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Easy Sudoku for 21/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning! Gorgeous flowers!
21/Feb/16 12:05 AM
Pam and all who follow....work will keep me from the puzzle for a little while yet.
21/Feb/16 12:13 AM

It's been a long time since I've posted so early in the day. Probably because it'sbeen a long time since I got out of bed this early! (8:21 am, got out of bed just before 8 am).
21/Feb/16 12:21 AM
We're likely to set a record high for the day near 60 F. Snow melted yesterday and last night except the piles from plowing. But then back into the low 40s tomorrow and 30s on Monday. But it's nice to be spoiled and have such warm temps for us in February.
21/Feb/16 12:23 AM
Warm, here, too, Dottie!
21/Feb/16 1:29 AM
Wind blew so hard last night that it broke our flag pole!
21/Feb/16 1:30 AM
Happy Saturday with 2 days off.
21/Feb/16 2:06 AM
We are getting into the 60's today, too. Our temps will be much the same as Dottie's into next week. Crazy weather.
21/Feb/16 2:14 AM
That would have scared me, Joyce. That's a lot of wind! We had to take a large tree down in the back yard because every time it got really windy a branch would break off and come flying at the big bay window in the family room. One broken branch was so big the leaves almost covered the window. We figured at some point one would come THROUGH the window, so, down came the tree.
21/Feb/16 2:23 AM
Good morning to all! Nice flowers to have in the garden.
21/Feb/16 2:31 AM
Crazy weather indeed. An all-time record snow fall Tuesday, more snow Wednesday, a little more snow Thursday and Friday, and today, plus 6 C. and pouring rain. What a mess outside!
21/Feb/16 2:34 AM
Good morning all - Those are absolutely luscious Clematis... wish mine would flourish like that!
21/Feb/16 3:04 AM
We too are having today's spring tease; the wind has been blowing for 24 hours & is still at it; I'm guessing our warm weather will come & be blown through almost too fast for us to even enjoy it.
21/Feb/16 3:06 AM

The site is very slow some days and a hive of activity others.....you just cant tell, a lot like the weather!!
21/Feb/16 3:09 AM
all. From the Isabela II in Irvina Bay, Isabela Island, Galapagos islands.
21/Feb/16 3:26 AM
another beautiful sunny, warm day in OK.
21/Feb/16 3:53 AM
Hi Hal, Hope you and Barbara are having fun.
21/Feb/16 3:54 AM
Good morning.
21/Feb/16 4:14 AM
Hi Hal, I'm very jealous of your location.
21/Feb/16 4:16 AM
Hope you see some blue footed boobies. I think they're gorgeous.
21/Feb/16 4:19 AM
Will I?
21/Feb/16 4:20 AM
21/Feb/16 4:20 AM
21/Feb/16 4:34 AM
Today when I went for a run, I spotted a white egret. My first for the year!! Was too far away to see if it was a snowy or great egret. Darn!
21/Feb/16 4:35 AM
But I saw my firsts of the year in other migratory birds in the marsh. The American coots and the red-winged blackbirds came back. I've been seeing another bird but I have to look it up! See you later!
21/Feb/16 4:37 AM
Love those gorgeous flowers. The colour is outstanding.
21/Feb/16 5:03 AM
That's strange, Shosho. I am only 100 miles south of you, and the Egrets, Coots, and Blackbirds remain here all year. However, lots of migrants are now passing through here, returning from their luxurious Winter vacations in Mexico! LOL! We are seeing brilliant yellow Orioles, several varieties of Goldfinches, and, one of my favorites, Cedar Waxwings! It's a fun time of year!
21/Feb/16 5:10 AM
21/Feb/16 5:14 AM
Mine look like this. Wish I had some of the darker ones.
21/Feb/16 5:15 AM
We were fortunate to see blue footed boobies while touring Galapagos. There is a photo on my page. We were puttering along in an inflatable boat and they were on the rocks on the shore. I leaned waaaay out to get the photo. I had whined so much about wanting to see them, our tour guide arranged for a small excursion to their nesting place. Yes, the squeaky wheel gets the oil....
21/Feb/16 5:18 AM
6x6 Easy is really tricky today. Hard to figure out how to get started.
21/Feb/16 5:21 AM
Keith, On that we can agree.
21/Feb/16 5:27 AM
See, there's always common ground.
21/Feb/16 5:39 AM
Last year when we went to Galapagos we only saw the blue footed boobies when they were flying and diving into the water. Same with the frigate birds. My sister got taken to a rookery and got fabulous photos of boobies (Both blue and red footed) with chicks and frigate birds with their red gullet extended.
21/Feb/16 6:02 AM
My yard is currently flowerless.
21/Feb/16 6:17 AM
Morning all, plants always flourish when they are in a spot they like. Beautiful !
21/Feb/16 6:28 AM

1. physical: a boat constructed of thick mud-like soil (clay ship)
2. tungsten: a cozy canvas shelter (snug tent)
3. president: a device for trapping tarantulas (spider net)
4. medium: a not too bright bird (dim emu)
5. More...
21/Feb/16 6:30 AM
I forgot to send my answers.
21/Feb/16 7:05 AM
Absolutely beautiful flowers for the photo.
21/Feb/16 7:15 AM
21/Feb/16 7:25 AM
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