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Easy Sudoku for 15/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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a beautiful day in OK
15/Sep/15 12:01 AM
I have not been first in a long, long time.
15/Sep/15 12:02 AM
Have packing to do,
15/Sep/15 12:03 AM
Have to find my list of what I take
15/Sep/15 12:03 AM
15/Sep/15 12:03 AM
all. Kobe is such a cutie! Wonder how old he is now...
15/Sep/15 12:14 AM
It's a beautiful day in Northeast Ohio, too! Hi, Kobe!
15/Sep/15 1:01 AM
, y'all! So have I been missed?!
Two payrolls, financials and a federal holiday left no break time at work last week. Weekend was equally packed, so apologies for not posting a weekend puzzle... both days I wasn't around when the rollover happened, and after that I wasn't on the internet.
15/Sep/15 1:18 AM
15/Sep/15 1:19 AM
Good morning to all! There's Kobe again.
15/Sep/15 1:19 AM
Wow, you Aussies sure go through Prime Ministers at a record pace. What's that how.... four in four years!
15/Sep/15 1:21 AM
As for the labor of love I'd planned for YouTube, it's uploaded. 'Sing Together - Songs Girl Scouts Sing' is a 78 rpm record released in 1956 and presents 12 songs girls have sung for decades (I've sung 9 of the 12 at Scouting events). The 14+ minutes of music is accompanied by vintage photos. I More...
15/Sep/15 1:22 AM
Haven't seen Kobe in a while.
15/Sep/15 1:29 AM

1. a nice slice
2. a fat cat
3. a beast feast
4. a kitten mitten
5. the chief thief

In the today we have Judy, Keith, Cake Lady, lonewoof, Canuk Greg, Dottie R, More...
15/Sep/15 1:35 AM
Sorry about the lack of puzzle on Friday and the delay in answers. Even though we homeschool, all the extra activities follow the school schedule. It seems like they all hit and once and I was caught off guard.
15/Sep/15 1:37 AM

The year 2001 started at the midnight which falls between 31st December 2000 and 1st January 2001.
What was the day, date and time exactly one million seconds later?

Answers to my ''timely'' inbox please.
15/Sep/15 1:40 AM
Thanks for the pizza, Serena! I'm starving...got a little bit of a wait here at the salon and I've got a rumbly tumbly!
15/Sep/15 2:13 AM
15/Sep/15 2:13 AM
Maybe I got here in time.
15/Sep/15 2:23 AM
Anybody running along?
15/Sep/15 2:23 AM
Er, gallumping.
15/Sep/15 2:23 AM
15/Sep/15 2:24 AM
Silvergal, the YouTube is awesome! (NOT sorry, Fiona! Pfffftttt!) You did a wonderful job! I was a twelve-year scout myself, so I appreciate your efforts! Most of the songs are before my time ... fortunately! ... but I enjoyed listening to them! You should notify the More...
15/Sep/15 2:25 AM
Thanks Judy! I'm kinda going through the back door... while I believe most of the photos are public archives and the album would probably be public domain, there's that nagging doubt about who's gonna come down on my head. Never mind that most of what's on YouTube is probably copyright protected.
15/Sep/15 3:16 AM
Out of the 9 songs I know, 8 of them came through camp and troop. The one song (World Song) used to be an item to earn a badge, and our troop had to learn it... in order to teach it. It wasn't even published in any song book by the time I was in Scouts, and few know of it.
15/Sep/15 3:19 AM
The one I'll be learning on my own is The Wayfarer's Grace... the words are really lovely.
15/Sep/15 3:20 AM
Girl Scouts used to bake, themselves, the cookies they sold. Who knew?

I second Judy's comment - Awesome job!

The picture selections show just how much things have changed. And that 1973 pic near the end -
15/Sep/15 3:32 AM
Yep, the sale didn't go with commercially baked shortbread type cookies until the 1930s. Brief history: Philly was first in 1934, New York City followed in 1935 with a trefoil-shaped cookie, and in 1936 the nat'l HQ began the licensing process. By 1937, 125 Councils were selling. By 1956, there More...
15/Sep/15 4:02 AM
And yeah, youth and skill are always overcome by old age and treachery! My troop thinks anybody over 50 is 'old'. I guffaw and remind them of my age, at which point they'll add, 'but not you, Ms. L.!'
15/Sep/15 4:05 AM
Hi Kobe .I think we've seen you before.
15/Sep/15 4:13 AM
Great you tube Silvergal. A nice walk through history!
15/Sep/15 4:31 AM
Hi, everyone. A message for all do-it-yourselfers ... hire someone. My guy fell off a ladder three weeks ago. One broken rib, one torn calf muscle, but it could have been so much worse. Today's his first day driving on his own. Summary: one extension ladder for sale.
15/Sep/15 4:40 AM
Wilodene. Don't know if she ever stops by any more, but she sure left us with some beautiful pictures to enjoy whenever they pop up.
15/Sep/15 4:48 AM
Great advice, Cathy. I'd take it if I hadn't already.
15/Sep/15 4:49 AM
Cathy, I'm glad your man is okay. Silverguy has a coworker who sustained serious injuries from falling off a ladder. S'guy will do a few things on a ladder, but not high up and nothing complicated or requiring a lot of time (replacing woodwork or repainting).
15/Sep/15 4:56 AM
Well, here I am . . . the timing is right . . .
15/Sep/15 4:59 AM
Silvergal, going to challenge me to the bottom???
15/Sep/15 4:59 AM
Getting ready . . .
15/Sep/15 4:59 AM
Almost there . . .
15/Sep/15 5:00 AM
Yea!!! BOPP!!!
15/Sep/15 5:00 AM
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