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Easy Sudoku for 14/April/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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14/Apr/15 12:00 AM
Doggy closeup.
14/Apr/15 12:09 AM
A quick poozling refresher. The inbox referred to in the puzzles is actually sending the poster a private message. One way to get there is to click on the ‘’Check out my page’’ link in their post. From their page, click on the ‘’Send (name of person) a Private Message’’ link. Typically the inbox name is put in the Subject field and the answer is put in the Message body.
14/Apr/15 12:10 AM

Digit Frequency Math Riddle:

Part I. What digit is the most frequent between the numbers 1 and 1,000 (inclusive)? To solve this riddle you don't want to manually do all of the math but rather try to figure out a pattern.
14/Apr/15 12:11 AM
Hello HalT!
Sunny, I think! (At least it was a minute ago!)
Our grass turned green yesterday!!!
And I saw my favorite spring wild flower blooming! Hepaticas!
14/Apr/15 12:12 AM
Dottie, little boy and little girl both came within a couple of days of their due date. Elijah was 5 weeks early but I don't count him because he was induced since his heart rate was dropping. No idea when he would have come on his own.
14/Apr/15 12:14 AM
Hello, Serena!
I'm a little slow today...
Started my day singing 'I couldn't sleep last night!'
14/Apr/15 12:14 AM
Stayed up late cutting paper snowflakes for my grand-twins 'Frozen' birthday party this weekend. I get so focused designing each snowflake that I have a hard time refocusing to fall asleep.
14/Apr/15 12:19 AM
(Saved your luck for you Shosho!)
I made around 50 snowflakes. Today I send them in the mail so that DIL gets them before the party.
14/Apr/15 12:21 AM
Won't they melt before they get there, Shiela??
14/Apr/15 1:11 AM
14/Apr/15 1:16 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
14/Apr/15 1:17 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!!!
14/Apr/15 1:18 AM
An interesting link about flying RC Drones

14/Apr/15 3:10 AM
14/Apr/15 3:11 AM
, y'all! Now that's a sweet & friendly furry face!
14/Apr/15 3:25 AM

A beautiful sunny warm day here. Warmest day since mid Oct. yet far from hot. Perfect weather although it won't last...rain coming later today.
14/Apr/15 3:30 AM
Fantastic voice from a 9 year old girl. Turn up the speakers, sit back, relax and enjoy. Even if you're not a fan of opera or classical music, you can enjoy her talent.
14/Apr/15 3:32 AM
Answers to the weekend's 'Painless Rebus'!

third world
falling asleep
Robin Hood
wide load (I was NOT referring to anybody!)
painless operation (yep, the Inbox title was a hint )
deep in thought
quite right
heart to heart

In the More...
14/Apr/15 3:37 AM
Dottie. Thank you for that. She has a mesmerizing voice.
14/Apr/15 4:26 AM
Good morning.
Shiela, do you wax the snowflakes?
14/Apr/15 6:16 AM
1:25. Good morning everyone.
14/Apr/15 6:25 AM
Happy Monday vacation week (staycation so far)
Nice to have the freedom to choose my day's activities instead of the usual obligations
14/Apr/15 7:21 AM
Morning all, that dog has a cheeky look .
I was amazed when I opened my eyes this morning to see I had slept through to 7am. First time in months.
14/Apr/15 7:28 AM
Good afternoon to all! I spent most of the morning doing medical appointments. A few more ordered, but c'est la vie. All goes well so far.
14/Apr/15 7:32 AM
Dottie, thanks for the link. I saw an earlier one from the Holland competition that prompted me to see many more of her performances. She is phenomenal and I'm sure will go on to be a star opera singer.
14/Apr/15 7:34 AM
Another slow day here. Barbara is having a good time on TOS. Almost makes me want to join.
14/Apr/15 11:45 AM
But, in the meantime...
14/Apr/15 11:49 AM
C'mon Hal, you know you want to. If Peter can do it, you can! Don't be an old fuddy duddy. It's where all the action is.
14/Apr/15 12:41 PM
1:46 Good morning one and all!

We should set a new record of not finishing the first page.
You dig your heels in there, Hal. Kathy has tried very hard to get me to join, but alas, I still haven't.
14/Apr/15 1:12 PM
Hi all! It's been ages since I was here.

I wanted to let everyone know that Anne is a wonderful lady and a fabulous tour guide. Hubby and I visited Albany a few weeks ago and Anne took us all around her beautiful town. She is so lovely and we had such a fabulous day. She lives in a More...
14/Apr/15 1:25 PM
Anne, I'm not giving up on you either! Glad to know you & Victoria were able to spend some time together. I'm sure you hit it off great. You are both very similar lovely ladies! Did you take any pics you could post? I'd love to reminisce about the beautiful sights I saw in Albany last year.
14/Apr/15 1:51 PM
I'll have to post some pics when I'm home again. I have a few on my phone but none of Anne and me together.
14/Apr/15 2:01 PM
Oh, I thought my ears were burning. Thank you Victoria. I loved showing such a lovely couple around our beautiful Albany and I look forward to meeting up with you when you return to finish looking around.
14/Apr/15 2:46 PM
Still on page 1? I guess that's what happens when Karen is not around.
14/Apr/15 3:20 PM
I have had an interesting few days after a flood in my apartment. On Monday, maintenance staff came looking for a leak because water was falling into the loading dock four floors down from my apartment on the fifth floor. They found what they thought was the source of the leak on the 11th floor! More...
14/Apr/15 3:32 PM
14/Apr/15 5:04 PM
What a slow day!
14/Apr/15 5:43 PM
Seems Karen is missing .
14/Apr/15 5:44 PM
I'll try my best . BOP
14/Apr/15 5:45 PM
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