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Easy Sudoku for 24/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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24/Dec/18 12:01 AM
and goodnight!
24/Dec/18 12:17 AM
all! I'm too damn tired to do the puzzles tonight. Perhaps tomorrow if I've got time!!!
24/Dec/18 12:31 AM
Plum, Peter and Snowbird for checking out my latest photo of our Sudoku meeting.
24/Dec/18 12:41 AM
Good night all you Sudokuists down under. Good MAen to all others.
24/Dec/18 1:04 AM
1:49. Good Morning, everyone! I'll check out your photos, Anne, right now.
24/Dec/18 1:28 AM
This cold is keeping me from going with the family to see Christmas lights tonight. Hopefully, I will see improvement by the big day.
This stuffed up nose is driving me nuts.
24/Dec/18 2:23 AM
On an up note, everything is pretty much done, so I can rest, drink fluids and spend the day blowing my nose.

Loved the photo of you all, Anne!
24/Dec/18 2:26 AM
Everybody!! Kathy, lots of colds around here also. Finger crossed, I'm okay so far.
24/Dec/18 3:13 AM
Good Maen, good people. Merry Christmas to all! Be blessed.
24/Dec/18 4:12 AM
Shiela - our dusting of snow is melting off. I read a statistic that we have at least 1'' of snow most Christmases in Michigan. Yet I am happy when the roads are clear enough to lift the worry of weather complications from holiday travel.
24/Dec/18 4:17 AM
Kathy - it sounds as if you are ready to veg on the couch and enjoy a 'feel good' holiday movie! Get better soon.
24/Dec/18 4:18 AM
Bother. I bought some black pants for Faun that need hemming and I am out of black thread. I will have to brave the Walmart today. I had hoped I was done visiting box stores for a week at least. I had better check to see if the other pair of slacks needs hemming and if I have thread to match them. Khaki is such a variable color.
24/Dec/18 4:23 AM
Well, looks as if I have a hot cup of yerba mate and a few minutes to enjoy the unaccustomed winter SUNSHINE coming in the windows. I think I shall enjoy Wombat's Christmas poozle with my cp!
24/Dec/18 4:26 AM
Good day to all.
24/Dec/18 4:32 AM
Going to my nieces today to celebrate our Christmas.
24/Dec/18 4:33 AM
I don't like to travel at Christmas, so we will stay home this year.
24/Dec/18 4:43 AM
Can't travel because of Harry anyway. He is hurt again, infection in the bone of his left big toe, so home heath comes 3 times a week to clean and bandage the toe. He now has a pic line for antibiotics, 2 different ones twice a day. My life is full of doctors lately.
24/Dec/18 4:47 AM
Then to make matters worse he tripped over is walking shoe and hurt his shoulder, that was a month ago, finally getting an MRI on the 24th.
24/Dec/18 4:49 AM
24/Dec/18 5:08 AM
Got here soon enough.
24/Dec/18 5:09 AM
24/Dec/18 5:09 AM
Dreary again!
But all's well! Keith got his 22!
24/Dec/18 5:17 AM
Morning all,great photo ,Wendy.
Kathy, I find that decongestant nasal spray does wonders for my stuffed up nose.
24/Dec/18 5:27 AM
Sue, hopefully the meds will have Harry feeling better soon.
Tonight we go to Bill's sisters place to celebrate Christmas with her family and the crowd is mostly our grandchildren and their families.
24/Dec/18 5:37 AM
Hello & good day to everyone! Dreary here too, Shiela - but not raining or snowing; those are pluses!
24/Dec/18 5:40 AM
I'm sure anyone with last-minute errands to run is pleased to not have inclement weather as well as eager & impatient crowds to contend with today...

24/Dec/18 5:43 AM
A BIG smile & 'thank you' goes a very long way on days such as today!
24/Dec/18 5:43 AM
I suppose that is a grand attitude with which to approach every day - holiday time or an ordinary weekday!
24/Dec/18 5:45 AM
I have been busy making cheesecakes for friend & neighbor-gifts … all delivered but one - tooodaloodle -off to take care of that!

Oh & a CP too!
24/Dec/18 5:47 AM
and...…… speaking of CP.....

Where are you Cathy? we need you to pop in occasionally - please & thank you!
24/Dec/18 5:48 AM
24/Dec/18 5:52 AM
Kathy, I hope you get better, at least by Christmas! Kind of hard to celebrate when you're stuffed!
24/Dec/18 5:54 AM
Here's some extra to help you along!
24/Dec/18 5:55 AM
Sue, Good luck with caring for Harry!
24/Dec/18 5:59 AM
Hmmm, since I'm so close . . .
24/Dec/18 6:00 AM
Think I'll saunter us off to the bottom of the page!
24/Dec/18 6:00 AM
Getting there . . .
24/Dec/18 6:01 AM
Ooooh better hurry before someone else gets here . . .
24/Dec/18 6:01 AM
24/Dec/18 6:01 AM
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