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Easy Sudoku for 15/March/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen!
15/Mar/14 12:02 AM
Hello, Jeanine! How is the weather in Florida?
It's still called 'the frigid North' up here for a reason!
Will Spring ever come?
15/Mar/14 12:12 AM
15/Mar/14 12:19 AM
Disemboweler time. Three have four answers.

1. Large group of people, type of sandal, Chinese association, a coat or cloak
2. An individual speech sound, corn bread, poet of the macabre genre
3. Gorge, law of a church, a bulbous mug, indicates the ability or power to do More...
15/Mar/14 12:22 AM
Happy Friday!
Hi, Jeanine, Shiela and HalT!
15/Mar/14 12:22 AM
Donnydo is a best friend, no doubt!
15/Mar/14 12:22 AM
Hello, Aileen! And HalT... hope I can get to the quiz later today.
15/Mar/14 12:24 AM
And here's 'Lucky Eight' for Shosho!
15/Mar/14 12:24 AM
And I'm off and running....
15/Mar/14 12:25 AM
Good evening one and all! Or I should say, Good Night! We're worn out and all off to bed. We had to fit a days sight seeing into half a day but luckily the weather held out except we got a bit wet with some sea spray at the Gap, a local natural tourist attraction. The ocean was quite rough today More...
15/Mar/14 1:34 AM
Hello Donnydo.
15/Mar/14 1:54 AM


Judy is all alone in the again today. Today's prize may not be that great but at least you don't have to share it.
15/Mar/14 2:06 AM
Good morning to all! You look friendly Donnydo!
15/Mar/14 2:09 AM
Nice pup! Donnydo looks very friendly.
15/Mar/14 2:27 AM
I worry about Donnydo's tongue.
15/Mar/14 2:34 AM

It looks like Donnydo is not fond of having his photo taken.

And Hal is up to his old obscure tricks again.....
15/Mar/14 2:37 AM

Glad to see Im not the only one having problems with Hal!!!
15/Mar/14 2:38 AM
15/Mar/14 4:39 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's some flying your way!!!
15/Mar/14 4:39 AM
Little Beach, Looks Idyllic.
15/Mar/14 5:46 AM
And Now -
15/Mar/14 5:48 AM
Just for Keith.
15/Mar/14 5:48 AM
15/Mar/14 7:53 AM
Good morning everyone. How lucky are Kathy and Jane to see Anne's special beach!
15/Mar/14 8:52 AM
2:03. Good morning everyone.
15/Mar/14 8:56 AM
Morning everyone.
I am glad that yesterday was a great day in the end for K n J, despite the early morning and the waste of hours sitting and waiting at an airport.
Safe travels up to Perth today Anne, Kathy and Jane.
See you all when you arrive.
All 3 ladies overnight at Cottage More...
15/Mar/14 10:01 AM
Sounds amazing Rolanda. Have a wonderful time. It's on my bucket list to explore your beautiful state!
15/Mar/14 10:35 AM
Happy birthday Azariah and welcome to Sudoku.
15/Mar/14 10:36 AM
There is a bed with your name on it at Cottage Rolanda Mariane
15/Mar/14 11:21 AM
oh my goonness (deliberate typo) Toto, where is everyone?
15/Mar/14 1:20 PM
J&K's lovely travels continue, with added Sudoku hosts - what a trip.
15/Mar/14 1:22 PM
We had a family outing to see the hot air balloons here this morning.
15/Mar/14 1:23 PM
7 were inflated, but none flew!
15/Mar/14 1:23 PM
I did though finally get to see Skywhale up close. Hasn't changed my opinion of her!
15/Mar/14 1:24 PM
15/Mar/14 1:52 PM
Hello,naughty dog poking your tongue out at us.
What is going on ,it is 2:17 in the afternoon and we are still on the first page.
15/Mar/14 2:17 PM
CP, was it to windy for them to fly or not enough to get them aloft.
15/Mar/14 2:20 PM
Good afternoon.
15/Mar/14 2:20 PM
A little quiet here, methinks.
15/Mar/14 2:21 PM
Are you around Amelia?
15/Mar/14 2:21 PM
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