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Easy Sudoku for 18/September/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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First time I timed myself - 5:05 ... now I just have to wait until tomorrow to see whether that is slower or faster than usual :-)
There is no use timing yourself in order to report that time to others; either they won't believe or they will laugh about your slowness... Just time it for yourself... There are too many cheating possibilities and there is no one checking your puzzling...alas...
i Agree with GG his or her coment is just great it really makes me feel good to know there is someone out there who cares about others other then thereself
gg, rr, you are obviously the same person.

but you do make a rather good point
I don't know this friendly RR, 'QQ'!

But thanx to the both of you anyway...
Time was my first post but I take GG's point. I have just noticed from the last however many days that there aren't really threads that aren't related to time...
hey i jus discovered this game...its really cool.gonna do this everyday now, till i increase my speed!keep up the good work!
Three days in a row...time's not getting faster though. I believe I'm thinking too much about it...the first time I played it was all about instinct. Oh well!
Sudoku a nice way to start the day! Or finish if there was no time in the morning....
It usually takes me about 5mins.
not bothered with time just enjoy
06.04 for my recording only
this was a good site for sudoku games. i enjoyed a lot. plzz add some difficult puzzles in addition to the current games and improve the number of games.
thank you
3:23. My fastest yet. Now off for a cup of tea as shown
3:57 no cheats honest
Ooo cuppa
love this site enjoy logging on daily for a game times are improving too
cool, 3mins 10sec, didnt think i would do it that quick
About six minutes, with a couple mistakes because I was rushing, rushing. It would be nice if the computer timed you automatically and posted your score on your comments, and perhaps gave you a max of 3 mistakes before voiding your score. Of course, vanity being what it is, some people would just play the puzzle twice...
am loving sudoku so much. can't get thro the day withour it!!!!!!!! even better than ice cream.
great game..good way to finish the day. does anyone use the 'check' button occasionally to see how they are going? - or is that cheating???
yes melvin it is better than ice cream .....not sure if its better than jelly beans though
5 secs!
Is there a way to get your time figured for you?
you've cheated 5 secs it's impossible
i really need to see a shrink about my addiction to sudoku
This Sudoku site is the GREATEST! Just when I think it's perfect, they improve it even more.
it was fun!
I'm addicted!!
4 secs
4:19. I just started doing these a week or two ago. Pretty fun.
Morning all, agree 5sec, 4 sec, it's impossible to move the mouse that fast and get the numbers clicked in that quick ... congratulations to all the 4 and 5 minuters. You're obviously enjoying the addiction for what it is. A morning wake up!
Have a good day.
Thanks for this
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