 1:40 PM
I saw the post mentioning Ouima but was not sure that it was her granddaughter who had posted. I hope she gets well soon.
14/Mar/16 2:03 PM
Wolf, Time flies when you're having fun...
14/Mar/16 5:06 PM
Feeling devastated hearing about Mamacita being in hospital, although the news was not unexpected as she has been on palliative care for some weeks.. Only three days ago she was posting on SA 11.
14/Mar/16 6:05 PM
Love and hugs coming your way Mamacita
14/Mar/16 8:02 PM
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