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Easy Sudoku for 15/August/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hope your day is 'sunny', too!
15/Aug/17 12:27 AM
Monday/Tuesday must be for !!!
15/Aug/17 12:29 AM
Shiela! Hope more show up soon. Kind of lonesome otherwise!
15/Aug/17 1:07 AM
Or.... Maybe everyone's on holiday!
15/Aug/17 1:09 AM
I certainly hope it's not chores keeping people away!
15/Aug/17 1:11 AM
Shiela - Still quiet, huh? Must be a busy Monday for us upsiders!
15/Aug/17 1:21 AM
Off to do the zigsaw puzzle. Be back later.
15/Aug/17 1:22 AM
15/Aug/17 1:28 AM
15/Aug/17 1:49 AM
everyone from smoky So. Oregon
15/Aug/17 1:54 AM
Not liking the word 'smoky', Dave. Hope things change soon.
15/Aug/17 2:01 AM
It's finally been sunny here for more than 2 days in succession...maybe that's true for other Sudoku-ists... they are grabbing outdoor joy when offered!
15/Aug/17 2:18 AM
Oh - and also hello Shiela (there's a PM for you), Denny, Hal, Keith, & Dave in Oregon's stifling heat & now smoky fires!
15/Aug/17 2:21 AM
Another of Kate's magnificent macros - Snowdrops up close & personal - thanks!
15/Aug/17 2:22 AM
Solve by starting with 3 - a breeze!
15/Aug/17 2:23 AM
Whoops - Kate called them snowFLAKES, so better check the difference, if there is any........
15/Aug/17 2:30 AM
There definitely is:


CP +1
15/Aug/17 2:31 AM
15/Aug/17 2:48 AM
This weekend, we celebrated Obon (kind of like Memorial Day and Halloween in Mexico, remembering the dearly departed) with a festival and street dancing (the traditional Japanese community dances). My sons and their families and my niece and her family came! Had fun with my grandchildren, teaching them to dance!
15/Aug/17 2:51 AM
Snow drops are a welcome sight in the Spring! Snow flakes not so welcome
15/Aug/17 3:23 AM
Happy Monday! Almost that time..,
15/Aug/17 5:03 AM
Ta dah!
15/Aug/17 5:04 AM
Morning all, lovely photo ,thanks Kate.
15/Aug/17 6:30 AM
Last week hubby went for his yearly blood test, the lady asked for his date of birth to check it on the paperwork and smiled when he gave it to her. The man that had just left had been born on the same day 15th August 1943.
15/Aug/17 6:38 AM
Angie,Eve, Kaskyapoza and my Bill.
15/Aug/17 6:42 AM
I had to stand on my head while reading about the differences between snowflakes and snowdrops. I am perfectly aware that New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, but reading the planting advice based on the south being cooler than the north still did a tune on my head.
15/Aug/17 7:46 AM
ECCO poozle tomorrow - get your thinking caps on!
15/Aug/17 11:07 AM
Good maeN, good people. Sarah, I know what you mean. A long time ago I superimposed a map of Australia upside down over North America matching lines of latitude trying to get a sense of what their cities might be like in comparison to ours. It didn't really work well because continental climatology depends on so much more than latitude, but it gave me a little bit of perspective.
15/Aug/17 12:12 PM
I know what you mean, Plum and Sarah. I find it hard to believe that Greg and Peter share similar latitudes while Mr. C would feel right at home in here in South Carolina.
15/Aug/17 1:09 PM
My bedtime. Night all.
15/Aug/17 1:11 PM
1:31. Good afternoon everyone.
15/Aug/17 1:53 PM
How did Sydney to Surf go Chris?
15/Aug/17 4:29 PM
Australia is slightly smaller than mainland US but our population is approx 24 million to the US 323 million.
15/Aug/17 4:48 PM
Therefore, for every Wombat we have, you guys have nearly 13.5 - scary thought, isn't it!
15/Aug/17 4:50 PM
The beer made me do it, Wombat...fair dinkum!
15/Aug/17 4:52 PM
Pretty well Wombat, and thanks for asking! It was a lovely day for running and I ran much better than I expected - finished in a time of 1:00:57. That's close enough to the hour mark to make me want to go back next year to find the 58 seconds I left out on the course...
15/Aug/17 5:34 PM
You'll probably find it somewhere on Heartbreak Hill, Chris.
15/Aug/17 6:40 PM
Congratulations Chris, that is a very good time. I feel confident that you can. Peter is probably correct about heartbreak hill, as he is about most things, except wombats.
15/Aug/17 7:31 PM
Mrs Wombat was appalled at the number of dead wombats there were along the highway when she drove to Braidwood recently. At the present rate the common wombat will be as endangered as the Hairy Nose on is. And Peter, don't ask if I'm haired nosed or common!
15/Aug/17 7:35 PM
Bottom of Page One. I can't think why there should be so many at the moment, but it might be the mating season. I'm too old to have such feelings myself.
15/Aug/17 7:37 PM
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