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Easy Sudoku for 13/April/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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from SC, y'all!
13/Apr/15 12:00 AM
13/Apr/15 12:00 AM
morning all
13/Apr/15 12:00 AM
13/Apr/15 12:01 AM
Saw your closing post, Hal, and I figured no matter who posted first, it'd fit!
13/Apr/15 12:05 AM
I've heard of expecting moms 'seeing' feet or hands, but I've never seen it either on myself or in a picture.
13/Apr/15 12:06 AM
How nice to be able to count the toes BEFORE the baby is born! Five perfect little toes!
13/Apr/15 12:17 AM
What an awesome photo; can imagine the expectant parents' excitement upon seeing such a rare phenomenon!
13/Apr/15 12:21 AM
Ahhh, the truth uncovered. Today's photo is a Pinterest hoax. I started researching other expectant tummy pics wondering if there were other out there, didn't find any, then noted a Photoshop reference on this photo. That kind of detail would have to show through the uterine wall, muscles, fat, and skin and is highly unlikely.
13/Apr/15 12:52 AM
That photo has been on the internet for years. Yes, from what I have read, the consensus is that it is indeed a hoax.
Wonder who posted it here?
13/Apr/15 1:11 AM
Good to see you posting, Danny. Jump in any time.
13/Apr/15 1:24 AM
Yesterday was the annual Cherry Blossom Parade/Festival in DC. The event always brings many tourists to the area. We all know to try to avoid driving in DC at this time.....poor hubby had to wend his way through on the way back from Virgina in the afternoon. Add to that, there was a lock-down at More...
13/Apr/15 1:24 AM
13/Apr/15 1:36 AM
13/Apr/15 2:18 AM
Wait a minute, when you think of the tissues between the baby and the outside world, that isn't possible. Not that distinct foot print!
13/Apr/15 2:19 AM
Good morning.
13/Apr/15 2:20 AM
No, I haven't gone back to working night shift, I just couldn't sleep.
13/Apr/15 2:21 AM
That would freak me out.
13/Apr/15 2:42 AM
They threw a surprise baby shower at church today. It was nice and little girl lucked out with the duckies off the cake. The majority of our members are older with grand kids. I was told I would have lots off offers for baby holding. It's funny how the the 1st is different from subsequent More...
13/Apr/15 2:45 AM
We discovered that little girl is freaked out by ladybugs. There were a few at church and she was over the top about. We always get an infestation at some point, so that is going to be fun.
13/Apr/15 2:46 AM
Spring finally showed up around here. It's warm and sunny. My daffodils are showing their faces. There's no green on anything yet, but that always takes a while.
13/Apr/15 2:48 AM
and a CP.

I really should update the smiley. He looks a lot older and taller now.
13/Apr/15 2:48 AM
No, no, Silvergal. The problem is, that's a hand, not a foot.
13/Apr/15 2:53 AM
I remember seeing 'lumps' move around when carrying the kid. It is like having an alien lifeform inside!
13/Apr/15 3:58 AM
Always fun trying to sleep, wasn't it? One of mine was a real night owl....still is.
13/Apr/15 4:01 AM
LOL, Serena! This grandmother might even cross to the opposite corner of the U.S. to hold your baby!
13/Apr/15 4:19 AM
Good afternoon to all! That fake picture on the site again. Why do people submit this garbage?
13/Apr/15 4:41 AM
Kathy, welcome back. I hope your get-away was children and fun filled!
13/Apr/15 4:41 AM
We are starting to experience Spring here as well. Up to 17C today. and expecting 22C tomorrow. Yippee! Still no flowers yet that I can see.
13/Apr/15 4:43 AM
Serena, what's your due date? We baby watchers are waiting.
13/Apr/15 4:44 AM
Still coming down from the incredible run our hockey team made to get into the playoffs. Everyone in Ottawa is over-the-board excited!
13/Apr/15 4:46 AM
Back out to enjoy the sunshine! Cheers all!
13/Apr/15 4:47 AM
May 3rd. 21 days to go.
13/Apr/15 5:06 AM

Serena and new baby!
13/Apr/15 5:49 AM
Morning all, it may be a hoax but I like it.
Not long to go ,Serena.
13/Apr/15 6:12 AM
Good morning all. No comment on the pic - from me or the poster.
13/Apr/15 7:06 AM
Some sad news regarding yesterday's half-marathon: A runner collapsed right after finishing the race, and could not be revived. Cause of death undetermined at this point. She was 32 years old, into fitness and leaves behind a husband and 4 children (preschool and elementary age). I didn't know her but as a casual member of the local running community, I'm saddened by this unfortunate news.
13/Apr/15 7:33 AM
2:18. Today was one I should have started from 9 instead of 1! Good morning everyone.
13/Apr/15 7:49 AM
Good morning. Looks like it will be a nice day here. Autumn leaves are starting to colour and fall.
13/Apr/15 8:19 AM
Almost the bottom.
13/Apr/15 8:19 AM
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