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Easy Sudoku for 14/March/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning
14/Mar/14 12:02 AM
Hello, Dave!
14/Mar/14 12:05 AM
Will need today!
We are 3 inches away from the all-time record for snow this year!
(Since the 1880-1 winter season!!!)
14/Mar/14 12:09 AM
14/Mar/14 12:22 AM
Everyone is now hoping it'll snow!
(At least enough to break the record!)
14/Mar/14 12:23 AM
Found out from osteopedic surgeon yesterday that I should never have been walking around in my house in my bare feet. Why couldn't they have told me that in November?
14/Mar/14 12:27 AM
Good morning. Shiela you must have nice warm floors to have walked around all winter in bare feet.
14/Mar/14 12:30 AM
1:40 Good evening one and all!

Must get some sleep soon as I'm picking Kathy & Jane up from the Albany airport early in the morning. I've just been texting a friend who happens to be leaving on the flight they are arriving on (I hadn't realised that), so I'm collecting her and taking her to the airport so have to get up extra early.
14/Mar/14 12:37 AM
Beautiful Banksia.
14/Mar/14 12:51 AM
I had to look it up but I now know that a banksia is an Austrailian wildflower.
14/Mar/14 1:13 AM
And usually resembles a bottle brush, Serena!
14/Mar/14 1:14 AM

1) B
2) TB (accepted IB: Irritable Bowel, BI: Brain Injury)
3) Bit
4) Bite
5) Tribe
6) Bitter
7) Brittle
8) Libretto

In the today we have HalT, Kathy, Judy, More...
14/Mar/14 1:17 AM
Let's get logical:

There are five people. Last week, one of them shot and killed one of the other five. Which man is the murderer?

1. Dan ran in the NY City marathon yesterday with one of the innocent men.
2. Mike considered being a farmer before he moved to the city.
3. Jeff More...
14/Mar/14 1:20 AM
Long, semi pointless story follows:

I used to come to the site using Firefox until I set little boy up with an account. I was going to set him up in IE but I couldn't successfully logout when I was in IE. It would logout but not stick. When I went to create a new account or if I came More...
14/Mar/14 1:24 AM
I forgot to mention Canuk Greg above. Here's a diploma for you as well.
14/Mar/14 1:26 AM
We did get our snowe storm. It only dropped about 8'' but it was and still is very windy. Preschool got canceled and I had to make muffins to make up for little boy missing muffin day at school. He doesn't know the days of the week by name but he knows three of them by food.
14/Mar/14 1:30 AM
Good morning people of the world.
14/Mar/14 1:51 AM
Not to brag, but I am enjoying peace and sunshine.

God provided a beautiful day and Grandma provided the peace.
14/Mar/14 1:54 AM

Your son and Aileen seem to share that trait, Serena. I always smile at Aileen's ''Pork Chop Tuesday!'' reference.
14/Mar/14 1:55 AM
But nothing beats the all-revealing nicknames our grandkids give us! While one of my grandkids calls her other grandma 'The Cookie Grandma', two of the boys refer to me as 'The Fun Grandma!' Woo hoo!
14/Mar/14 2:04 AM
The week, has gone like the weather, just yo-yoing along.
Started out with a bodily injury, that literally knocked me out.

It was really, nothing more than a big paper cut, only I tried to cut the tip of my finger off with scissors. M helped me, by getting a bandaide and the antibiotic More...
14/Mar/14 2:06 AM
Ya, know, I will pounce, on 22.
14/Mar/14 2:06 AM
Good morning to all! Cleaning up here after a messy snowstorm yesterday and overnight. I'm so tired of this winter.
14/Mar/14 2:12 AM
Then, there was the neighbor who was throwing the block party.
OK, when there is a feud, among neighbors, it is not a good idea, for the neighbors in the middle, to plan a huge party, that blocks neighbor at the end, dead end, of the street. Of course, that was most exciting part of the More...
14/Mar/14 2:13 AM
'Lexophile' is a word used to describe those who have a love for wordplay, such as 'you can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish,' or 'to write with a broken pencil is pointless.' A competition to see who can come up with the best of these is held every year. This year ' s winning More...
14/Mar/14 2:15 AM
Then there was the most major shocker of all, I am married to a 50 year old man. SHOCKER! Keep in mind, he did rob the cradle with me, but it was a shock. Still is a shock, that I am actually married to a 50 year old man.
I was teasing at first, until I got out my calculator and realized, Man is More...
14/Mar/14 2:18 AM
I like that word, Canuk Greg, and I like playing with words.
14/Mar/14 2:19 AM
You know, I am never one to lie about my age, all anyone has to do, is ask my beautiful, intelligent, honest daughter.
She will tell you, I am 31. No need to try to argue with her, I don't.
14/Mar/14 2:23 AM
You are luck, my coffee cup is empty.
Tootles, for now.
14/Mar/14 2:25 AM
My favorite is ''He had a photographic memory which was never developed.'' Probably because it suites me well.
14/Mar/14 2:49 AM
I looked out the window this morning to see an ambulance and another emergency vehicle at the house next door. The paramedics and a few others were standing in the front yard talking and laughing, so I didn't think it was too serious. I was wrong. It seems our next door neighbor died in his More...
14/Mar/14 2:50 AM
Aww, Kathy, I am so sorry. RIP, Bob.
14/Mar/14 2:56 AM
14/Mar/14 3:14 AM
Serena, I've always used the sentence, 'I have a photographic memory which I never bothered to develop.'
14/Mar/14 3:16 AM
Poor Kathy, it's quite a jolt to your system when someone you've known for a very long time passes away. My condolences to you and your neighbor's family.
14/Mar/14 3:18 AM
Okay I'll stop here.
14/Mar/14 3:19 AM
But not without a CP!!!
14/Mar/14 3:19 AM
Kathy, I'm sorry to hear about your friend and neighbour. It must have been quite a shock for his son and grandson to find him like that. At least it sounds like he went peacefully in his sleep. RIP Bob.
14/Mar/14 3:45 AM
Oh, Sho, never known you to be a wimp. You should do it, or try to, now that I am here.
14/Mar/14 3:45 AM
Bye bye page one.
14/Mar/14 3:45 AM
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