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Easy Sudoku for 13/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Thank goodness for the first break.....
13/Mar/16 12:02 AM
Now for some manners! fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if it s not may it be on the improve soon.
13/Mar/16 12:03 AM
US goes on Daylight Saving time Sunday. When does Australia go off it?
13/Mar/16 12:13 AM

Day light saving finishes on Sunday 3rd April, 2016 for us in NSW
13/Mar/16 12:26 AM
Good morning.
13/Mar/16 1:04 AM
At least your roster is set Lizzy.
13/Mar/16 1:04 AM
Somehow I'd always get to work the night that was an hour longer on the change, not the one that is an hour shorter.
13/Mar/16 1:06 AM
And have to manually reset 16 or so clocks.
13/Mar/16 1:06 AM
At least that became easier when we learned to use our mobile phones to get the correct time as we went from room to room resetting.
13/Mar/16 1:08 AM
very foggy but warm, headed to a warm 70F today.
13/Mar/16 1:52 AM
Breakfast is in the oven, having Strata.
13/Mar/16 1:59 AM
Had to go look up breakfast strata. Never heard of it before. A bit like making a quiche filling but using bread to soak up the egg.
13/Mar/16 2:50 AM
everyone! Yes, June strata is a great way to have a hearty breakfast with all the work the night before... I love a!
13/Mar/16 2:55 AM
13/Mar/16 2:56 AM
Sue, good news with Harry! When will you know re. your foot?
13/Mar/16 2:57 AM
Today is the official St. Paddy's Day parade here & for once it is neither raining now snowing! A float from a local bar just went down our street to get in line...
13/Mar/16 3:03 AM
Since the sun is shining, it's a rake-day for me! Have a great day folks!
13/Mar/16 3:05 AM
...that should have read neither raining NOR snowing!
13/Mar/16 3:15 AM
13/Mar/16 3:17 AM
13/Mar/16 4:09 AM
13/Mar/16 4:09 AM
13/Mar/16 4:09 AM

I just turned the heat on in the house. It's been in the 70-80 degree range for days.....now it's 50 degrees. This weather is nuts.
I went over to the baseball stadium this morning to watch the auditions for the National Anthem. There More...
13/Mar/16 4:45 AM
The worst are the ones that turn ''free'' and ''brave'' into five syllable words.
13/Mar/16 4:50 AM
Agreed, Kathy. ''Stylizing'' is not the way to sing the National Anthem! It is NOT supposed to be a 'show tune'.
13/Mar/16 5:18 AM
Back again - after a bonus 3 hours sleep.
13/Mar/16 5:52 AM
Hate it when they stylize our anthem too, DorA.
13/Mar/16 5:53 AM
Glad to heat Harry is doing well at home, Sue.
13/Mar/16 5:55 AM
But I don't envy you the endless round of appointments.
13/Mar/16 5:56 AM
Anyone heard from Dottie?
13/Mar/16 5:58 AM
Lovely photo! healthy looking kittens!
13/Mar/16 6:26 AM
Morning all,cute kitties.
I had a message from Dottie this morning, she can't sit at the computer just yet it's too uncomfortable. Otherwise her recovery is going fine.
13/Mar/16 6:33 AM
Sweet little kitties, and I love their names.
13/Mar/16 7:55 AM
Morning all
13/Mar/16 8:04 AM
I took almost 500 pix while in the Galapagos. You'll be happy to know that I have narrowed that down to 27, which I am in the process of re-sizing.
13/Mar/16 8:37 AM
The first five pictures are ready for viewing.
But the order is all wrong. Go to the fifth pix first, then use 'next picture' to see them in the order I intended.
13/Mar/16 9:18 AM
So far so good, Hal! Thanks! Can't wait to see more!
13/Mar/16 9:42 AM
Me thinks it's time for a page change.
13/Mar/16 11:17 AM
One more for...
13/Mar/16 11:17 AM
13/Mar/16 11:17 AM
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