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Easy Sudoku for 18/March/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Take care and do all you can to help in your recovery. Every good wish for your continuing improvement.
Please keep us posted on your progress.
18/Mar/20 12:05 AM
Well, that was a surprise. That post was meant for yesterday.

Okay.... everyone!
18/Mar/20 12:07 AM
Speaking of all the closures and cancellations due to the virus, I saw this gem....

''Day 2 without sports. Found a lady sitting on my couch. Apparently she is my wife. She seems nice.''
18/Mar/20 12:16 AM
2:11 Pretty garden of Sacky's.
Good night Kathy and all.
18/Mar/20 12:20 AM
Kathy & all who follow!! Good night Anne.
18/Mar/20 12:36 AM
Hi Denny! Anne!
18/Mar/20 12:45 AM
How about a little chuckle to relieve any anxiety you may be experiencing?

Be aware that Jehovah's Witnesses know that everyone's home.
18/Mar/20 12:48 AM
Kid: Hey Mom! When is this Coronavirus thing going to be over?

Mom: Just shut up and eat your toilet paper.
18/Mar/20 12:49 AM
I went to the chemist today and asked the assistant, ''What kills the Coronavirus?''

She replied, ''Ammonia cleaner.''

I said, ''Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you worked here''.
18/Mar/20 12:52 AM
Chinese doctors have confirmed the first person to contract Coronavirus.

His name is Ah Chu.

Keep smiling, everyone!
18/Mar/20 12:55 AM
Top o' the mornin' to ye!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
(No such luck for sunshine, though!)
Well - you'll not be 'Green with Envy'!
Just green - if you are wearing it!
18/Mar/20 1:09 AM
Love 'em, Kathy!
18/Mar/20 1:17 AM
No green beer here: All the bars (aka pubs) are closed!
18/Mar/20 1:18 AM
But my Key Lime Martini's are kinda green & I can make myself one - at 5 o'clock! (It's 5 o'clock somewhere in Sudokuland... right???)
18/Mar/20 1:21 AM
(Just kidding, folks! I'll wait till this afternoon!)
18/Mar/20 1:23 AM
18/Mar/20 1:23 AM
18/Mar/20 1:54 AM
Three years ago, my last grandson arrived! He was such a quiet little baby! At age three, he's very gabby and loves to show you interesting things! Little fellow has been to Europe, loved riding the donkey on a Greek Island and got kicked out of the Sistine Chapel for being too noisy. He's performed on a taiko drum and has the dubious fame for trying to take a nap on stage!
18/Mar/20 1:58 AM
Good Maen, good people. Another gray day and I’m feeling a bit under the weather. Not coronavirus symptoms, though, so that’s my silver lining.
18/Mar/20 2:11 AM
If I don’t eat my carefully tended bean sprouts today I’ll need to toss them out...

side where they will likely grow to give me a bumper crop of mung beans in a few months. Hmmmm.

No. Egg fu yung today. However, saving a handful of unsprouted beans to plant outside in a month or two sounds like fun.
18/Mar/20 2:16 AM
Today, to fill up my excess time in captivity, I counted the shells on my dining room table. Okay, I didn't count all of them! I counted 1/4 of them, since it's a symmetrical design. There are over 1300 shells on my table to play with!
18/Mar/20 2:29 AM
18/Mar/20 2:30 AM
Thx Shiela.

A Happy St. Paddy's Day to everyone.
18/Mar/20 2:58 AM
I'll repeat what's already been said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day
18/Mar/20 4:20 AM
Lovely garden ,Sacky, with all those pretty yellow flowers.
18/Mar/20 4:56 AM
Morning all,I don't think I've seen a yellow azalea before.
Kathy, your Ah Chu joke fitted in with my bout of sneezing !😂😂I have a head cold with a cough , not game to go anywhere in case they think I have the virus.
18/Mar/20 6:09 AM
18/Mar/20 6:35 AM
Metro (bus and subway) ridership was down nearly 70 percent yesterday. And rush hour traffic no longer exists. I wonder if people will learn to love working at home, or, the opposite, will be eager to get out of the house and go to the office again when that is no longer discouraged.
18/Mar/20 9:15 AM
The corona virus is not good news, but here is a puzzle that might help to cheer you up. It has been tested and found to be free of the virus so it should be safe to solve it For those self isolating it should help to deal with the boredom. It is just the thing for tom. Here it is.

18/Mar/20 9:22 AM
18/Mar/20 11:07 AM
Yum. Dinner was delicious even if it wasn’t our traditional School Patrick’s Day corned venison.
18/Mar/20 11:11 AM
Ha. Perhaps I have a mischievous leprechaun messing with my autocorrect?
18/Mar/20 11:13 AM
💰Leprechaun gold evaporates at midnight so spend it at the bar tonight. Call out your orders.
18/Mar/20 11:19 AM
Thanks, Plum. I Think I'll have a Corona long neck.
18/Mar/20 12:34 PM
Cheers & Best Wishes, Tom - hope your discomfort is only a small inconvenience & you soon recover!
18/Mar/20 2:13 PM
A late arrival so hope you've enjoyed or are still enjoying your St.Patty's Day!
18/Mar/20 2:16 PM
Thanks for your good wishes, Kathy. We keep pulling for Wally, and for all of you, and hope he's coming along. And thanks for the puzzle, Wombat, I've given it my best shot. And thank you, Joyce, for your good wishes, too!
18/Mar/20 2:38 PM
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