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Easy Sudoku for 16/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hey we have started
16/Jan/08 12:01 AM
Yep, Dorothea thought I might be first, but no pipped at post by you.
16/Jan/08 12:03 AM
16/Jan/08 12:04 AM
CynB, Have a great day tomorrow.
16/Jan/08 12:07 AM
Is this new Zealand or Canada?
16/Jan/08 12:08 AM
to you CynB
16/Jan/08 12:12 AM
Ethan is stable and doing ok. jaundice is slightly improved on yesterday and they have told lauren and paul they may never find a reason for what happened and they cant say it wont happen again. they have taught them both how to do CPR on a baby. still awaiting more test results and they may tell us more.
16/Jan/08 12:31 AM
Rosemary, good to know that baby Ethan is doing ok now. Must be traumatic not knowing what was wrong. My husband recently had the same problem, his skin and eyeballs are yellow and his liver was damaged. And worse still he has dengue at the same time. Doc still don't know what was the prob and has More...
16/Jan/08 12:40 AM
Hello everyone.
Still waiting to hear about our offer on the new house.
Maybe tomorrow.
16/Jan/08 12:47 AM
It is a bit early considering it is only dinnertime on Tuesday.
DOESNT MATTER.... start celebrating now.
16/Jan/08 12:48 AM

Is your milestone a secret???
16/Jan/08 12:50 AM
hi anne. how's albany?. have rellies down there. it realy is a pretty place.
16/Jan/08 12:56 AM
Hey cowboy, a new face/name I havnt seen b4? How are you and whats happening?
16/Jan/08 12:58 AM
No, Madby3, it's not a secret (not now anyway).

Thank you all for the birthday greetings, Will get to you individually later.

It's the big 60! Not happy about it, never am when I go into the next decade. Never mind, facing it head on and having a party on Sat night with family and More...
16/Jan/08 12:59 AM
Rosemary, thanks for Ethan update.
Hope he continues to improve.
My thoughts are wil you all.
16/Jan/08 1:02 AM
"with" not wil
16/Jan/08 1:06 AM
Happy Birthday CynB...60 is the new 40! Seriously, my mom will be 60 in Aug (8808) and people say we look like sisters AND she can out-shop anyone in their 30s!!
16/Jan/08 1:08 AM
2:01 - lovely tranquil photo. From one Capricorn to another, (for tomorrow presumably) CynB, I hope you have a great one.
16/Jan/08 1:10 AM
Opps, got to run, my cab will be here in half hour, flight is at 7pm going up north for yet another meeting. Will be back on Friday. Happy Sudoku-ing...
16/Jan/08 1:12 AM
I look forward to 60... Easy to say at 39. I dont like the onset of wrinkles and grey hair of this time but I think that once I pass that stage I will be a very strong and confident person who will love the freedom that the 60's will bring. I also hope for lots of grandkiddies who think I More...
16/Jan/08 1:22 AM
all. It's after midnight - so here's today's update -


He was a great artist/poet with a beautiful voice! Get those chocoies & Enjoy
16/Jan/08 1:23 AM
To all Perthites and visiting Sudokuians

THE LEFT BANK Café Bar in Freo this Wednesday (tomorrow - please do not rely purely on Sudokutime - it's all munted) at 6.30pm. Hope to see you there...
15 Riverside Road
East Fremantle
T: 9319 1315

If you have a Gold Card from More...
16/Jan/08 1:34 AM
Please can I come there too, Billy?
Have I got time if I jump on a plane now?
16/Jan/08 2:07 AM
Check out my new youtube video of a patsy cline song. This girl is gorgeous and has a wonderful voice. Ysabella that is. She has such a huge repitour of music styles I have been watching for around 6 months. She should be a star. Someday she will be discovered. Although it is not a fantastic More...
16/Jan/08 2:08 AM
Yes Madby, being older has it's advantages. My 2 kids had grown up and gone by the time I was in my late 40's, so we have had the freedom to do what we like, when we like - travel, eat out etc etc. My 5 grandchildren are a joy (aged from 2-9) and do think I'm "the bestest Nanny in the whole More...
16/Jan/08 2:08 AM
Dorthea: We have ths puzzling picture before. I wonder if it is Oz rather than Canada or NZ. The vegetation looks Oz - but where is there, in Oz, such an expanse of water? I have scratched my head about it so long I am going bald.
16/Jan/08 2:10 AM
Happy birthday CynB. The big 60 marks the beginning of real life x 60+
16/Jan/08 2:14 AM
2:42 Good evening all.
What a beautiful photo.
16/Jan/08 2:17 AM
hope you have all had a great day/night.

has left us all a message on page of yesterdays puzzles. You may want to go and have a quick read.

16/Jan/08 2:19 AM
Hello COWBOY - nice to see you commenting. Albany is a beautiful place and I'm sure your rellies love living here as much as I do.
If ever you come over this way, please get in touch. You can always post a private message through my page.
16/Jan/08 2:19 AM
that is "a message on page 5" doh
16/Jan/08 2:20 AM
Anne: Do you know where that photogrpah was taken?
16/Jan/08 2:22 AM
16/Jan/08 2:24 AM
Ray - my immediate thought was definitely Australia, the trees in the foreground seem to be from here, but I don't know. It's not one of mine. Perhaps someone will claim it.
16/Jan/08 2:25 AM
MYSPACE: A Must Read for All


After tossing her books on the sofa, she decided to grab a snack and get on-line. She logged on under her screen name ByAngel213. She checked her Buddy List and saw GoTo123 was on.
16/Jan/08 2:50 AM
Are we still on the first page? This is a first for me!
16/Jan/08 3:05 AM
eaa - Is there more of the story?
16/Jan/08 3:11 AM
eaa you are right be aware.

Cynthia hope your week is full of joy.
16/Jan/08 3:16 AM
He was leaning against the fence behind first base and he smiled when she looked at him. He didn't look scary and she quickly dismissed the sudden fear she had felt.

After the game, he sat on a bleacher while she talked to the coach. She noticed his smile once again as she walked past him. More...
16/Jan/08 3:18 AM
God for protecting Shannon from what could have been a tragic situation.


16/Jan/08 3:20 AM
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