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Easy Sudoku for 16/August/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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16/Aug/17 12:01 AM
& Had a much needed rain this morning. Showing signs of getting sunny.
Hope things are 'sunny' in your world.
16/Aug/17 12:02 AM
2:14 I'm getting slower every day.
Good night all!
16/Aug/17 12:15 AM
I (or my maybe it's my fingers) always work slower than you, Anne!
16/Aug/17 12:25 AM
Good morning Rage, Shiela, and Anne; with cheers to all who follow later.
16/Aug/17 1:27 AM
Start backwards with #8
16/Aug/17 1:28 AM
2:04 Not bad for me. Start at 8 go back and 9 last.
16/Aug/17 1:31 AM
to all!!
PS Wish I was as fast as Anne!
16/Aug/17 1:46 AM
I am doing well if I break the 2:30 mark! Some days I can't even beat 3 minutes! Ah, the pleasures of being over 70.
16/Aug/17 1:51 AM
16/Aug/17 1:59 AM
Good mAen, good people.
If I take post 11, does that mean I've 'won' twice?
16/Aug/17 2:21 AM
16/Aug/17 2:44 AM
Village on a hillside.
16/Aug/17 3:46 AM
16/Aug/17 4:20 AM
Plum, you asked if you take post 11, does that mean you've 'won' twice? I think so, but what do I know?
16/Aug/17 4:39 AM
16/Aug/17 4:40 AM
Interesting photo
16/Aug/17 6:54 AM
Morning all, I wonder how you would pronounce the name of that town.
1-9 for solving this one for me, I don't time it so it doesn't matter how long I take.
16/Aug/17 7:01 AM
A photo of India just as I am listening to a story on the radio about the 70th anniversary of partition.
16/Aug/17 7:30 AM
I'm like that poor little robin...
16/Aug/17 7:45 AM
16/Aug/17 7:46 AM
Walkin' to 22.
16/Aug/17 7:46 AM
Should have been here before my shower - ah well keeps Hal happy.
16/Aug/17 7:54 AM
Now for the ECCO poozle. All about towns and cities. But, Mr Google has all the answers.

B--- (4) – Home of a pagoda that was built by King Bayinnaung in 1560.
------ (6) - Main city of the island of Funen.
--------- (9) – Tattoo town.
-------- (8) – Home of the 1952 More...
16/Aug/17 7:56 AM
June, Congratulate your grandson. Victories are that much sweeter when they are hard ones. I guess this applies to health as well. Your fight with your cancer is a difficult one and every day you are with us is a victory.
16/Aug/17 11:29 AM
Speaking about lines of latitude yesterday got me thinking about comparisons again. Halt suggested that Peter and Greg are at 'similar' latitudes but that's not really so. I think I am a bit of an expert because I happen to live in between 45 and 42 north.
16/Aug/17 11:29 AM
One of my granddaughters won her school's report on a book she has read. She went on to win at the next level, and now she will compete at the next level again. Instead of doing a straight report on the book, she adopted the persona of the main character and reviewed it that way.
16/Aug/17 11:33 AM
The northern 45th parallel runs South of Ottawa, Canada and through the wine country peninsula just north of Traverse City, Michigan, where my oldest daughter lives. 45 South goes through New Zealand's South island.

Peter's 42 S is more latitudinally like Chicago, Illinois, near the base More...
16/Aug/17 11:46 AM
Wombat - a clever approach for a book report. Congrats to your granddaughter.
16/Aug/17 11:49 AM
Following up on Weary Dunlop, at age 15 he could lift a 95 kilogram (about 210 pounds) bag of wheat in each hand. But hue was not famous for weight lifting.
16/Aug/17 12:06 PM
Anne, There are at least two Weary Dunlop Books, his war diaries, and the biography by Sue Ebury. I'm fortunate to have both.
16/Aug/17 12:07 PM
I used to live in East Melbourne and would often see Weary driving his antique Rolls Royce to one of the many small, private hospitals in that area. I never did get to meet him at a personal level.
16/Aug/17 12:10 PM
33 and beer time. I don't know what Weary's favourrite tipple was, but Abott's Lager would certainly have been available at that time in the 50's.
16/Aug/17 12:13 PM
Last of the Dunlop stories before you become WEARY of them. I was staying in a B&B in Aberdeen when there was a bagpipes competition there. There was a Canadian piper staying there too and he mentioned that he had been on the Burma Railway. I asked if he had met Weary Dunlop. He immediately stood to attention, saluted and said that man was a saint. Nough Said.
16/Aug/17 12:17 PM
Surely that must be a CP.
16/Aug/17 12:18 PM
And finally, have a go at Peter's ECCO puzzle, it is doable with the help of Google.
16/Aug/17 12:22 PM
Other latitudnal similarities:
Melbourne and San Francisco,
Sydney and Los Angeles,
Brisbane and Tampa,
Mackey (think Great Barrier Reef) and Maui, HI or Cuba, and
Darwin and Managua, Nicaragua.
16/Aug/17 12:49 PM
1:20. Good evening everyone.
16/Aug/17 8:04 PM
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