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Easy Sudoku for 23/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning people of the world.
23/Feb/16 12:20 AM
During a lur...I mean, during an observation last night, it was so nice to see that I have been missed. Though I did not realize I had been gone so long. My icon showed a cold bear, we have not been cold in almost three weeks. Matter of fact, a few days Man even suggested turning on the air conditioning. He does not make such suggestions.
23/Feb/16 12:24 AM
Let's see, what has happened in about three weeks.
Well, of course, there is not enough cyber space, so what I can remember.
23/Feb/16 12:25 AM
In the girl's news. Had a rocking Valentine's party with my first graders. They can really party. And you know in every class there is that one child, well my teacher has two of those little darlings. In my 45 minutes of partying I was ready to box one of those little darlings in the ears.
I More...
23/Feb/16 12:31 AM
The next event was cup stacking. It still astonishes me at how big this competition is and it all starts out as a baby game.
M only had one day of competition, which I need to reteach the girl how to breath. K signed up for every event, so I was there every day. She signed up for singles, More...
23/Feb/16 12:36 AM
In Stray Kittie news.
Seems she is actually a he. He has made himself right at home, though very skittish around humans. Though he will come plop done on the keyboard while I am typing or curl up in the window right beside me. Occasionally, I am allowed to pet him and once I start I get 'the' More...
23/Feb/16 12:41 AM
Stray Kittie and I did have a heavy discussion one time about windows. All the blinds are lifted so far up, so kitties can sit in the windows. The window blinds are the same way, but kitties enter by the side of the curtains. Stray Kittie did not know this information in went claws first through More...
23/Feb/16 12:45 AM
Man news.
He has restarted work on tree house. Yippee. After almost two years, the tree house is getting electricity. I think I would rather have safety rails, before electricity, but this is cool.
23/Feb/16 12:48 AM
Somehow or another, this weekend Man and I were looking at luxury homes. Apparently, I am not a luxury home person, because most of them just looked like impersonal hotels. But I did come across a must have and was shocked when Man told me NO. Even though the amusement park, train and zoo are no More...
23/Feb/16 12:51 AM
Double CP and no interruption.
I know I took a shower everyday last week and I still have my shoes on and I brushed my teeth this morning.
Guess I will go for another cup of coffee.
23/Feb/16 12:53 AM
Hello, Karen! Nice to 'see' you're back.
Looks like everyone is sleeping in.
23/Feb/16 1:11 AM
I would have slept in since I got to sleep about 5:30 AM, but the carpenters were coming at 8:30 AM to tear apart the second bathroom.
23/Feb/16 1:13 AM
Not sunny today.
I wonder how likely it will be to catch a catnap today... Probably not.
23/Feb/16 1:15 AM
Hello Karen and Shiela. It is warm and a bit humid. I woke up hot and had to get a big glass of water. Once up I had to visit here.
This Saturday I am organising a lunch for those who would like to chat with Jane and Sacky. I think I have contacted all the usual people around Sydney but if there are any lurkers or anyone else visiting who would like to join us please send me a PM.
23/Feb/16 1:50 AM
beautiful day in OK
23/Feb/16 2:08 AM
No time to read, I have a doctors appointment this morning.
23/Feb/16 2:09 AM

I'm glad to see Karen got the message about being missed on this site! That's a sure way to get the Comments count to increase!
23/Feb/16 2:25 AM
Are we having a pictorial tour of Egypt now? Probably the only way I will ever see it.
23/Feb/16 2:53 AM

Fill in the blanks using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division signs, using each sign at least once, to make the equation true:

7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7=14

Answers to my ‘’lucky 7’’ inbox please
23/Feb/16 2:56 AM
This week is winter break for our school district. Little girl doesn't have preschool and Elijah doesn't have band. I have the two middle ones doing a week of swim lessons. I couldn't schedule the ones we did last year because preschool ends at the same time the lesson begins. I like this More...
23/Feb/16 3:01 AM
Good morning to all! Bright and sunny but cold here today.
23/Feb/16 3:01 AM
I think I might attempt a cp and a grab of 22.
23/Feb/16 3:01 AM
Anyone heard from Karen lately?
23/Feb/16 3:01 AM
Got one but not the other.
23/Feb/16 3:02 AM
Sorry I messed up your CP serena.
23/Feb/16 3:02 AM
No problem. I have laundry to fold. Later.
23/Feb/16 3:03 AM
Good morning.
23/Feb/16 4:28 AM
Both MrP and I are up.
23/Feb/16 4:29 AM
Drinking tea.
23/Feb/16 4:30 AM
Karen's back.
23/Feb/16 4:32 AM
I'm off to check emails. Cya.
23/Feb/16 4:34 AM
Ha ha... Karen's Back...
Hi folks.
Have a good day everyone.
23/Feb/16 5:32 AM
This is a true story from 20th February.

I went shopping in a local supermarket. A woman was standing close by, looking at items on the shelves. A little girl ran along the shopping aisle and up to her, carrying a bone-shaped dog-chew, and said to the woman:
“Mummy! Look what I’ve got More...
23/Feb/16 5:46 AM
Must have been wishful thinking on the little girl's part.
23/Feb/16 6:01 AM
Morning all, pretty picture of the night lights.
Yes I think Karen might be back !
23/Feb/16 6:15 AM
Brenda, your day to have fun .🎂🍾
23/Feb/16 6:17 AM
Or maybe 'mum' didn't know about the latest addition to the family.
23/Feb/16 6:31 AM
Egypt in all her glory. Nice night shot.
23/Feb/16 6:34 AM
Hmmm, might Shosho be lurking or have I taken too long to read the comments, oh, and good day to all!
23/Feb/16 6:35 AM
ah-oh, better pounce BOP
23/Feb/16 6:35 AM
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