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Easy Sudoku for 21/August/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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21/Aug/17 12:00 AM
Hello Hal and Good night all!
21/Aug/17 12:22 AM
21/Aug/17 12:43 AM
Good Maen, good people.
21/Aug/17 12:54 AM
Looks like foxglove, spiderwort and a pink poppy. I'm not an expert in the Language of Flowers, but perhaps this says 'consolation for the insincerity of a brief relationship'?
21/Aug/17 1:39 AM
21/Aug/17 1:51 AM
so close . . .
21/Aug/17 1:51 AM
21/Aug/17 1:51 AM
And pink flowers as well, my day is complete!!!
21/Aug/17 1:52 AM
Oh, yes, even better, a CP, too!!!
21/Aug/17 1:53 AM
Happy Sunday! Lovely flowers
21/Aug/17 2:27 AM
to all. Late today, almost time for !!
21/Aug/17 2:39 AM
DoA - that link you sent for the eclipse is terrific - thanks!!
21/Aug/17 3:36 AM
......and a g'day to all!
21/Aug/17 3:36 AM
In case you 'don't look back' and missed it, here it is, again...

For those , in the States and others also that are interested in the upcoming eclipse, this is a great website.

21/Aug/17 4:02 AM
Thanks, DoA - I just came back thinking maybe I should share your link; happily you did!
21/Aug/17 4:06 AM
...and Plum - your MI situation is not all that shabby for watching it either~
21/Aug/17 4:07 AM
Gorgeous flowers today! I recognize a pink poppy but the others I'm not sure.
21/Aug/17 4:21 AM
RIP Jerry Lewis - 91.
21/Aug/17 4:55 AM
I think you're right about the flowers Plum. Love pink poppies! Thanks for the link DoA. It's a wonderful site.
21/Aug/17 4:56 AM
1:19. Good morning everyone.
21/Aug/17 6:09 AM
21/Aug/17 6:25 AM
Morning all, pretty flowers to start the day.
All is well with today , Keith got his 22 !
21/Aug/17 6:57 AM
I think so.
21/Aug/17 8:06 AM
Dun broke the whole thing it seems.
21/Aug/17 3:30 PM
Wow, Over 7 hours without a post. I'm late with posting the results of Saturdays poozle, it must be Mondayitis. Here they are:
21/Aug/17 3:31 PM
What a co-incidence Keith, one minute apart after 7 hours.
21/Aug/17 3:32 PM


It is an ECCO puzzle about animals. Don’t forget that the last letter of each word is the first letter of the next. The number of letters are indicated. You might need to think More...
21/Aug/17 6:09 PM
A quiet day in Sudoku land. I visited the vampires this morning. Three lots of blood for testing. One for Chemo and then it will be followed by blood transfusion (red cells) and on Friday I see the diabetic specialist for my 6 month visit.
I then went to a talk on Alzheimer's research. (Not a More...
21/Aug/17 6:10 PM
Eclipse watchers: Here's a US national cloud cover map for 25 minutes before totality. Go to the appropriate colored map for Eastern or Western US. It appears I will need to travel a bit SW (but not very far) to find a portion of cloudless sky.
21/Aug/17 10:14 PM
Wombat - before AUSSIE MARSUPIAL you have five dashes and a numeral 9. Can you please clarify?
21/Aug/17 11:09 PM
Well, the rest of my day is jam packed ...
21/Aug/17 11:35 PM
So I'll take 33 ...
21/Aug/17 11:36 PM
And a cp on the fly. Keep your heads up today, everyone, and your safety glasses on.
21/Aug/17 11:37 PM
21/Aug/17 11:59 PM
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