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Easy Sudoku for 19/September/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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happy b'day RG
2:58 Under the 3 minute mark, so I'm happy

The site is wicked...

I have only good things to say. You are a star and an absolute marvel. What would I do without Sudoku!!

3:26 quite easy today!
Smooth and simple, this one!
7min 59 for me getting less each day
I love sudoku first thing in the morning.
Great site for waking up brain!!
2:42 - I find these ones too easy. medium suits me best.
great game i am addicted to it
4:33 -- OK but not great.
very good .
3.2 and love the fish
00:05:06 not a bad time for a first try
Really great site - by far the best Sudoku puzzles online. Great comments too.
Very Good Sudoku and too easy for me!
00:04:01 I am addicted I have been on the computer since 4:00pm and it is now 9:15pm. I love this game
Just discovered your site. The Globe has a sudoku every day but Sunday and they are always difficult. Your puzzle today was an ego trip.
2:52 best yet for me
3 minute from absulute beginning to end, cheat!! I'm able to finish Fiendish, Samurai & Killer sudoku in Times. This easy level took me more than 5 minutes, honestly.
just soooo addicted to this game look forward to it daily
These are not hard, but the time is not improving...there has to be a quicker way!
3:58. Not too bad...Not good either, though...
If I do the puzzle in the paper everyone complains.
Here, everone can have a go at the same puzzle. Great site.
6:09 best sudoku, I have found...I am just not very fast...but Love to do it everyday. Now my husband and my mom are hooked, too. My 10 year old daughter does them too. we always print them and take them with when we go out to eat
new to this game,very interesting and great time with sudoku.
2:59. Broke the 3 min barrier. Getting good at this
Am hooked, need my fix with my morning coffee now!
One of my two favorite sites - could easily top my other favorite if a timer was added! Thank You!
3:32 - I agree - it's part of my morning routine
cute little fishies
Love sudoku new 2 da game
Great game, I'm so hooked. I bought 2 Sudoku books and I can't put them down.
great puzzle newbie & addicted already
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