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Easy Sudoku for 19/June/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
19/Jun/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
19/Jun/10 12:00 AM
1:26, now time to get back to the USA/Slovenia match.
19/Jun/10 12:02 AM
HI all! The weekend's here! But no rest for the riddlers yet! Well done to Glenn, Kathy, CG, CynB and Colo Jim for yesterday's answer that the Earth turns anti-clockwise and the others go clockwise...or was it the other way round?!
19/Jun/10 12:03 AM
Here's today's one which you can send to the Maryland Bat's inbox as she's on duty for the next couple of days. Oh, what's wrong Kathy? Were you planning something else for the weekend? Sorry girl, duties come first! Have a good one everyone!
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19/Jun/10 12:05 AM
Ok, now go rinse the soap out of your mouth?

Captain Kirk, a message from Tau Ceti 4?

19/Jun/10 12:31 AM
MAEN, all.
Lovely day here!
19/Jun/10 12:40 AM

Oldie but goodie that brings to mind oil and BP...

Flogging a Life-Challenged Horse

The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, passed on from generation to generation, suggests that when you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.
However, in More...
19/Jun/10 12:47 AM
Hm-m, Fiona. I believe that your puzzle is somewhat out-of-date! (But still doable!)
19/Jun/10 12:50 AM
Photo ... "I'm telling you, Honey, that white swan and I are only friends!"
19/Jun/10 12:57 AM
2:16 to you all from Portland, Oregon, where some day the sun will shine again.
19/Jun/10 1:05 AM
good morning Where is everyone today. I slept in.
19/Jun/10 1:10 AM
Are baby swans pigeon toed?
19/Jun/10 1:18 AM

Donning my grasshopper cloak and awaiting the avalanche of answers to Fiona's somewhat dated riddle. Hop to it, people!
19/Jun/10 1:18 AM
Oh, excuse me. I seem to be having an identity crisis. Slipping on the bat wings and waiting for the guano inspired answers to Fiona's rather dated riddle....(first I'm a grasshopper, then I'm a bat. Make up your mind, Bubble Woman!)
Swoop in with those answers, people!
19/Jun/10 1:26 AM
19/Jun/10 1:26 AM
What a cute feathered family! Our dinner guest tonight had to cancel, so we'll have plenty of cedar-plank salmon to share, for anyone who wants to drop by ...
19/Jun/10 1:40 AM
That sounds rather nice Cathy, I would love to join you.
19/Jun/10 1:49 AM
USA soccer team was ROBBED!!
19/Jun/10 1:55 AM
I'll set an extra place, June!
19/Jun/10 1:58 AM
Lovely swan and cygnets!
19/Jun/10 2:02 AM
19/Jun/10 2:04 AM
What imperfect timing!!
19/Jun/10 2:05 AM
Good afternoon to all! "Okay guys, get in step now! Left. Right. Left. Right."
19/Jun/10 2:40 AM
Yes Judy, today's riddle is definitely dated, and that's about the forth time in the last year this has occurred with the same subject matter!
19/Jun/10 2:43 AM
I hope I am not breaking any site rules by doing this: to all my sudoku friends, go to the following youtube - hugs from me.

19/Jun/10 2:45 AM
What a wonderful idea they had Jamie! There are days in everyone's life when a hug is truly needed!
19/Jun/10 2:52 AM
Judy, The US team is lucky to have 2 points after the gift goal from England. Don't complain.
19/Jun/10 2:53 AM
CG - I was beginning to wonder if they were going to get the chance to give any hugs. It would be interesting to try that some day.
19/Jun/10 2:54 AM
CJ, Those Dakota Indians had it right...
19/Jun/10 2:55 AM
You should go to an old age home and try it out Jamie!
19/Jun/10 2:57 AM
Jamie, that was great!
To all of you.....
19/Jun/10 3:05 AM
I guess the Parents Page isn't loading. I sent a message to Gath.
19/Jun/10 3:11 AM
Jamie, Neat video. It brightened my day.
19/Jun/10 3:13 AM
I agree, Greg ... but the English goal was a mistake ... this was a judgment call ... and a poor one! :(
19/Jun/10 3:39 AM
2:18 Hi to all. Don't they look sweet.

Thought for the Day:

"Intelligent criminals are arrogant enough to believe they are smarter than the cops. Stupid criminals are stupid enough to know they are smarter than the cops."

19/Jun/10 4:06 AM
Judy I watched part of the game too. I agree with you. I cannot believe that the ref was allowing so many fouls against America. America should have won. Now to watch the England game - starts in half an hour. Fingers crossed and any other pliable item of body.
19/Jun/10 4:08 AM
Judy, I won't disagree with you, but what we see and think as fans and what a referee in the middle of the action sees are always two different things. You should know that from hockey. Hockey solved it by allowing video replays. FIFA needs to do the same thing.
19/Jun/10 4:22 AM
A BLACK swan??? MMMmmmmm!
19/Jun/10 4:53 AM
19/Jun/10 4:54 AM
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