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Easy Sudoku for 15/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all!
15/Mar/19 12:00 AM
2:07. Good Morning, Wolf and all who follow!
15/Mar/19 12:08 AM
15/Mar/19 2:06 AM
Good Maen, good people. I am following, it seems, at a distant third.
15/Mar/19 2:06 AM
Nope. Denny 'Show'ed up ahead of me. 🤣
15/Mar/19 2:07 AM
Everybody!! Where is 'Everybody'?? At least Wolf & Tom made it.
15/Mar/19 2:07 AM
And Plum
15/Mar/19 2:08 AM
Try solving down today postponing 8 until last. (9, 7->1, 8)
15/Mar/19 2:08 AM
Speaking of 8, I landed on it. Sending shosho's out into the world.
15/Mar/19 2:11 AM
15/Mar/19 3:05 AM
Thank you, Plum!! Here's flying your way!!!
15/Mar/19 3:06 AM
It's bright and today! And I slept in! Should send ole Nemmy, my 20 year-old cat outside to sleep in the sunlight!
15/Mar/19 3:07 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
15/Mar/19 3:07 AM
And one more for a CP!!!
15/Mar/19 3:08 AM
I think I'm going to go see if I can find areial pictures of that place.
15/Mar/19 3:17 AM
I'm back for my avatar change! Hi, Serena!
15/Mar/19 3:28 AM
Good idea, shosho. You inspired me to pull my St Paddy shamrock avatar out of the closet. I'm celebrating blossoms. My orchid now has five open blossoms and 9 buds. We've had a few warm days to melt away most of our snow in SW Michigan. It's going to get cold again so I think we have run out of time to find anything blooming outdoors by the first day of spring (equinox) next week.
15/Mar/19 4:24 AM
Signs of Spring, anyone? (or Autumn Down Under?)
For me it includes the local maple syrup industry, the snow melt, today's rain and mud and increased bird chatter. A neighbor claims to have seen a robin a few days ago! We've been watching Mr and Mrs Cardinal checking out the nesting possibilities in and around the lilac bush visible from our dining room window.
15/Mar/19 4:32 AM
15/Mar/19 4:34 AM
Wendy for an unusual chasm photo.
15/Mar/19 5:11 AM
Anne, Peter would tell you that, like other fine things, his memory is improving with age...
15/Mar/19 5:44 AM
No 'Mr Nice Guy', this time........
15/Mar/19 5:44 AM
Three minutes, flat. Probably my best time, ever. Thanks Plum!
15/Mar/19 5:50 AM
Rainy today.
Hope you see a bit o' sunshine in your day!
15/Mar/19 5:55 AM
Our local restaurants/pubs seem to be celebrating St. Pat's day on Saturday, the 16th instead of Sunday, the 17th....
St. Patrick was a saint, for goodness sake!
15/Mar/19 6:02 AM
Afternoon. Ah well, it was nice for a minute.
15/Mar/19 6:18 AM
15/Mar/19 6:29 AM

My bat is flying with a green background in honor of St. Patrick's Day. With due consideration, I have decided to call him ''Wonder Boy''.

If anyone can figure out why there will be a prize involved.
15/Mar/19 7:16 AM
1:56, not a good one to be attempting 1->9! Good morning everyone.
15/Mar/19 7:19 AM
15/Mar/19 7:27 AM
Very nice mild day here, sun shining, birds singing, who could ask for anything more? (Nice title for a song)
15/Mar/19 7:31 AM
Oh, I wonder, wonder who, mmbadoo-ooh, who..........
15/Mar/19 7:31 AM
OK. Bar's open. 'All hands splice the main brace'. Jus put it on my tab...
15/Mar/19 7:33 AM
Still it gives me nothing to stomp about. I miss that.
15/Mar/19 7:34 AM
I've been pushed, Stomp stomp stomp.

Thanks DOA here's Cheers
15/Mar/19 7:38 AM
For those of you that are of a ''certain age'', and because Kathy's question caused an instant flashback...........

15/Mar/19 7:40 AM
Rage, I'll be vewy, vewy careful not to get underfoot.
15/Mar/19 7:42 AM
I'll be off shortly, another snag cooking day, so see you all l8r!
15/Mar/19 8:13 AM
Hello all - that's another photo which, for me, required a caption to know what I was viewing...

We had so much sun today we 'almost' broke a high temp record!
15/Mar/19 8:18 AM
Good maEn
Enjoyed a visit to the Chicago botanical gardens to see the orchids- nasty Day getting there as the rain was flying up off the highways. Some very interesting orchids.
15/Mar/19 9:46 AM
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