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Easy Sudoku for 20/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Well, good evening all.
20/Dec/15 12:12 AM
Another fine evening up here with temps hovering around 35 deg C after a balmy 44 today.
20/Dec/15 12:25 AM
Morning all!
20/Dec/15 12:27 AM
Alfred, where is 'up here'? ...glad it's a fine evening there
20/Dec/15 12:29 AM
Newman in West Aust Joyce.
20/Dec/15 12:32 AM

Having googled Newman I can see why you consider 44 a balmy day (even if tongue in cheek!)
20/Dec/15 1:06 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
20/Dec/15 1:07 AM

to Dottie, hope you have a great day doing what you enjoy most.
20/Dec/15 1:10 AM
1:42 Good evening one and all!

Alfred, I left a message on your page about a week ago but you've just answered my question. I'll be heading up to the Pilbara on Thursday to spend Christmas with my daughter and her family.
20/Dec/15 1:12 AM

You wont need to pack winter woollies Anne!!!
20/Dec/15 1:19 AM
Oh sorry Anne. How remiss and rude of me. At least it will be a bit warmer up here than in Albany. It was rainy and cold the only time I was there.
20/Dec/15 1:21 AM
Goodness me, do you mean to tell me you've only ever been to Albany once??? We have beautiful mild weather down here.
20/Dec/15 1:25 AM
There again, I've only ever been to Newman once. Better get the 13 while I'm here. First time for a long time.
20/Dec/15 1:26 AM

Happy 2 day celebration, Dottie!

20/Dec/15 1:46 AM
My freezer woes continue. The repairman was supposed to come to fix it, but called (twice) to say he was having trouble getting the part. He called again this morning saying the part should be in this afternoon. I hope so, I'm getting a little tired of emptying the freezer then putting everything back in, then emptying again, etc. Although, I do have a very clean freezer!
20/Dec/15 1:54 AM
I will certainly be happy to see the answers to yesterday's puzzle. #4 is driving me nuts! I mean losing sleep kind of nuts. I did learn one thing, however. People, do not try and look up the significance of 69.
20/Dec/15 2:26 AM
everyone! Back from Peru & Ecuador.
Overcast & we have a dusting of snow on the ground!
Hope it stays for Christmas!
20/Dec/15 2:34 AM
Hi all.
20/Dec/15 2:36 AM
Welcome back Shiela.
20/Dec/15 2:36 AM
Nice to see Anne get her 13.
20/Dec/15 2:37 AM
20/Dec/15 2:37 AM
20/Dec/15 2:37 AM
20/Dec/15 2:41 AM
Sorry, Keith.
20/Dec/15 2:42 AM
Interesting road markings. Probably some very quick times today.
20/Dec/15 2:42 AM
again. Thought I got 22.
20/Dec/15 2:43 AM
Hi Hal. No need to apologize, I got my 22.
20/Dec/15 2:44 AM
Welcome home, Shiela! Did you get to Machu Picchu? Quite a climb, but well worth the effort.
But, more importantly.....did you taste the Pisco sours?
20/Dec/15 3:20 AM
Nice view.
20/Dec/15 3:47 AM

1. 8 = dwarves including Snow White
2. 3 = number of times to knock on the ceiling if you want me
3. 13 = a baker’s dozen
4. 69 = average life expectancy for the American Male (1980’s)

In the More...
20/Dec/15 3:49 AM
Little girl's party starts in 10 minutes so I'm off.
20/Dec/15 3:50 AM
20/Dec/15 4:21 AM
Happy happy double-day birthday, Dottie!
20/Dec/15 4:48 AM
Welcome back Shiela, just in time for all things Christmassy!
20/Dec/15 4:49 AM
Those puzzle answers seem so obvious .....now! The only one I knew was the baker's dozen.
20/Dec/15 4:52 AM
Well, I can console myself with the fact that I would NEVER have gotten that last one, Serena.
20/Dec/15 5:01 AM

Thanks for all the 2-day celebration birthday greetings. It's nice when it falls on the weekend, giving me even more of an excuse to do only what I want to do.
20/Dec/15 5:03 AM
Like others have said, the stores are crazy around here. But drivers do seem a little more courteous. Yesterday, a big Hummer stopped in the right hand lane to let some cars exit a small shopping plaza. So I stopped in the left hand lane after I turned out onto the road from a light. The 5 cars More...
20/Dec/15 5:06 AM
No snow here yet either, CG. We didn't even get the dusting that Shiela got last night. But the east side of Cleveland got lake effect snow. They're predicted to get up to 6 inches. I'm glad it's over there and not here.
20/Dec/15 5:08 AM
Guess I better go for BOPP.
20/Dec/15 5:09 AM
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