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Easy Sudoku for 18/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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18/Mar/19 12:08 AM
That's a first, me being first.
18/Mar/19 12:09 AM
18/Mar/19 12:26 AM
Good Maen, good people. 9->1 today for a super slick solve.
18/Mar/19 12:43 AM
I'm really enjoying my orchid in bloom. I have a bit more of Spanish moss I inadvertently brought back from Florida in my jacket pocket. It's sitting in the orchid planter reminding me to keep it moist but not wet.
18/Mar/19 12:46 AM
2:21. God Morning, all.
18/Mar/19 1:03 AM
We are all going to lunch at the Killarney House. I've been there before, but, today they have an Irish band and dancing as entertainment. I had to search for the sweatshirt I bought at Blarney Castle while we were in Ireland, but, I am now dressed for the occasion.
18/Mar/19 1:19 AM
2:17 Getting slower and slower.
Good night all.
This is for Shosho.
18/Mar/19 1:30 AM
Happy Day, whether you're Irish or not - today everyone is!
18/Mar/19 1:50 AM
Lovely orchid!
18/Mar/19 2:09 AM
18/Mar/19 2:27 AM
The Scots say that they have gotten their revenge on the Irish ... They gave them bagpipes!

My background is about equally Scottish and Irish ... although most of my Irish is Scots-Irish. But today I am wearing green!
18/Mar/19 2:57 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
18/Mar/19 3:31 AM
I'm wearing kelly green and hunter green in honor of my youngest grandson, Hunter, who was born today, 2 years ago!!!
18/Mar/19 3:33 AM
Thank you, Anne! Here's flying your way!!!
18/Mar/19 3:37 AM
And tomorrow, I will be meeting up with Jane and Bailey!!!
18/Mar/19 3:39 AM
And a CP!!!
18/Mar/19 3:39 AM
Judy, did you know that St. Patrick was born in Scotland?
18/Mar/19 4:38 AM
And green, it 'tis!
(I'm wearing a green wool sweater from Ireland - of course!)
18/Mar/19 4:51 AM
Happy St. Patrick's Day.
18/Mar/19 6:06 AM
18/Mar/19 6:06 AM
18/Mar/19 6:07 AM
See I don't always act impulsively...
18/Mar/19 6:09 AM
18/Mar/19 6:34 AM
Good mAen and Happy st Patrick's day
Went to the orchid show last week and out for breakfast this morning
18/Mar/19 6:42 AM
18/Mar/19 7:40 AM
Morning all, gorgeous colour of that Iris.
Today we start for home, met up with Rolanda and Peter on Saturday it was great to see them again.
18/Mar/19 10:13 AM
1:41. Good evening everyone.
18/Mar/19 6:13 PM
Wow 8hrs between posts. I best do something about that...
18/Mar/19 8:57 PM
It's hot here again stomp...
18/Mar/19 8:58 PM
Will have trouble sleeping tonight stomp stomp...
18/Mar/19 9:00 PM
There is a small bright spot on the horizon though...
18/Mar/19 9:02 PM
You can get it... no forget that.

Seeing its the winding down of St Patrick's day
I'm in the mood for more
I will shout everyone the flavour of the day
Guinness, Jameson Irish whisky and Bailey's
Is up for grabs for all
Cheers everyone
18/Mar/19 9:09 PM
And that was a CP goodnight
18/Mar/19 9:12 PM
Irish Whiskey is spelt with an 'E'. Scotch is not and seeing as the Irish invented it, what would the Scots know?
18/Mar/19 9:20 PM
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