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Easy Sudoku for 16/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Silver looks rather sedate.
16/Sep/15 12:06 AM

Friday 12th January, 13:46:40

In the today we have Judy and Wombat. Solvers of this timely puzzle deserve a clock for a prize.
16/Sep/15 12:09 AM
Elijah had a game on Saturday. They won 45 - 8. The first half was really one-sided. It was 32 - 0 at half-time.
16/Sep/15 12:11 AM
Lovely kitty!
16/Sep/15 12:12 AM
Little Boy started tennis again on Friday. It's the same group and teacher he ended with in June so it went well. We are holding off on swimming for now. I'm toying with possible solutions to the preschool ends and swimming starts at the same time problem.
16/Sep/15 12:13 AM
Good morning all - have a fine day! That nifty clock might be what I need for my time-management...or at least I could use it for my excuse!
16/Sep/15 12:18 AM
What a great job you did on the YouTube, Silvergal!
16/Sep/15 12:45 AM
Poozle time!

Can you find anagrams of the following words?


Hint: These are the first letters of the words: P, M, T, M, R, T, W, L, T, T.

Answers to my ''Loose the anagram generator, people'' inbox, please.
16/Sep/15 1:02 AM
Loose??? That should be LOSE!
Proofread, Kathy!
16/Sep/15 1:05 AM
I sometimes wish we had an ''EDIT'' option for our comments. But, then, we wouldn't have as many ''Sudoku-isms''.
16/Sep/15 1:09 AM
I believe, at one point, it was referred to as ''Sudokuspeak''. Wongerful, and noice, come to mind. Maybe ''Loose the poozle!'' could be added.
16/Sep/15 1:20 AM
As I seem to be chatting to myself, I shall give some thought to household chores and get a move on!
16/Sep/15 1:22 AM
To encourage more people to try Kathy's puzzle ... the first letters provided seem to correspond with the order of the words! Give it a try! Sorry, Kathy ... just trying to drum up business!
16/Sep/15 1:41 AM
I, too, enjoyed the girl scout history lesson and vocals. Well done, Silvergal.
16/Sep/15 1:46 AM
16/Sep/15 1:46 AM
16/Sep/15 2:10 AM
Another animal puzzle today. As before I have taken the names of ten animals with six letters in their names and divided each into three lots of two letters. I have then randomly assigned them into three columns, so the first two letters of an animal's name could appear in any column. I use More...
16/Sep/15 2:11 AM

I see we get to try 2 poozles today. I'm off to run errands and then out to eat. Hopefully, I'll remember to come back and try the puzzles this evening.
16/Sep/15 2:21 AM
Dottie got us to the magic number where I feel like it's close enough to make a run for it.
16/Sep/15 2:29 AM
Lets see if I have any competition ...
16/Sep/15 2:29 AM
One more chance, everybody.
16/Sep/15 2:30 AM
16/Sep/15 2:30 AM
And Wombat's puzzle is great!
16/Sep/15 2:58 AM
Good morning,
16/Sep/15 3:29 AM
Even on holiday I can't sleep past 3 o'clock.
16/Sep/15 3:32 AM
I posted my puzzle too soon! Sorry Wombat.
Do Wombat's today and mine tomorrow! I'll repost it then.
16/Sep/15 4:16 AM
No apology necessary, Judy. Yes, the first letters are in order.
16/Sep/15 4:20 AM
1:18. Good morning everyone.
16/Sep/15 6:16 AM
Morning all, Silver is beautiful.
My heart goes out to the people in Utah with the loss of lives from the flash flooding.
16/Sep/15 6:36 AM
Good owning all.
16/Sep/15 7:08 AM
My goodness! What is the world coming to?? Witchy and Batty are playing nice!
Will wonders never cease?
16/Sep/15 7:26 AM
Yeah, I remembered to come back to work the puzzles. Wombat's is done and answers are sent. Now to start on Kathy's but I can finish it tomorrow if need be.
16/Sep/15 7:35 AM
I am happy to have more time for Kathy's puzzle.
With just six solved, I had to leave to take my mother to yet another eye doctor appointment. Her world has suddenly gone gray, which is rather scary. Even with all the lights on, or in bright sunny rooms, she has the sense that it is dark. More...
16/Sep/15 8:19 AM
Sudoku friends. Thanks again to all of you who have sent me condolences on Rob's death. I truly appreciate each and every one of them. My three wonderful daughters have been helping me get through the terribly difficult days since September 2. I left it to them to pick a funeral More...
16/Sep/15 8:29 AM
Sorry that we will be unable to attend the Celebration of Rob's Life, Kathy. Rest assured that our thoughts will be of Rob, you, and your family on that day.
16/Sep/15 9:20 AM
I'll be thinking of you the afternoon of Oct. 3 in particular, Kathy. Rob's life is a wonderful thing to celebrate for all of you.
16/Sep/15 9:32 AM
Batty and I ALWAYS place nice with each other, Hal! It is YOU whom we love to torture!

That said, now where is my sword? I need to go in search of some bat wings for my cauldron tonight. Heh heh!
16/Sep/15 10:05 AM
Ah, me. It seems that I have again, been able to raise Witchy's hackles. Not very difficult, mind you. But it's always fun to be able to get her to respond to my comments.
16/Sep/15 10:21 AM
Now, on to more important matters.
16/Sep/15 10:22 AM
16/Sep/15 10:23 AM
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