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Easy Sudoku for 14/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
14/Sep/15 12:02 AM
Doing OK.
14/Sep/15 12:09 AM
14/Sep/15 12:49 AM
Greetings worldly people!
14/Sep/15 1:06 AM
14/Sep/15 1:16 AM
Another hot day but the temperature is suppose to go down! But today's my laze day!
14/Sep/15 1:17 AM
Getting close to my fav post!!!!
14/Sep/15 1:17 AM
14/Sep/15 1:18 AM
Woohoo!!! That gave my day a good start!!!
And a CP to boot! Now to eat my and
14/Sep/15 1:19 AM
We have an absolutely gorgeous day here. After all our 90°+ temps, a sunny 75° is just perfect! Fall is my favorite time of year in this area and it's not too far away!
14/Sep/15 1:24 AM
& there's the river that must flood from time to time.
14/Sep/15 1:30 AM
good morning
we had a little shower this morning
14/Sep/15 1:41 AM
Nice home in a tropical climate.
14/Sep/15 2:18 AM
Just as all of you have struggled to find words of comfort for me and my family, I am struggling to find words to thank you for your support during this awful time. I want you to know that every comment on FB, message on Sudoku, e-mail, phone call, text, and sympathy card I have More...
14/Sep/15 2:49 AM
Another from me, Kathy. We are like a family here, never more so than when one of us is hurting. Love from around the world for you.
14/Sep/15 3:21 AM
Could Gath possibly have imagined what he was creating when he began this site? Who would ever have guessed what Sudoku could lead to - not just a community, but... Hugs!
14/Sep/15 4:09 AM
And none more deserving of our hugs than Kathy from Valrico, who, with Sudoku Friends,her travels in Australia and hosting visitors in the US, multiplied the effect.
14/Sep/15 4:13 AM
Good afternoon to all! Another rainy day here. Glad I'm not living in that place for weather protection. Otherwise, take me there!
14/Sep/15 4:52 AM
Kathy, we all care, and we all snared your grief and loss.
14/Sep/15 4:54 AM
Lizzy, I'll get back to you this week. Sorry for the delay.
14/Sep/15 4:55 AM
Well, let's go.
14/Sep/15 4:55 AM
For Keith.
14/Sep/15 4:55 AM

No need to apologise Greg, I knew you hadnt forgotten, you have had a few other things on your mind of late
14/Sep/15 5:34 AM
Apparently, CG cinched up his shoulder brace and made a run for it. I came back to see how close we were getting.
14/Sep/15 5:39 AM
Morning all,I might have stayed there when I was younger, these days I prefer my comfort.
14/Sep/15 6:24 AM
1:23. Good morning everyone.
14/Sep/15 6:32 AM
Good morning everyone!
14/Sep/15 7:09 AM

I was the lucky recipient of a couple of Rob's hugs. I got one when we first met and when Kathy and Rob left my home later that evening. Hugs are wonderful. I'm sending another one to Kathy now.
14/Sep/15 11:43 AM
Good morning all. Sudoku land people are a family. Wonderful to see. Thankyou Gath and all Sudoku landers.
14/Sep/15 11:45 AM
Hello everyone!
So much going on my life recently!!
14/Sep/15 12:18 PM
So sorry about Rob, Kathy!
14/Sep/15 12:19 PM
Welcome back Kate!!
14/Sep/15 12:24 PM
Good night all.
14/Sep/15 12:31 PM

Still crook folks, I need a few more days.
14/Sep/15 7:02 PM
1:45 Good evening one and all!

Get well soon, Phantom.
14/Sep/15 7:55 PM
Glad to see you are improving Phantom. We have missed you. Hi Anne if you are still around. An interesting day in politics.
14/Sep/15 8:11 PM
Hello Wombat - I'm not really into politics but I did see it online earlier then in more detail on T.V. just now. Very interesting and rather silly in my opinion. Labour did something similar and it never looks good for their party.
I suppose being from the Capital you are close to the action.
14/Sep/15 8:20 PM
I'm glued to the tele!
14/Sep/15 8:31 PM
I love it!
14/Sep/15 8:31 PM
Physically closer, but we still have to rely on the media for information. It is interesting that you are working with people with Alzheimers. One of my daughters works with disabled people, a number of whom are dementia patients. Also she has just applied for a job with her local office of More...
14/Sep/15 8:37 PM
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