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Easy Sudoku for 22/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:44 Good night one and all! I hope you've enjoyed your weekend.
22/Feb/16 12:16 AM

For those following the Sudoku interests in the LPGA Australian Open. Jamies students Casey Grice finished T42, scores 66, 79, 71, 72. Gregs Canadian lass finished T9, scores 70, 71, 73, 67
Well done to both ladies their admirers should be proud of them.
22/Feb/16 1:40 AM
Hello all - good night Anne, good morning Lizzy - thanks for the golf scores!
22/Feb/16 2:34 AM
Good morning ladies. I have been in that Mosque.
22/Feb/16 2:35 AM
Good morning to all! All religions have elaborate buildings that people worship in. I often wonder at the cost of whom?
22/Feb/16 3:15 AM
Thanks Liz. Our Canadian player, Brooke Henderson is only 18 years old. She have a long career yet, and should rise in the rankings over the next few years.
22/Feb/16 3:17 AM
Wagdy took us to that Mosque when we were in Cairo. What a nice memory that is.
22/Feb/16 3:41 AM
I just checked. There is a photo on my page. It seems the Egypt photos were the first I put up. At least they are way at the bottom of my photo gallery. That was such a great trip.
22/Feb/16 3:47 AM
Good morning.
22/Feb/16 3:50 AM
Hi to everyone here.
22/Feb/16 3:51 AM
There's not many.
22/Feb/16 3:51 AM
Haven't been to Egypt, though it's on mu bucket list. IF the political situation is stable that is.
22/Feb/16 3:52 AM
Start of another week here, not too many appointments, thank you. Just about finished with them all. Hydrotherapy for another 2-3 weeks, then it's done and I'll move on to aqua-aerobics at the local pool.
22/Feb/16 3:55 AM
22/Feb/16 4:04 AM

Nice sunny Sunday here. Snow has melted with our record warmth except for the piles. And those are much smaller. But we should start new snow piles Wed. or Thur.
22/Feb/16 4:09 AM
Wow! that's quite the building.The architect must have been great in his profession.
22/Feb/16 4:58 AM
Had no idea that mosque even existed. Any connection with the boxer?
22/Feb/16 5:20 AM
I expected 22 would be long gone by now.
22/Feb/16 5:21 AM
22/Feb/16 5:22 AM
Well, earlier this week hubby started using the cane, dropping the crutches on the wayside.
22/Feb/16 5:23 AM
He tried to go without the cane this morning and I calmly told him don't push it too fast!
Will stop and wait for Keith!
22/Feb/16 5:24 AM
I feel the same seeing magnificent cathedrals, how much better all that money would have been spent feeding and housing the needy.
22/Feb/16 5:24 AM
Hi shosho. Thx for waiting.
22/Feb/16 5:25 AM
all. From Rabida Island.
22/Feb/16 5:28 AM
A whisker too late again.
22/Feb/16 5:31 AM
Will have to look up where Rabida Island is.
22/Feb/16 5:32 AM
Here's some help, CP. The Galapagos.😉
22/Feb/16 6:48 AM
Morning all, Wagdy's old stamping grounds.
22/Feb/16 6:51 AM
Good morning all.
22/Feb/16 7:20 AM
Wagdy lived in Cairo Amelia, but was not part of this Mosque.
22/Feb/16 7:21 AM
I'm conflicted on the waste on the opulence of many religious structures. The craftsmanship on display still has a wow factor still after hundreds of years and many people who worked on them would have had food for their tables. There has always been people who want more than they need and that's still true today.
22/Feb/16 7:27 AM
Oops too many 'still's .
22/Feb/16 7:29 AM
CP, I saw Rabida Island from our ship while on our trip to the Galapagos Islands in December. Did not stop there, but went past it.
22/Feb/16 7:33 AM
I bought a phone for Jane while she's here and was told not to activate until ready for use. Thought I'd charge it up yesterday and put the SIM card in later. No instructions with phone on how to insert either card or battery. I searched the internet and nothing there either. Now I have to go to More...
22/Feb/16 7:33 AM
Hope the holiday's going well Hal.
22/Feb/16 7:35 AM
Well lookee here, my timing is great!
22/Feb/16 7:51 AM
Mornin' all.

Damp drizzly Monday morning in Hobart.
22/Feb/16 7:51 AM
Guess I'll bring everyone to the next page!
22/Feb/16 7:51 AM
Oh my, Peter! Race you!
22/Feb/16 7:51 AM
22/Feb/16 7:52 AM
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