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Easy Sudoku for 21/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Just a few more days!
21/Dec/15 12:00 AM
Good morning.
21/Dec/15 12:00 AM
So quick, wolf, you have first to post down to a fine art.
21/Dec/15 12:01 AM
Bye from me, may catch you later.
21/Dec/15 12:02 AM
Morning topsiders
G'nite CP..
21/Dec/15 12:08 AM
Hope you have finished all your grading & reports Wolf.
21/Dec/15 12:09 AM
I sit here at 7am with my fingers poised over the keyboard. No more work since grades are in. However, already responded this morning to student who got 1% on the third exam and wanted better than the D she got as final grade (33% average overall). Teaching is wonderful - grading is not.
21/Dec/15 12:16 AM
My wife and I are both not teaching this Spring so we can go on that bucket list tour (and cruise) of Australia and New Zealand in February. We'll start packing after New Years.
21/Dec/15 12:19 AM
21/Dec/15 12:43 AM

fellow puzzlers
21/Dec/15 1:46 AM

Thank you for all the birthday greetings. Neighborhood friends took me out for lunch on Friday. My brother is taking me out today. And I'm meeting up with high school classmates tomorrow evening. And I fully expect to spend about an hour on the phone with my best friend later today. She lives in Seattle, Washington.
21/Dec/15 1:53 AM
Good morning to all! It appears that driver parked in a handicap spot.
21/Dec/15 2:12 AM
Jacalmi mentioned some snow yesterday. We also got about 2 cm. but it won't last. In fact, the temperature on Christmas Eve are going to be 10C (with rain) and on Christmas Day 5C and sunny. Golf on Christmas anyone?
21/Dec/15 2:14 AM
My bad. It was Danstell who mentioned some snow.
21/Dec/15 2:16 AM

With parts of Australia reaching (& sometimes exceeding) temps of 40C/107F snow is not on the agenda here, but with this stupid weather anything is possible. !!
21/Dec/15 2:25 AM
21/Dec/15 3:00 AM
Happy Sunday!
21/Dec/15 3:21 AM
Just peeking in.
21/Dec/15 3:37 AM
Time to hop-a-long.
21/Dec/15 3:38 AM
Just a couple more hops.
21/Dec/15 3:38 AM
Looking around ...
21/Dec/15 3:38 AM
21/Dec/15 3:39 AM
Morning all, if I remember correctly the irate wife did this to hubbies ute.
21/Dec/15 5:34 AM

Hope the smoke isnt too bad up your way Amelia
21/Dec/15 5:54 AM

I am in cleaning mode today. I had rather a rocky start when the electricity went off this morning. I found out you can clean bathrooms by setting a couple of flashlights on the counter. Luckily, it was only off for about 3 hours, so I was More...
21/Dec/15 5:56 AM
I'm sorry there won't be poozles from me next week. I think I mentioned the little kids sleep in my computer room. I have found it best to turn off the computer and remove the keyboard and mouse. I learned that the hard way. At any rate, if someone would like to post in my place, More...
21/Dec/15 6:03 AM
Good morning all.
21/Dec/15 8:28 AM
Hubby and I were hoping to run away Christmas Day and go for a picnic. We did it last year and loved it.... but that is not to be this year. We've discovered some other family members were going to be on their own and shelved the picnic and now its dinner for 6. I'll have to pull my finger out and get cracking.
21/Dec/15 8:33 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
21/Dec/15 8:34 AM
snow stopped snowing... still some on the ground... but as Kreg wrote, it shouldn't last long. Didn't have enough for snowman!
21/Dec/15 11:32 AM
Hello all! wish you down under a very Merry Christmas and nice cooler weather. look for snowballs...but if you get an empty cooler... sorry! they melted on the way...be happy you don't have to clean up the mess!
21/Dec/15 11:50 AM
1:57 one and all!
21/Dec/15 11:50 AM
Have you ever noticed how many countries have capital cities of the same number of letters as they do, such as Canada and Ottawa.
Here are another 12 such pairs, with country's initial first, the capital's initial second followed by the number of letters in each. Judy and I got 18 between us, More...
21/Dec/15 12:37 PM
Hey there, Wombat. Just for clarification, should number 9 be 'E T 7', not 'E T 6'?
21/Dec/15 1:44 PM
Well, just got back from my older son's annual Christmas party. The number of little ones has increased 800% ! We went from only one to now eight ranging from 6 mos to 6 yos! And the usual big boys (all racing sailors from the yacht club).
21/Dec/15 1:56 PM
Now my timing is terrific! Shall I mosey us along to the bottom of the page?
21/Dec/15 1:56 PM
Anyways, I brought the requested broccoli salad - a healthy choice made unhealthy with the bacon and pine nuts!
21/Dec/15 1:57 PM
And I brought two cakes from a Hawaiian bakery - a guava cake and a tropical paradise cake (with guava, passion fruit, and lime frosting on top!
21/Dec/15 1:59 PM
Guess I better hurry along . . .
21/Dec/15 1:59 PM
Where are we?
21/Dec/15 1:59 PM
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