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Easy Sudoku for 22/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi all - time for my daily fix!
I am early today!
The Ashes Test Cricket series begins tomorrow. I've missed some quotes, here's a few to catch up with.

''A loving wife is better than making 50 at cricket or even 99, beyond that I will not go.'' Sir James Barrie - Writer

''Say when does it begin?'' Groucho Marx - Quoted at Lord's, More...
1:55 with one mistake.

Not another cat!
Is the ca't name Jean?
Dang! I meant, is the cat's name Jean?
Aaargh a cat!
2:16 Good evening everyone - well, it was until I saw what the picture was of!!
Lizbaby4 and Chris - looks like we have a triopoly on the site tonight (if triopoly is a word or even the correct word).
Beautiful crisp morning. First snowfall yesterday, but all gone today.
Good morning all. I'm off to a later start and have to run.
Rola, thanks for asking about the Carole King concert on Sunday.

It couldn't have been better, sat on the lawn at Sandalford Winery, a picnic, good music, my wife and a lovely bottle of wine. Perfect.

Played some great music including Smackwater Jack, It's Too Late, I Feel the Earth More...
Not sure what the word is and I'm too tired to think any more about it! Time for me to get off to bed so I can fit in a run in the morning before work.

Good night all.
Sorry, that last comment was meant for Dave.
Hello all!

2:41~ always glad to be under 3.

For anyone who isn't familiar with ''the Jol''' story on EASY JIGSAW, please look at the archives for the 21st, to catch up on the story, and add a peice on today's EASY!
It's fun, if you're interested in improv' together!
About the picture~

Looks like a comfy pair of jeans ;)
Awwww...I miss my cats! Greetings, friends, from Santiago de Chile. To continue my travelogue... Saturday in Santiago: left my hotel after breakfast and found horses had sprouted all over the place. An 'exhibition' of Caballos de Colores (painted horses), each one by a different artist, each one More...
not another CAT!!!
Buenos Dias Celia - it sounds as if you are enjoying your stay in Santiago with your Padre. Gracias for the update on your stay. Adios!
Sunday in Santiago: traditionally the day of restaurant dining, a family day, or the day separated fathers (apparently becoming more and more commmon) spend time with their kids. Also the day the 'help' has a day off and so everyone eats out. We went to a place up in the foothills of the Andes, More...
1:44.. 7:55am Tuesday here.

I don't think anyone better try and get his spot!!
fi from NT - it looks like you've got two photos on children's 6x6 easy & hard.

Thanks for your update. It sounds relaxing and fun, to spend that time w/ your father, in such a beautiful place!
I for one, am enjoying your episodes:)
Hola, Anne!! ...the story continues... Monday's outing was to Dad's art class, in the teacher's private home a longish taxi-ride away. Dad worked on one of his acrylics renditions of his beloved mountains, while I played with his watercolours. I wisely chose to be impressionistic. Sra Eva came over More...
Kathy from Valrico, this is especially for you: on Sunday's drive I saw my first Applebee's !!!!! Here in Santiago!
Great to hear back from y'all -- glad you're enjoying my travelogue! It's fun to share. I tried to do some emailing last night, but the computers were down. Ciao!
2.46 Cold wet and horrible here in the northwesr
of England today,but never mind it's now 119 days and counting(65 working days).

Paddy's pregnant sister was in a terrible car crash and went into a deep coma.After being in the coma for 6 months,she wakes up and sees that she is no longer More...
Jim~ Haha, that was a good one!

I'm back to bed for a few hours..
I'm excited to come back and see what happens to Jol!
Celia - can't believe there is an Applebee's in Santiago, Chile but not in Toronto, Canada! Glad to hear all about your weekend. Hope the good times continue.

Are there any Applebee's restaurants in Australia, England, France, other countries? It's a big chain here in U.S. I had More...
Another thank you to Sarah Beth in Colorado for the postcard I got yesterday!!
Good Tuesday Maen, all!

Celia/Santiago/Toronto--enjoy reading your travelogue! Cherish your time with your dad--sounds like you have a great relationship. Don't remember if you mentioned how old he is? (I'm being tactful and not asking YOUR age!) :-)

3:20...cute little cat curled up. Hey guys! wait till you see the photo of the little grey kitten. He's absolutely cute as a button. I'm not a huge cat fan. But I would pop allergy pills and take that little grey kitten. I'll see if I can find the pics later and post the link
Triopoly is a word and can probably be stretched to use here. A triopoly is a form of oligopoly where three producers are dominant in a given market. There may be minor competitors, but these three are far larger and can make a much larger influence. Maybe '3-way tie' for sudoku?

3:44 - and a cat it is... not as good as the 'half a cat' .... maybe I'll take a photo of my fish and post it.. hemm
Six muslim clerics removed from a US airline last night and questioned for SEVERAL hours last night. The reason? They were praying and in their infinate wisdom...that was suspicious. I love my country, but sometimes it's really embarrasing to be an American.
3:13 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Sometimes we forget to turn off the sound
when the mind goes blank.
There is one more pic in which it looks like the same chubby little kitty but I dont feel like searching any more.
You gotta check it out...SOOOOOOO cute!


Andre: good one!

anew: my daughter's photo with Dierks Bentley is online. If you want to see it let me know and I will post site in the recipe section.
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