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Medium Sudoku for 22/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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4:55 - a reasonabe time for me on medium.
7:57 Now what would make a good picture is to see this little goldfish eating the cat on Easy. Revenge may be sweet but it could leave a bad taste in your mouth as well!
5:24... 35 degrees here now (8am), should get up in the 40's today and be another beautiful Fall day here in the great Southern USA.
thanks Dave, you said exactly what I would like to have said!!
had to have a cat in the puzzle. A CAT fish.
Well Done, Nice Colorful FISH
Nice picture. Hope the fish eats the cat.
Looks fishy to me - great cool day in Florida.
mAen! 4:02
07:08 - so I really don't have to take a picture of my fish.. somebody alredy did
I think it is a type of catfish.
6:02 Hi to all.
6.30 Not too hot.
3:50 - warm chinook winds almost done - snow tomorrow...
5:24 and have to live with it
5:38 Sunny, terrific day here, and my mom's 85th birthday as well. Almost lost her two years ago, so these are much appreciated bonus times.
Good afternoon to all! There's something fishy about this picture!

Good mAen! The weather here is bright, sunny, and cool. I must remember to thaw the ice in the birdbath.
to Cathy's mom. Those bonus years are usually so very nice to have. Its so great that you recognize and appreciate them, too often we are too late with the appreciation of those we love the most.
Well, aren't you nice, Mamacita! I'll pass the message along. My mom's quite 'a pistol', as the saying goes, 101 pounds of dynamo, and we're having a ball squiring her around, giving her new experiences--taking her to the circus, art galleries, basically anything she hasn't tried--to add to her life repertoire. Nice to see the spark in her eyes.
Thanks for your kind words, Mamacita.
love sarassas...but then so do the herons, so I don't get to keep them very long.
I know what you mean Cathy my mum will be 83 in March & and had always wanted a ride in a helicopter so I arranged one for her a couple of years ago she loved it. Happy Birthday to your Mum looks like she has a nice day for it .
It is a very nice fish I got it today .It is differ than cats and dogs .Personaly I like fish and fishing
My greetings to every one .Have a nice day
That fish looks like his tummy is full!
Cathy happy birthday to your mum ,be care of her and God will bless you to much
Have a nice time to calibrate this birthday
Pls say halo to your mum
3:59 Maen
18:18 with distractions, but still it stinks. Andre, I think I need to turn my sound off.
Cathy, Happy birthday for your Mother for 'yesterday' as it is already 22 Nov here. Enjoy her company while you can and also record as many of her early memories as you can while she can still tell them to all the family. People of that age group saw probably the greatest changes in technology, cars, planes, space travel, antibiotics,television, computers? etc. Now we mainly see advancements.
have a great day/night one and all
Thanks, June--very true words you've written, and thanks as well, Amelia ... helicopter ride? You've just given me an idea!
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