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Easy Sudoku for 3/August/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates, here's today's daffynition:
Acronym, n. The name of a tumbler.

...And here's today's factoid:
The index finger is the most sensitive finger on your hand.
03/Aug/12 12:00 AM
03/Aug/12 12:00 AM
Missed the opening, commenting on facebook about Kathy's beach house.
03/Aug/12 12:01 AM
Hello Kayo, HalT and everyone visiting today!
Will need today!
03/Aug/12 12:02 AM
And 'Hello!' to Keith, too!
03/Aug/12 12:03 AM
Good Morning people of the world.
03/Aug/12 12:05 AM
Simplify Your Life Day
03/Aug/12 12:06 AM
03/Aug/12 12:08 AM
Is life ever simple, Karen?
03/Aug/12 12:09 AM
Good morning from sunny Colorado.
03/Aug/12 12:10 AM
Daytime running lights.
03/Aug/12 12:11 AM

news from Jane yesterday!

And a big to Greg for posting a poozle!
03/Aug/12 12:22 AM
Speaking of poozles...

The answer to day-before-yesterday's: GENERATION

Someone special is taking time out from her obvious enjoyment of the Olympics to award a personally hand stitched wall hanging More...
03/Aug/12 12:28 AM
Good Maen, good people. I dozed a bit, but didn't sleep very well. I'm about to Simplify My Life by taking drastic measures I'm not sure if I'll regret later. I have a 4-H meeting this morning and I'm tempted to say it's just been too much work being an organizational leader for too little outcome. I'm going to have to stop and pray for a while before I leave.
03/Aug/12 12:31 AM
Be back later, good people.
03/Aug/12 12:31 AM
And for today.....

Add together each of the defined words to get a whole new word.

Example: to shout + what you say when you feel pain = a color = yellow.

1) A light brown color + to leave = a dance.

2) A store's announcement + a type of women's clothing = a More...
03/Aug/12 12:32 AM
I'm sure not simplifying my life today. My new mare will be here in 5 hours, and I'm adding yet ANOTHER rescue collie to my already large pack. This will make 18 collies (13 of them rescues) IN THE HOUSE!!!
03/Aug/12 12:33 AM
2:10 Good night one and all!

03/Aug/12 12:34 AM
Good thing you won the last prize, Plum. The woman gives good advice! Do what's best for you.
03/Aug/12 12:36 AM
Close enough.
03/Aug/12 12:36 AM
One more.
03/Aug/12 12:37 AM
03/Aug/12 12:37 AM
Heidi, the work you do with the rescues is wonderful!
03/Aug/12 12:37 AM
Oh, lord! I almost messed up Keith's 22.
Will I EVER learn???

Okay, I need to get moving! See you later!
03/Aug/12 12:39 AM
Plum, sounds like you're contemplating turning off the light at the end of the tunnel for lack of interest. Perhaps that decision will wake up some people to fill a need. If not, then it wasn't really there.
03/Aug/12 12:44 AM
Plum, good luck with your decision.
Keith, glad you got your #22 today. I went back to look at the 2011 (not 2010!) Fripp photos in my Gallery just now. We are looking forward to getting back to Sea Dragon this Sunday!!! There have been 36 turtle nests laid so far More...
03/Aug/12 12:46 AM
More fun when somebody's around, Kathy. It means more.
03/Aug/12 12:46 AM
Um ... bat Kathy, not Tball Kathy. I just went back and looked at those pictures, too. Discovered a blue bottle comment left by bat Kathy that had snuck by me. Now I know why I'm feeling blue.
03/Aug/12 12:50 AM

Congratulations Heidi on the great work you do with rescue Collies, my hubby would much prefer your rescues than my reptile ones!!
03/Aug/12 12:54 AM

Oops.........good morning to my Sudoku mates from around the world too!!! Nothing wrong with my manners!!
03/Aug/12 1:27 AM
Good afternoon to all! Thank you Kate for the photo of this quaint little village on the side of a scenic very large lake!
03/Aug/12 2:05 AM
As to yesterday's poozle, correct answers from five Americans who were the only ones to admit the they have (or had) bad habits. The answer was HABIT, and well done to Hal, Lonewolf, Heidi, Sarah and Plum (although I hope this is not just a geographical trend linked to the United States).
03/Aug/12 2:09 AM
The prize?? 33 Cheers!
03/Aug/12 2:10 AM
Hello. I may be a new member, but I feel I know all of you. I've been lurking for years. I am Glenn's brother.
03/Aug/12 2:10 AM
Back from the meeting, which went very well. Before I left I lifted it up in prayer and 'remembered' that Little Plum is the reason I'm trying to work for having a good club!

So, I told Little Plum I would do for her, so if she decided something was really important to her, I/we'd do it. More...
03/Aug/12 2:16 AM
Thanks for your support, people. When I get good advice from prayer, QEII, two Kathys and Keith - and all my support sources AGREE - I'm likely to be on the right path!
03/Aug/12 2:18 AM
HELLO Quahog! We like Glenn here, so any brother of Glenn's is a friend of ours! So, from your name I'm thinking your Gloucester is the one in Maine? I know bivalves are notoriously shy, so I'm not surprised you've been lurking, but it makes me wonder why you've come out of hiding? Do you have any pearls for us?
03/Aug/12 2:31 AM
I have a little mini-date to go attend with my 12 year old daughter, Little Plum, so I will be back later to find out if my clam-digging has produced anything meaty. (hoe-hoe-hoe)
03/Aug/12 2:34 AM
Qualog, I left you a welcome message on your own page. Enjoy your time here.
03/Aug/12 2:34 AM
One more for a cp and the page is poised for a turnover.
03/Aug/12 2:34 AM
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