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Easy Sudoku for 2/August/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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02/Aug/12 12:00 AM
02/Aug/12 12:00 AM
02/Aug/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates, here's today's daffynition:
Malediction, n. The way men talk.

...And here's today's factoid:
Walruses get bald as they age.
02/Aug/12 12:00 AM
I like #2.
02/Aug/12 12:01 AM
I guess one cannot post if one is not previously logged in.
02/Aug/12 12:01 AM
Good guess Kayo.
02/Aug/12 12:05 AM
The news from Jane just keeps getting better & better! Her call this morning was to let me know that Jaime's heart rhythm corrected itself overnight & now he will not need the ablation!! They will be on their way home soon, & she'll probably be posting her own report later today. It seems that everyone's prayers have been answered.
02/Aug/12 12:08 AM
Good morning to all! I promised a poozle, so here's an easy one for a change:
I have one, you have one.
If you remove the first letter, a bit remains.
If you remove the second, bit still remains.
After much trying, you might be able to remove the third one also, but it remains. More...
02/Aug/12 12:12 AM
02/Aug/12 12:21 AM
Good morning people of the world.
02/Aug/12 12:36 AM
World Wide Web Day
Spiderman Day
02/Aug/12 12:37 AM
Awesome news Kathy, thank you so much for being a conduit from Jane for us ♥
02/Aug/12 12:44 AM
How rude of me!!!
02/Aug/12 12:50 AM
02/Aug/12 1:16 AM
Hello, Maria!
02/Aug/12 1:33 AM
Fantastic news, Kathy!!! Thanks for sharing it. Jaime!!!!
02/Aug/12 1:51 AM
Is that really how they dispose of asbestos safely?
02/Aug/12 1:56 AM
I'm not running to #22 because I'm just taking a short break in fence work. We're putting in the last of the concrete around the posts.
02/Aug/12 1:57 AM
Good afternoon to all! I do hope those asbestos sheets went to an appropriate waste disposal facility Kate, but I'm sure they did.
02/Aug/12 2:54 AM
Three correct answers so far for the 'This IS Easy' riddle. Not bad considering there have only been nine posters (ten with me) so far. I told you it was easy!
02/Aug/12 2:58 AM
Well I think it's time to claim 22. Cheers!
02/Aug/12 2:59 AM
Congrats, Greg! It's been a while since you've claimed 22, hasn't it?
02/Aug/12 3:00 AM
Hello, everyone! My computer connection wouldn't cooperate this morning.
02/Aug/12 3:01 AM
I usually claim it on behalf of Keith, but today it's all mine!
02/Aug/12 3:01 AM
Wiil need this morning.
(Still need rain here.)
02/Aug/12 3:01 AM
Wiil = Will
02/Aug/12 3:02 AM
Happy Wednesday!
02/Aug/12 3:08 AM
I was going to say morning but it is afternoon here, so good afternoon.
02/Aug/12 3:33 AM
Had to go change since July is over.
02/Aug/12 3:34 AM
Taking a friend to the doctors in Tulsa. I know I go there enough without taking others but always have to help friends if at all possible.
02/Aug/12 3:36 AM
Hey Jerry, had Lumpia for lunch today.
02/Aug/12 3:37 AM
Since I haven't been here in a few days I have to do one more for a CP.
02/Aug/12 3:38 AM
If you don't hurry Sue, you'll lose it.
02/Aug/12 3:41 AM
It doesn't count if you use different avatars.
02/Aug/12 3:43 AM
All the posts have been set in concrete, and about a third of the livestock panels are up. It'll go fast tomorrow, fortunately. I'm done working until this evening. I'll probably install a few panels once it cools off a bit tonight.
02/Aug/12 4:09 AM
Jaime and I are home!!! Just filled a prescription for Cardiazem which should keep Jaime's heart beating the way it's supposed to! If there is a relapse, the doctor will do the ablation, but he doesn't seem to think it will be necessary. Hooray!!! Thanks so much for the prayers and healing vibes. They worked!!! ♥
02/Aug/12 4:38 AM
Kathy - thanks for your help in relaying the news reports! There may not be much 'new' news for awhile - I think Jaime and I are going to sleep for a week!
02/Aug/12 4:40 AM
Jane -
02/Aug/12 4:41 AM
Great news Jane. Give my best wishes to Jamie.
02/Aug/12 4:51 AM
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