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Easy Sudoku for 18/May/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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18/May/18 12:03 AM
Rage, I had to look up where Mallee is.
18/May/18 12:09 AM
North/west Victoria on the Murray river Wolf.
Time for bed Nite Nite all
18/May/18 12:27 AM
Everybody!! Nite, nite Rage.
18/May/18 12:41 AM
Ahhh - illustrating the power of Mother Nature or, more accurately: the resiliency of life!
18/May/18 1:40 AM
My smilie is a tad optimistic. We still have rain and it is predicted to continue for at least the rest of the week. On the plus side, everything is VERY green.
18/May/18 1:48 AM
I solved 9->1 skipping 8 & it was a snap!

Then I tried 1->9 ... equally a snap if you start @ 3, then finish up with 1 & 2
18/May/18 1:49 AM
Good afternoon to all! Very slow here today.
18/May/18 4:05 AM
18/May/18 4:11 AM
Marigolds are so pretty, and very resilient too. They are also edible.
18/May/18 4:48 AM
After looking up Mallee I wondered where Darwen is

Darwen is a market town and civil parish located in Lancashire, England.
18/May/18 5:08 AM
Happy Thursday! Starting a week-long staycation. Hoping to mix fun with housekeeping stuff
18/May/18 5:14 AM
18/May/18 5:16 AM
I wish, as Wombat worried yesterday, that I did have webbed feet. I had to walk a short distance on foot today. A rubber dinghy would have been welcome. There is so much water that sidewalks are rivers, or, where flat, lakes. The lawns can't hold any more water, so they drain onto the sidewalks. More...
18/May/18 5:49 AM
Beautiful marigold flowers! Love them
Thanks for the lovely photo
18/May/18 6:21 AM
How did the end of my comment get repeated? I did not type the same thing twice. But I surely could think it twice - there is a LOT of water around here.
18/May/18 6:29 AM
Morning all,marigolds are pretty to look at and easy to grow but I cannot stand the smell of them.
18/May/18 6:53 AM
all. Back home again, after a week in Missouri.
18/May/18 7:00 AM
Good mAen, good people. Technically,it's almost time to capitalize the E, but it's daylight savings time here, so I'm sticking with the A!
18/May/18 7:47 AM
Sunny here!! I feel like pinching myself. It's really spring. I'm not dreaming.
18/May/18 7:49 AM
Did they show you, Hal?
18/May/18 7:50 AM
Have a great week, Aileen. Sarah, your comment isn't doubled on the site. You hit 'More...' twice. Refresh the page and see.
18/May/18 7:51 AM
Good morning, slept right through, Apart from a bit of back pain I feel great!
18/May/18 7:52 AM
Thank you, Judy. You knocked me into 22.
18/May/18 7:53 AM
Welcome back, HalT. Good morning, Rage. Last I heard, Sarah, he was in the neighborhood of Mt Ararat.
18/May/18 7:56 AM
Fifteen people so far today. I like days like this where lots of people check in.
18/May/18 7:58 AM
Better than slapping you into next week, Plum!
18/May/18 8:02 AM
Ladies, ladies! A little decorum, please.
18/May/18 11:58 AM
Night all.
18/May/18 1:13 PM
That was deliberately shouted. Sorry I haven't been here in a long time. I have been trying to change my sleeping habits, so have banned myself from the oomputer between the hours of 2200-0600, which does not meant I am not awake during those times but just no computer- does an iPad More...
18/May/18 3:48 PM
Welcome back CP. Are you a photograph, because it would be good to see any photos you have taken on your trip. I presume you were caravanning
I can't help you out with your biscuit recipe, but I'm sure someone will.
18/May/18 4:49 PM
1:27. Good evening everyone.
18/May/18 9:11 PM
I ache just thinking of making enough cookie dough for 100 cookies.
19/May/18 4:15 AM
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