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Easy Sudoku for 20/September/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people.
20/Sep/17 12:06 AM
Hello everybody. Hope you have a good day!

20/Sep/17 12:08 AM
cute little family...
20/Sep/17 12:10 AM
1:59 Good night all!
20/Sep/17 12:11 AM
20/Sep/17 12:37 AM
20/Sep/17 1:10 AM
so close . . .
20/Sep/17 1:10 AM
20/Sep/17 1:11 AM
Everyone! Just returned from road trip to far north California coast. Weather was fantastic! No wind, few clouds or fog.
20/Sep/17 1:38 AM
Good Morning! Gorgeous sunny days... 'bout time summer came!!
20/Sep/17 1:50 AM
20/Sep/17 1:58 AM
Did I break something???
20/Sep/17 5:49 AM
My goodness. Fair has tired me out.
20/Sep/17 6:02 AM
Our club accomplished a credible showing for our first year of Robotics projects. I was really impressed with the youth. A few of them blew me away with the quality of their presentations.
20/Sep/17 6:05 AM

Lovely photo of caring mother goose
20/Sep/17 6:08 AM
Morning all, all babies are cute no matter what species they are.
20/Sep/17 6:41 AM
1:33. Good morning everyone.
20/Sep/17 8:00 AM
Mornin' Chris.
20/Sep/17 8:03 AM
Wonder where Keith is?
20/Sep/17 8:03 AM
Still celebrating his birthday, maybe!
20/Sep/17 8:04 AM
Today is ECCO day, so stand by....but first.
20/Sep/17 8:05 AM
20/Sep/17 8:05 AM
Sorry Keith, didnt have time to wait...hehe!
20/Sep/17 8:06 AM
I went out for my first post-marathon jog this morning, a nice light 13km. The legs feel surprisingly good, which is lucky given the 31km trail race I have this Sunday. Sometimes I question my own sanity!
20/Sep/17 8:06 AM
ECCO geography lesson today so off you go and find these UK towns..I'll forgive you if misspell the last one.

K------------ (13) – Twin city with Husum in Germany.
------- (7) – Smelly Alley is in this town along with a lot of book shops, one would think.
------------ (12) – Situated More...
20/Sep/17 8:08 AM
Bloody hell, Chris. I don't go that far on my holidays!
20/Sep/17 8:09 AM
For all of you aviation buffs out there: Between 1935 and 1945, Boeing produced almost 13,000 B-17 Flying Fortress bombers. Today there are less than 15 of them still flying. This Sunday, 24 Sept, at 1PM, I will get a flight in one of them.
20/Sep/17 9:16 AM
Sounds great Hal. They were a great crate. Happy landings.
20/Sep/17 9:49 AM
Wow! Thirteen thousand bombers in ten minutes......Awesome (With apologies to Fiona)

Enjoy Hal, it will bring back some old memories.
20/Sep/17 10:21 AM
HalT - we have a flying B-17 in Kalamazoo at the Air Zoo.

I had suggested to Jane that we have a Sudokufest at the Air Zoo this summer when it seemed she and Bailey were going to be in the area. But their plans changed.

20/Sep/17 12:14 PM
Burl's birthday is 'today' September 20th. He's been getting greetings from Eastern Asia he can't read. He's got funny pictures with writing as part of the meme graphics and translation software can't help discipher them. Ah, the disadvantages of being as popular as he is. 😜
20/Sep/17 12:34 PM
20/Sep/17 12:55 PM
33! And bed time. Night all.
20/Sep/17 12:56 PM
The answers to the LONG ECCO POOZLE Number 2, is below:
LOWAN (5) MALLEE FOWL (Leipoa ocellata)
20/Sep/17 2:18 PM
I had only two of the birds, but now that I see the answers, I also see how clever the clues were! And realize how I missed the huge help provided....
20/Sep/17 5:27 PM
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