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Easy Sudoku for 16/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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16/Jun/07 12:00 AM
hi all..
16/Jun/07 12:00 AM
Hi everyone first hooray
16/Jun/07 12:00 AM
mmm this is interesting....gath need to introduce seconds in the clock perhaps:)
16/Jun/07 12:03 AM
16/Jun/07 12:03 AM
three 12.00 am at a stretch!!!!!!!!!!!the clock stopped ticking??!!
16/Jun/07 12:04 AM
Hope everything goes really well with the Great British Bash and that you all have an awesome time!
16/Jun/07 12:04 AM
2:32 Good evening all. I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you.
I love the little boys prickle cut.
val from Bolton - I'm sure I haven't seen you around much lately. Nice to see you.
16/Jun/07 12:06 AM
A rainy day here in Atlanta. Gotta love the smile!
16/Jun/07 12:07 AM
good Maen everybody and what a pretty baby! Check out that awesome head of hair! Kind of reminds me of my Freddy!
16/Jun/07 12:10 AM
not quite first even posting before doing the puzzle.but having done the puzzle greeted with a right cutie.
16/Jun/07 12:11 AM
3 comments by 9:04 cdt Good Maen. 3:53 my time this am. Really not that hard to be first when you know what time the puzzel changes,if you are not at work, especially if you don't do the puzzel first.
16/Jun/07 12:11 AM
Have a Great British Bash, girls Have a VLS x 100 for me
16/Jun/07 12:11 AM
Awwwwww what a cutie pie! Haven't posted in awhile. Hope all is well where ever you may be! Been hot and dry in NW PA......stay well..and be happy. Blessings!
16/Jun/07 12:13 AM
Agreed Anne, love the hair.
16/Jun/07 12:17 AM
Hey, Virginia, don't knock my first time as first.

And I'm working, too (which is why I use an alias during the work day since my real name is fairly unique).
16/Jun/07 12:17 AM
Good Maen
16/Jun/07 12:18 AM
Hi young child ,only Two teath .
You hace a nice smile .
16/Jun/07 12:21 AM
Appy in India, thank you for the Bee Gees memories....God, what a group!
16/Jun/07 12:26 AM
Hello everyone. Hope you have a nice weekend.
16/Jun/07 12:29 AM
Hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are.

And for all the girls at the 'Great British Bash'
Sister Sledge - We are family.

16/Jun/07 12:29 AM
hi Anne from Albany no I haven't been on much lately. Nice to see you.Gath has made quite a few changes since last I was on.
16/Jun/07 12:31 AM
Val - perhaps you'll join the ranks and become a free member and have your own page.
16/Jun/07 12:35 AM
good morning everyone! great little kid...cute!
going to be a warm one today, in the 100's!
the baby and i will spend the day near the pool. have a great time whatever your doing today.
16/Jun/07 12:43 AM

16/Jun/07 12:45 AM
Wendy, What's that picture you use for your symbol?
16/Jun/07 12:45 AM
1:15 Cute kid! I think he just saw a ghost! Bon voyage to the London sojourners. Have a pint for me!
16/Jun/07 12:51 AM
16/Jun/07 1:01 AM
Very cute, only 85 in South Fla
16/Jun/07 1:03 AM
Hot Hot Hot. Have a great day and weekend
16/Jun/07 1:05 AM
Well, I think I'll call it a day.
Good night all. Enjoy your day/evening.
16/Jun/07 1:06 AM
everyone. What an adorable child. Gotta love the hair.
Isn't this a great day just to be alive.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend whatever your plans.

16/Jun/07 1:16 AM
Grandpa explains s*x:

An 8-year-old girl went to her grandfather, who was working in the yard and asked him, 'Grampa, what is s*x'?

The grandfather was surprised that she would ask such a question, but decided that if she's old enough to know to ask the question, then she's More...
16/Jun/07 1:23 AM
youTube today is a Canadian songbird, Carolyn Dawn Johnson.
16/Jun/07 2:19 AM
Thanks to Nancy, I have a patient to treat. Now if the real world would catch up with the virtual one!
I am stiff and sore today, fibro acting up. I finally got my garden planted...better late than never.
16/Jun/07 2:25 AM
Just a quick stop in to say hi and to check out what is going on. Leaving for the campground with about 30 other people and 3 half barrels of beer. Must make sure I have supplies in case we run out. Have a great weekend!

By the way Linda- see you on Sunday at the Eastside for adult malted beverages! I will call you for more details. See ya!
16/Jun/07 2:43 AM
2:21 on an absolutely perfect day here. And some people would pay big money to replicate the hairdo that child in the photo has--a great look!
Off to Utah for a week (shall I scout out another location for a weiner roast?). If any impromptu parties spring up in my absence, think of me ... you know, white wine and a funnel.
16/Jun/07 2:44 AM
1:54; Good Maen all.
16/Jun/07 2:52 AM
Libby - have fun, parade starts at 12:31!

Change of photo and youtube on my page. Photo is the necessary supplies for building a sandcastle.

The youtube is a song to go with the photo, The Beach Boys 'Kokomo' with something for everyone. For the ladies; John Stamos on percussion, and Tom Cruise in the movie C*cktail. And for the men; lots of women in bikinis!
16/Jun/07 2:56 AM
Cathy - Don't start that again!
16/Jun/07 2:58 AM
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