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Easy Sudoku for 15/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning. Cool, and mostly cloudy and breezy.
15/Jun/07 12:00 AM
Good Maen
15/Jun/07 12:00 AM
Good morning all! Beautiful day today, cool and sunny!
15/Jun/07 12:01 AM
Maen! Only have a sec! Inlaws coming tomorrow for graduation. Not done yet! HELP!!
15/Jun/07 12:01 AM
3:18 Good evening all.
I wonder what sort of pickles he likes?
15/Jun/07 12:05 AM
2:03 Maen! I love pickles? Is this guy 'Pickles'?
15/Jun/07 12:06 AM
Hello everyone
15/Jun/07 12:06 AM
and have a good day, Mary
15/Jun/07 12:10 AM
from the Jukebox

Lets visit 1959 today, the Isley Brothers first hit, 'SHOUT' This should get your blood to moving, make you want to tap your feet.
15/Jun/07 12:10 AM
It's been a while! cool here too, a bit overcast, and humid.
15/Jun/07 12:15 AM
and I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are.

Glen Campbell - By the time I get to Phoenix.

Had to work a More...
15/Jun/07 12:15 AM
Everyone! Clear, sunny and hot again today...no rain in sight. Met up with Linda last night at the adult malted beverage tent...a good time was had by all.
15/Jun/07 12:18 AM
Hello Mr Pickle lover, do we know you by another name?
everyone. Hope you are having a great day or are sleeping well. Today looks like yesterday, sunny and warm with possible/ probable thunderstorms in the afternoon/evening.

15/Jun/07 12:19 AM
2:19 What's with the pickles?
15/Jun/07 12:19 AM
Pickles is your pet, right?
15/Jun/07 12:21 AM
Pickles? He looks like a school teacher but I don't know what that has to do with pickles.
15/Jun/07 12:22 AM
15/Jun/07 12:25 AM
Maybe Pickles is his wife or girlfriend?
15/Jun/07 12:26 AM
Hi everyone!
If you have the time, check out this youtube clip. If you search 'Paul Nessun Dorma' - you should get it.
It's some kind of talent search programme in the U.K.- Paul starts out looking like a real loser,(the judges'/audience's reactions support this view)but completely turns More...
15/Jun/07 12:26 AM
I hope he doesn't get pickled too often!
15/Jun/07 12:26 AM
I've noticed quite a few of the 'new' members don't realise they have their own page. I've just visited your page Joe from NJ and notice I'm your first visitor and you've been a member for quite some time. We are neglectful.
15/Jun/07 12:35 AM
Morning or whatever.
15/Jun/07 12:37 AM
It's whatever here, Keith, and I think Good Morning to you.
15/Jun/07 12:38 AM
'Pickles'? hmm
This may be my last visit before I leave for Alaska!!!! We pull out from the house in about 22 hours, and I have a ton of stuff to do. If I don't get back here, thanks to the MANY of you that sent best wishes, both for my trip and for my father (he may get to go home from the More...
15/Jun/07 12:44 AM
Enjoy your trip and safe travels, Jamie.
15/Jun/07 12:49 AM
I'm off to bed to try and get some sleep tonight.
good night all.
15/Jun/07 12:50 AM
good morning friends! hope all are well. today it is suppose to get into the 90's (96 actually) so it looks like a pool day for me. do have some house cleaning to do. think i will do that before it gets too hot, then some water fun.
take care and have a good one!
15/Jun/07 12:52 AM
jamie...i lit a candle for both you and your father today. hoping he is doing much better and you have a safe but fun trip to alaska. see you when you get home!
15/Jun/07 12:55 AM

Libby - guess who just won 4 tickets to tomorrow nights Logger game, on the party deck no less!
15/Jun/07 1:04 AM
Pen from Perth the clip you pointed out 'Paul Nessum Dorma' is from a competition for a place in the Royal Variety show here in England performing infront of the Queen.
15/Jun/07 1:08 AM
Good Thursday Maen, all!

Am enjoying my day off with my morning Sudoku fix.

Jamie: Have a GREAT time in Alaska! Happy to hear that your dad may be released from the hospital today...
15/Jun/07 1:15 AM
Linda- You win all the time!

It's about time you got here...you left early last night. What's up with that?
15/Jun/07 1:18 AM
Pickles? why pickles?
15/Jun/07 1:20 AM

Good morning World...Make this the best of the best...How? Simply put a smile on your face, and ad a bounce to your step, others will see and react the same way, then the world once again becomes kind!!!
Welcome to those just recently joining More...
15/Jun/07 1:25 AM
At a convention of biological scientists, one researcher remarks to another, 'Did you know that in our lab we have switched from mice to lawyers for our experiments?'

'Really?' the other replied, 'Why did you switch?'

'Well, for five reasons. First, we found that lawyers are far More...
15/Jun/07 1:31 AM
Ian ~I think you are sounding more and more like a weatherman,you need to get some smilies!
15/Jun/07 1:34 AM
Libby - Just thought it was time to go home
15/Jun/07 1:34 AM
To any Cleveland Cavalier fans....Your team did well to get here for the first time ever(?), and they have earned much respect. They have just come up against one of the greatest teams, who seem to be on the verge of their 4th championship win...and yet the San Antonio Spurs get little respect More...
15/Jun/07 1:35 AM
Linda~good for you!Now...what are the tickets for
15/Jun/07 1:38 AM
Nancy.....You have outdone yourself!!! The smilies, especially the weather ones are super!!!
15/Jun/07 1:45 AM
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