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Easy Sudoku for 29/December/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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29/Dec/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen/Good maeN Good people of the world.
29/Dec/10 12:00 AM
Hi Grass-hopper!
29/Dec/10 12:01 AM
Morning Chris.
29/Dec/10 12:01 AM
Good morning, everyone! ... Chris, Grass-hopper!
29/Dec/10 12:02 AM
Is it still raining?
29/Dec/10 12:02 AM
1:49. Good night all.
29/Dec/10 12:03 AM
to all Sudokites. Gidday every one. It's pouring in Darwin. The wet is here. THinking of those who have lost homes in the Eastern floods.
29/Dec/10 12:05 AM
to all, I have had a problem with my internet connecting devise. It is fixed now and working better than it has in a long time.
29/Dec/10 12:07 AM
Rain has stopped at last. We were flooded out of town tonight for Three and a half hours. looked like we were going to have to sleep in the car but thankfully the river went down enough for us to be let through. Touch and go for a while though.
29/Dec/10 12:11 AM
Fantastic Picture- Love the reflections and the perspective,
29/Dec/10 12:11 AM
Welcome back, GmaJackie!
Hello fii! You must be keeping your umbrella handy!
29/Dec/10 12:11 AM
Hi Gma, Wondered where you had been. Hows middle TN?
29/Dec/10 12:11 AM
Hi fii. Know how you feel.
29/Dec/10 12:12 AM
You are right, fii! Beautiful reflections in today's photo.
29/Dec/10 12:13 AM
I'm glad Grasshopper that you are back home. Must have been pretty uncomfortable and worrying. The teenagers on the raft sound as daft as I was at that age. I remember trying to swim my pony across a flooding ford. The pony ended up on one side of the creek and me on the other :) More desire for adventure than safety at that age.
29/Dec/10 12:14 AM
Can't even imagine that much rain!
29/Dec/10 12:19 AM
GH, after hearing about the terrible rains in your part of the world and the deep snow in our N.E. states I would have to say, here in TN. we have wonderful weather and all is fine at the ol' plantation.
29/Dec/10 12:21 AM
Glad at least it is normal somewhere. Have sent you a message Gma
29/Dec/10 12:23 AM
Not the first time Shiela and probably not the last unfortunately. Hows MI at the moment?
29/Dec/10 12:25 AM
We do have a morning temperture of 16 degrees. While that is cold it is expected to warm up. The forecast is for highs in the 50's and thunder storms by Friday. You folks in au. have the real weather stories.
29/Dec/10 12:26 AM
maybe I can get that 22?
29/Dec/10 12:26 AM
Yes and New York.
29/Dec/10 12:26 AM
Ha Ha, and now for a CP.
29/Dec/10 12:27 AM
Congrats and yes you got the 22.
29/Dec/10 12:28 AM
Gpa's sister lives in NY. She is fine. My cousins are on the East Coast, (Virginia)and can't get back across the mountains of N.Carolina. They hope to head home on Thursday.
29/Dec/10 12:30 AM
It's 13° F and overcast. Dreary, actually.
Snow, yes! Rain, no.
I used to love snow days when I was young. We lived 'Up North' in Michigan and had much more snow. It was unusual they'd ever close the schools, but fun when they did! That is, if we had enough energy after we shoveled the More...
29/Dec/10 12:30 AM
We're supposed to have a warming at the end of the week.
All the way up to 43° F by New Year's Eve!
29/Dec/10 12:33 AM
Have friends in Mancelona MI and he has a snow plow which he uses in winter. That's his winter job.
29/Dec/10 12:34 AM
By the way...
"Snow, yes. Rain, no." was a statement of fact, not a preference!
29/Dec/10 12:35 AM
GH. remember my Angel Trumpet plant. Perhaps not since it wasn't blooming while you were here. It is in the garage now to winter over. I call it Baby. That darling has a bloom on it! Once the bloom opens up I am going to take a picture and post it on my site. If only I could include the More...
29/Dec/10 12:36 AM
That was my brother-in-law's job, too, until this year. Among smaller jobs, they also cleared the Walmart and Meijer parking lots in Petoskey. My sister did it when her hubby was in for by-pass surgery one year!
29/Dec/10 12:38 AM
29/Dec/10 12:38 AM
Yea got the 33.
29/Dec/10 12:42 AM
Gma. I will look for the picture when you upload it.
29/Dec/10 12:44 AM
Wow! What a pretty reflection!

Good Morning to everyone.
29/Dec/10 12:46 AM
We must have had a great Christmas weekend ... the house is a mess.
29/Dec/10 12:50 AM
It took five attempts to sign in this morning. My computer has not been off since yesterday. (It's been on for five days now,because the start button isn't working and I'm waiting for the repair man.) What's going on?
29/Dec/10 12:52 AM
Maen Debby,Plum and Dorthea. If you can don't have to don't sign out as you are leaving your pooter on anyway.My pooter gets slow if I leave it on for too long.
29/Dec/10 1:02 AM
Oh, Grasshopper. Wow. Floods are so destructive and dangerous. I'm glad you are safe.
29/Dec/10 1:08 AM
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