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Easy Sudoku for 19/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Goodnight everyone!
19/Mar/19 12:08 AM
1:31. Good Morning, all.
19/Mar/19 12:10 AM
I wonder what kind of critters live in that rock.
19/Mar/19 12:33 AM
2:07 that's one big rock.
Good night all.
19/Mar/19 12:41 AM
19/Mar/19 1:13 AM
19/Mar/19 2:08 AM
A picture of the wooden Wombat I'm riding in the Avatar.

19/Mar/19 2:13 AM
Here's for Shosho!
19/Mar/19 2:27 AM
I'm taking 3 paintings to be framed today for my class art show.
19/Mar/19 2:31 AM
19/Mar/19 2:38 AM
19/Mar/19 2:42 AM
Hello everyone!
19/Mar/19 3:10 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
19/Mar/19 3:14 AM
Thank you, Shiela!! Here's flying your way!!
19/Mar/19 3:15 AM
RIP - Dick Dale: 'King of Surf Rock' guitarist dies aged 81.

I always liked listening to his music...
19/Mar/19 3:57 AM

I imagine there are birds nesting there. Or, perhaps bats!
19/Mar/19 4:08 AM
WOW! That's one huge rock!
19/Mar/19 5:18 AM
...and that's one huge wombat Keith's riding too!
19/Mar/19 6:04 AM
19/Mar/19 6:17 AM
I wish I had timed this one! It took only as long as it takes to click 90 times. 81 plus nine times to select numbers - might have been just 89 if I had started with 1. Not much of a challenge, but fun nevertheless.
19/Mar/19 6:22 AM
19/Mar/19 6:29 AM
19/Mar/19 6:30 AM
Good maeN
Tried to do my homework on the library computer- but having a little couch and running nose does not set well with others. That is my excuse today - I am very considerate or so I think !
19/Mar/19 9:44 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
19/Mar/19 9:45 AM
Actually, the book I needed to do my work was at home - so why am I here - well, I have this little cough and needing a tissue prevents me from reading the book and writing out my answers
19/Mar/19 9:46 AM
19/Mar/19 10:01 AM
Thanks for pointing out my spelling mistake Peter, My bad!
19/Mar/19 10:04 AM
1:52 A bit quicker.

19/Mar/19 12:11 PM
Good maeN, good people. I solved some problems today. Yea, me. Actually, I have more work to do but it's bedtime. Maybe if I take a short 'nap' and get up early? Getting ready for a big event.
19/Mar/19 1:00 PM
19/Mar/19 1:47 PM
The simultaneous weather disasters on three continents are all so devastating. I am listening now to BBC news about the cyclone in Africa, but the description of washed out roads and bridges blown away in Nebraska are not that different. There are, unfortunately, much higher numbers of deaths in Zimbabwe and surrounding countries.
19/Mar/19 4:15 PM
POOZLE answers are here. I'm a bit late because it was our wedding anniversary today. There were 8 submissions made to last Saturday's poozle. They were from Sarah, Peter, Judy, Chris, kathyh, Snowbird, Joyce and Plum. My suggested answers are;
Booties - BABIES’ More...
19/Mar/19 5:14 PM
I'll have a XXXX (Saves Rage having to learn to spell beer).

And of course, cheers to Wombat and Mrs Wombat on their anniversary.

Money on the bar so help yourselves!

19/Mar/19 5:29 PM
Thanks Peter, don't mind if I do! Cheers!
19/Mar/19 5:42 PM
Afternoon all, we are spending the night at Salmon Gum in the Mallee area of Western Australia.
Just had a very long train go past.
19/Mar/19 7:18 PM
Happy anniversary , Mr and Mrs Wombat .🍾🎉🍾🎉
19/Mar/19 7:20 PM
Peter ,could I have a vodka and orange please as I'm not fond of beer.
19/Mar/19 7:23 PM
No worries, Amelia. As long as you're not driving!
19/Mar/19 9:09 PM
Thanks Peter, and no not driving . Will be later tomorrow but will be OK by then.👍
19/Mar/19 10:56 PM
19/Mar/19 10:57 PM
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