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Easy Sudoku for 17/May/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
17/May/18 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people. I love summer. The sun wakes me up earlier and earlier without making me feel too tired to get up. It's also warm enough that I don't want to stay hunkered down. I can leap out of bed, do my exercises and housework -- before the day gets too warm for intensive effort to More...
17/May/18 12:01 AM
Nice photo!
17/May/18 12:04 AM
Hard to believe I was running the woodstove for heat just a few days ago.
17/May/18 12:09 AM
I have a long awaited appointment with an ENT today. (I've wanted to be able to see one for decades.) Skye and I are also attending a cosmetology school's open house for potential students this afternoon -- coincidentally not very far from the beauty academy! We are thinking that it is a flexible More...
17/May/18 12:15 AM
Well, since Wolf has probably gone on to kakuro (I'll follow later), and since no one else is around, I'll finish my cp and get on with pulling everything together that I need for a trip to Kalamazoo. I try to save gasoline and pack as much into a day as possible when I have an appointment there. Bye for now.
17/May/18 12:18 AM
(Sorry - I'm trying to think too many thoughts at the same time. The ENT and beauty academy are fairly near each other. That's what I meant.) Where is shosho? 8 is next.
17/May/18 12:21 AM
17/May/18 12:45 AM
TftD: Is there life before coffee?
17/May/18 12:46 AM
Sunny again!
Hope your day is full of sunshine, too!
17/May/18 12:50 AM
17/May/18 12:53 AM
We've had a lot of rain recently.
Was very happy it was sunny yesterday since we had two windows replaced.
Hubby's golf was cancelled yesterday due to the course being too wet.
But very happy our power did not go out as in the Northeast areas of the US.
17/May/18 12:56 AM
No, Hal! There is no life before coffee!
17/May/18 12:57 AM
17/May/18 1:23 AM
No, Plum, I must have been in the shower then!!
17/May/18 1:27 AM
I think those cross clouds are from airplanes.
17/May/18 3:32 AM
Good afternoon - off to visit another daughter this weekend as well as be treated to a James Taylor concert while visiting!
17/May/18 4:06 AM
17/May/18 4:22 AM
Good afternoon to all!
17/May/18 4:37 AM
Pretty sky,
17/May/18 4:38 AM
whether the clouds are fighting or not.
17/May/18 4:38 AM
17/May/18 4:38 AM
all! My favourite kind of sudoku - a quick one to nine. Beautiful blue sky behind those clouds.
17/May/18 7:10 AM
Morning all, beautiful blue photo.
Now that I can drive again I'm off to the hairdressers to get my mop trimmed.
17/May/18 8:12 AM
Thank you DotCom for your kind thoughts. Families do what families do!
17/May/18 11:04 AM
Congratulations to Wombat, Peter, Plum, Judy, Kath, CG, Lonewolf, Aileen, Amelia, Snowbird and Joyce for an across the board clean sweep. Must be making them too easy?? An interesting response to question 6 where Ovid was given as the answer. Google Ovid and Pygmalion for More...
17/May/18 11:10 AM
Wow. For the first time ever I set the clock and timed my solving ability. 1:48. I know many of you will beat this but I am so pleased with myself (and I know self praise is no recommendation)
17/May/18 11:25 AM
Well I'm sitting here waiting for the respite lady to come and give me a couple of hours off to myself so I might as well go for another first being a CP
17/May/18 11:26 AM
Just my age and a CP to boot
17/May/18 11:27 AM
As if to corroborate Kathy's weather report, the weather guy on the news just used the word spectacular to describe our weather. Tonight we are having a mini version of the spectacle.
17/May/18 1:29 PM
Oh, great, more flood warnings. Not such a mini version after all.
17/May/18 1:32 PM
With all this wet weather our North American people will be in danger of growing webbed feet. It is cooling down here, 9including a few frosts, but of rain there is very little. I'll take a frosty morning any time if I can have a sunny day to follow.
17/May/18 2:30 PM
All that typing has made me thirsty, so luckily it is beer o'clock. I think I'll have a Pure Blonde.
17/May/18 2:33 PM
17/May/18 6:12 PM
1:14. Good evening everyone.
17/May/18 7:03 PM
Good Moring looks like it will be a beautiful day
17/May/18 11:35 PM
Good night everybody
17/May/18 11:48 PM
Hello all until the change over... maybe? LPOTD?
17/May/18 11:58 PM
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