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Easy Sudoku for 17/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi all
17/Jan/08 12:13 AM
It appear that all = 0 !!!!!!
17/Jan/08 12:34 AM
Well I'm in and using foxfire too.
17/Jan/08 12:48 AM
Well done Dorthea!
17/Jan/08 12:53 AM
I did the puzzle very quickly today.
I think the picture is one of Anne's Peruvian ones.
17/Jan/08 12:59 AM
I think GrannieMo's missile has nuked everybody except thee and me.
17/Jan/08 1:00 AM
Got back the picture from before Nov. As soon as my daughter comes she will help be upload the later ones. Now all I have to do is figure out how to change my youtube.
17/Jan/08 1:07 AM
What happened? Where is everyone?
17/Jan/08 1:11 AM
It is very wierd.
I had trouble connecting over many hours. Then when I got here I was the only one until, thank heaven, Dorthea turned up - and now you - again relief.
17/Jan/08 1:19 AM
Different time from yesterday.
17/Jan/08 1:21 AM
Yes, by my reckoning, it should be 5:41 pm, not 1:41 am ... curious ...
17/Jan/08 1:44 AM
17/Jan/08 1:47 AM
It's not a new puzzle, is it?
17/Jan/08 1:49 AM
A group of us have been e-mailing since we couldn't get on and figured Gath was putting the site on a new server.
17/Jan/08 1:55 AM
I also have sent E-Mails to three people about the connection problem but got no prompt reply.
I think you may be right about Gath switching servers right now. The time is unstable.
17/Jan/08 1:58 AM
For three or four hours I could not obtain the home page direct at all. I found a link on the web to an archive page. Once in archives I could explore most of the site, BUT NOT the home page, which remained unobtainable. Only in the past hour or to have I been able to access Home page direct.
17/Jan/08 2:01 AM
Hi Rayray & Ruby.
Looks like we might be up & running again!
17/Jan/08 2:06 AM
Obviously the time is still off. My last comment said it was 2am+-; actually it's 8pm=-!
17/Jan/08 2:09 AM
Kate: The time keeps jumping about. My head is sore from it!
17/Jan/08 2:40 AM
I've just had news there may be ongoing problems for another day or so. Poor Gath - what frustration!
17/Jan/08 2:59 AM
Weird. Every number I try to type in simply reads "E"
17/Jan/08 3:28 AM
I was unable to connect to the server for about 3 days recently. I thought it was something to do with my computer. Now, after reading your comments, I have to wonder.
17/Jan/08 3:30 AM

We are back!

17/Jan/08 3:34 AM
well some of us a back..are you still in the naughty corner Rose?
17/Jan/08 3:35 AM
OK, just in case I loose this again...I'm getting error on page.. Sigh

A couple of hours ago I sent an email to all my contacts in regard to the site, hope you all get the message soon.

17/Jan/08 3:38 AM
OH how silly of me

I hope you are all having a great/day night where ever you may be in this most wonderful world of ours.
17/Jan/08 3:43 AM
Am I the only one able to access the site at the moment.

Time: 9.43PM Wed. 16th Jan. 2008
17/Jan/08 3:46 AM
Update on Ethan

Ethan is back home again

More news when Rose is allowed back on site
17/Jan/08 3:50 AM
OK, Gail can't get on site
17/Jan/08 3:52 AM
Dino can't get on site
17/Jan/08 3:52 AM
Well what else can I post..I could try for a new record
17/Jan/08 3:53 AM
Thanks for the E-Mail Angie
17/Jan/08 3:53 AM
This is so errieeeeeeeee...

Am I the only survior.....in

17/Jan/08 3:54 AM
thank goodness your here!
17/Jan/08 3:55 AM
No problems glad I could help
17/Jan/08 4:00 AM
I am back
woo hoo
poor Gath he must be just about had it by now
17/Jan/08 4:03 AM
Sigh tiz very lonely in here
17/Jan/08 4:04 AM
17/Jan/08 4:04 AM
Update on Ethan
as Angie posted he is home safely with his family and still a couple of test results to wait on.
17/Jan/08 4:05 AM
are we about to start a new page ............
it is 10.05 pm ESDT
17/Jan/08 4:05 AM
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