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Easy Sudoku for 14/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all! Pi (3.14) day there.
14/Mar/19 12:00 AM
1:47 Good night all.
14/Mar/19 12:25 AM
I needed the caption for that one. I think it's the angle.
14/Mar/19 12:38 AM
Judy, I intentionally took a camera to Elijah's concert last night to get a group picture for you. The other new pictures in my gallery range from last September to last night.
14/Mar/19 12:40 AM
If anyone wants a quick update on my kids here we go. Elijah is 16, not quite driving yet, still plays the trumpet and does football. Azariah will be 10 on Friday, is learning to play the bagpipes, and plays soccer and basketball. Salome is 7, she is my hummingbird, loves mud, sparkly stuff, and More...
14/Mar/19 12:46 AM
14/Mar/19 12:51 AM
Wonderful photos, Serena! Thank you so much! Your children are growing up beautifully! for the update!

14/Mar/19 12:57 AM
Not sunny today.
Hope your day is.
14/Mar/19 1:00 AM
1:48. Happy Pi Day, Wolf. Good Morning, everyone.
14/Mar/19 1:02 AM
Great to hear about what your kids are doing, Serena!
14/Mar/19 1:04 AM
What amazing kids, Serena! Loved the family photo!
Thanks for the update.
14/Mar/19 1:50 AM
Good Maen, good people. Rhubarb pi for me.
Or pizza pi.
14/Mar/19 2:19 AM
14/Mar/19 2:19 AM
13 for Anne who already knows it's a slick 1->9 solve today.
14/Mar/19 2:20 AM
Serena - give the kids a hug from us and a big thumbs up. Re the sea lions: I think it's the lack of scale and the way they are laying down to bask. Without any of them upright and nothing to indicate the photo was taken at a distance they look more like fish on the sand at first glance.
14/Mar/19 2:22 AM
Morning. Great pictures, Serena.
14/Mar/19 2:30 AM
Nice ice picture from Sue on Medium today.
14/Mar/19 2:31 AM
Serena! So nice to hear from you and see a recent photo of your kids!
14/Mar/19 2:46 AM
14/Mar/19 3:12 AM
Hey Serena!!! Kids have grown right before our eyes! Can't believe the before and after change in Elijah! Salome is growing to be a veritable beauty, unless that was Keziah,
OMG. there's someone else learning to play bagpipes? Embarrassingly, I'm still at my chanter!
14/Mar/19 3:17 AM
For a trip down ''memory lane'' - 30 years ago...

14/Mar/19 3:23 AM
Glad there was a caption for the photo today. for the sea lions, Wendy.
14/Mar/19 4:44 AM
14/Mar/19 6:17 AM
everyone! I finally found a few minutes to write. Our younger daughter & family are visiting for Spring Break. I love having them, but Grannie's exhausted now! So wonderful to see your photos. I can't believe how much Salome has grown since I sent her a pen pal letter. She's beautiful!!
14/Mar/19 8:36 AM
I meant to say your photos Serena. Guess I should have had a nap.
14/Mar/19 8:38 AM
Good morning one and all.

Thank you, Plum.
14/Mar/19 10:48 AM
Nice photos, Serena. You have a lovely family.
14/Mar/19 10:52 AM
DoA, hard to believe but some of that stuff is from the last century. Seems eons ago!
14/Mar/19 10:53 AM
Morning all,never saw any seals when we were at Streaky Bay,thanks for the photo Wendy.
14/Mar/19 11:30 AM
Great to see your comments,Serena. Will go and see your photos shortly.
14/Mar/19 11:33 AM
Good maeN
Going bout my rounds while catching up on my shows
14/Mar/19 12:43 PM
Sittin' here waitin' for the pub to open........
14/Mar/19 1:09 PM
Bar is open. My treat.
14/Mar/19 1:12 PM
Belly up, folks. Name your poison.
14/Mar/19 1:13 PM
No takers??? Think I'll close the bar and go to bed.
Night all.
14/Mar/19 1:48 PM
No takers??? Think I'll close the bar and go to bed.
14/Mar/19 1:49 PM
Oops. A partial ghost post?
14/Mar/19 1:51 PM
Now how did that happen Hal? I haven't seen a partial ghost post before. That reminds how much fun it was when the P{random used to do his thing.
14/Mar/19 4:19 PM
Phantom. How indeed can a phantom disappear?
14/Mar/19 4:28 PM
Or is that a random phantom?

14/Mar/19 4:28 PM
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